2016 Internet Crime Report

FBI Internet Crime Report

IC3 Releases Annual Report Highlighting Trends in Internet Crime

If you’re over 60, then 55,043 of your fellows were victims of cybercrime during 2016 — to the tune of $339,474,918 dollars. It’s not if you will be attacked. It’s when you will discover you were.

And every day, somebody questions why we continue to warn of attacks and post our alerts.

Giving someone access to your computer is like giving out a key to your front door. A computer can have your bank account information, family photos, and other private documents and data—information that fraudsters would like to steal. That’s why tech support fraud has become a significant trend in online crime, according to the 2016 Internet Crime Report from the…

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

All you doubters and hecklers out there, don’t take our word for it — go read it yourself.
* pdf.ic3.gov/2016_IC3Report.pdf
* www.ic3.gov/media/annualreport/






Facebook Update : Pakistan, Snapchat, Political Propaganda, malicious actors, murder videos and more

snap chat vs facebook

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook What did they call them in the old days? “Snuff films”? Now, Facebook has opened the snuff film debackle to the general public. You no longer have to purchase super-8 film from dirty book shops or shady Asian guys in back alleys, you can just log into your Facebook account to watch people being murdered — shot, hung, strangled, what have you. No favorites are played, you can even see police shooting people, boaters shooting pirates, angry moms hanging their babies, and more. And you believe everything you read on Facebook, right? Follow along . . .

  • Facebook posts in Pakistan can be deadly — especially fake ones
  • Facebook is being used as propaganda tool by ‘malicious actors’
  • ‘Story’ of their lives: Can Facebook outmaneuver Snapchat
  • Facebook Gearing Up to Fight Political Propaganda
  • How to not get scammed on Facebook Marketplace
  • Google, Facebook get scammed
  • Facebook is a Drug Dealer

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FBI : The Scourge of Child Pornography

Digital Evidence Response Team

Working to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children

North Hills Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Producing Sexual Images of Minors. Melrose Man Sentenced to 60 Months for Child Pornography Offenses. Boylston Man Charged with Distributing Child Pornography. Navajo Man from Churchrock Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Sexual Abuse Charge. Vestal Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography. Binghamton Man Pleads Guilty to 12 Counts of Distributing Child Pornography.

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Cyber Security Update: Schumer, China, Trump, Meyer, Russia, Yahoo, Neutrality, Google, Ransomware and more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report You thought you were safe, and we thought bad things were going to happen, and we were right. I just cannot believe so many people still have their heads in the sand and refuse to believe anything is wrong. Everyone’s pointing the finger at Trump, but guess what : you’d better point into a mirror!

  • Think Apple computers are still malware immune? This new attack proves otherwise
  • UK military chief warns Nato must step up defences against Russian cyber warfare
  • Op-ed: The Internet belongs to the people, not powerful corporate interests
  • Former NSA director: It’s time to trash the federal cybersecurity hierarchy
  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer won’t be receiving her bonus worth millions
  • Patcher ransomware encrypts your macOS machine, throws away the key
  • Google Is Going To Make Browsing The Web On Your Mac Lot Safer
  • House Dems push FCC to adopt stronger cybersecurity measures
  • America has a ‘cybersecurity crisis’: Symantec CEO
  • Cybersecurity, Human Error and Online Reputation
  • Game Theory Could Improve Cyberwarfare Strategy
  • It’s Time To End Net Neutrality
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How to clear you Google Search history

Use these steps to clear you Google Search History




Farewell From Lynn

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UGNN : the end of an era, goodbye to this old mouse

InfoManager : what's new onlineIn the famous words of Jimmy Buffett, here we are : “Who would have thought those flames would still be burning?”

fred_and_odinI watched my son showing his new son how to do gestures on an iPad. I was immediately taken back to my son (his father) sitting on my lap learning to use the mouse. Twenty-five more years slipped away. Yes, the world of Apple and the User Group life created many fond memories — standing in the hallway with John McWade waiting to be called to the podium at Apple World ’87. Guy Kawasaki poking fun how honored he was that I payed the most ever for one of his books — Rye Livingston refusing to give up his original Apple tshirt for the charity auction. Standing with Lynn and David Pogue giving awards to user groups. All of those faces and all of those places, I wonder where they all disappeared.

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Have the predictions come true? How big is too big to fail? How big is too big to litigate? How big is too big to hide from?


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report Since I’m in the middle of reading the book “Future Crimes” for the 2nd time, I’m learning a lot about the internet, cyber security, who the players are, and what the real threats are. If you are still worried about the NSA, or Snoden’s revelations, or even the Russian hacks and Wikileaks, you’re doomed to ignorance. These are kindergarten games compared to the real Big Brothers who stalk us all.
      Who was the face on the big monitor in Apple’s 1984 commercial? Was he too big to fail? Was he too big to question? Did the prediction fail? Did you use Facebook or Google today?

  • Do we need Google to be the Internet police? And do we even want it?
  • Google must pay taxes to fund ridding web of child abuse
  • Google will soon call out websites for not being secure
  • Did You Know Google Has a New 2017 Website Requirement?
  • Google, The Internet Police Force, Aims At Mobile
  • Be the internet police, not an internet dictator
  • When Did Google Become the Internet Police?
  • Google Outs Itself As The Internet Police
  • The rise of the Internet police
  • The New Censorship

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New phishing wave uses Apple cloud to bait you into clicking

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Apple phishing spoof



Cyber Security Update: Hackers, China, Trump, Putin, Russia, Yahoo, Virus, Malware and much more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report

It’s a new year, and the elections are over. We have a new president we should all be standing behind. But there’s trouble in the world, and many people are pandering to it without even an inkling of the truth. The trouble isn’t what you think. It’s far more insidious than even those protesters can fathom. It will come slowly and quietly, until you suddenly discover it was happening all along, and the world is powerless to stop it.
  • Cybersecurity experts worried about Russian hackers. One says: Look, a squirrel!
  • Russian national detained in Spain suspected of developing computer malware
  • Malware Scam Targets Google Chrome User’s Using ‘Font Update’ Technique
  • Evaluating the US-China Cybersecurity Agreement, Part 2: China’s Take
  • Malware infects Popeyes restaurants, compromising credit cards
  • Mac-compatible ‘Fruitfly’ malware escapes detection for years
  • Carbanak Malware Uses Google Svcs As C&C Servers
  • How Secure Will Cyber Security Be Under Trump?
  • That fake news story might come with malware

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Default Folder X 5.1

MADE IN AMERICA Default Folder IconDenver, Colorado – St. Clair Software has delivered Default Folder X 5.1. This version of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs offers new capabilities, letting you copy, move and make aliases to files without leaving the file dialog. It also lets you easily change creation and modification dates, addresses compatibility issues, and improves Default Folder X‘s reliability. Continue reading »

Koolova ransomware

Neowin.net has this article about a new ransomware that decrypts your files for free if you read two security articles.  Continue reading »

Top Searches on Wikipedia for 2016

Wikipedia BlogThe English Wikipedia’s list is led by the United States president-elect, who topped all other articles with nearly three times more views than last year’s #1. But the second-screen effect powered Britain’s queen, Pablo Escobar, and O. J. Simpson to surprisingly high places..

In total, there were over 76 million views on the English-language article about the US president-elect, making it 2016’s most-viewed Wikipedia article. That total is nearly three times more than 2015’s first-place article, which had just under 28 million.

GO https://blog.wikimedia.org/2017/01/05/wikipedia-most-read-2016/


How Far to That Galaxy?

One of the most basic questions in astronomy is how far away something is. Now, a new catalog of objects will help scientists answer that question for tens of thousands of objects that are so far away they date back to the beginning of the universe.

… The more objects the catalog has in it, the easier it is to figure out how big the universe actually is and how fast it is expanding, NASA officials said in a statement. …



AppDelete Lite 4.3.1

AppDelete LiteMADE IN AMERICAReggie Ashworth has announced the release and immediate availability of MAS AppDelete Lite 4.3.1, an update to his very popular application deletion utility for Mac OS X available via the Mac App Store. With a simple Drag & Drop, AppDelete Lite will uninstall anything along with all of the associated items. Mac users will no longer have to hunt through their system to find and delete these items manually. Continue reading »