UV Protection — Far More Important than Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, or Even Tempered Glass

 Myopia, Macular Degeneration, headaches, Chloasma Professionals in the fields of light energy and vision have known for years about the hazards that ultraviolet light presents to ocular health. With the prevalence of blue-light LED displays found in smartphones, tablets and other devices and with consumers using these devices longer and more frequently, scientists are studying the long term effects and are offering solutions for maintaining ocular health. This video documentary explains

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Customize Your Music Library and Playlist with Stylish Music+ 2.0

 Customize Your Music Library and Playlist with Stylish Music+ 2.0 Music+ 2.0, is an update to the popular music app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Music+ is a basic music player app with a wide variety of features that enhance the user’s listening experience.

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The first voice control app designed for the popular streaming music service

 Vela App Inc. Partners with Spotify to Offer One Touch Voice Search After enjoying success as a finalist in last year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Accelerator, Vela App Inc. has announced a new partnership with Spotify to deliver the first voice control app designed for the popular streaming music service. The app, available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99, creates a hands-free experience where the user can simply speak a song and artist’s name, to have the song automatically play.

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Ten Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Get Together

 Social-Planning App Releases Party Organizing Tips Infographic ZookCity, an app created by a San Francisco-based startup, released an infographic this week entitled, “Ten Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Get Together.” ZookCity is a mobile app that bridges local events with social media, and is designed for connecting friends in real life. See the infographic below

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On the road again with your kids for Summer? Take PlayPlaces along

 PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated for Summer MADE IN AMERICA Just in time for family summer road trip season, AppAvenger today is proud to announce the latest version of their PlayPlaces – Ultimate Kids Road Trip App for the iPhone and iPad. Version 1.6 has been completely updated for 2014. The app is a must have companion for families traveling by car with younger children.

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A powerful research tool for those needing arrest information and mugshots

 Popular Mugshot App Now Available For iPhone Leading the way for arrests and mugshots online, JailBase has released the iPhone version of their well-liked mobile app. Helping you find information about family members. Researching past arrests. Seeing who’s been arrested in your neighborhood. JailBase’s free mobile app fills this need for many counties in the United States.

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Dropping Dropbox: Exploring alternatives

Chris Breen, of Macworld has this article on ITWorld about his desire to get rid of Dropbox.

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18 ways you’re unknowingly killing your iPhone battery

This story on Stuff.tv by Elissa Loi talks about ways that you could be burning the battery on your iPhone ahead of time.  The battery is rated for up to 10 hours of life.  But many of us don’t get that.   Continue reading »

SuperPlayPosts Creates Custom Video Collages

Cupertino, California – iOS users looking for a versatile, yet easy-to-use photo and video editing solution can now get it from the App Store as the new app SuperPlayPost from developer Bich Tran.   Continue reading »

UGs This Week on Facebook – (UGTWOF)

 For the week of July13th, 2o14 User Groups on were discussing many topics.    Continue reading »

9 Things everyone should know how to do with a presentation app

This article by Macworld’s Franklin Tessler tells us how to do 9 things in each of the presentation programs for Office (Powerpoint), iWork (Keynote) and Google Docs (Slide).   Continue reading »

IDG: What is the Future of Wearables?

highlights The wearable tech market is currently on course to be worth $3 billion by 2018 according to analysts at Beecham Research. Collaborate with the fashion industry and the market could be three times that.

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iPad InfoManager : JULY Summer is almost over but iPad market still hot!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Watching the rumors and news is like a crystal ball into the holidays … July is revealing many new secrets you may want to follow!

  • $100 Price Cut on iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 at Target – Clearing Space, Are We?
  • These Could Be the Craziest Apple Devices Made Out of Sapphire Glass
  • Comparing iPad Mini 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.0 – Which is best?
  • Samsung releases new Galaxy Tab S adverts, bashes iPad screen
  • Someone is beating Apple at its own game
  • Apple’s sexist iPad engraving policy
  • Charging Kit Recall
  • . . . and more!
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InfoManager : Wearable Technology news, views and reviews 1407-14

The next horizon is technology that you wear — and it’s going to be big! Really big! Wearable technology will probably make phones, tablets and maybe even computers! But when the big news is rolling, the InfoManager will be there :

  • The Global Consumer Smart Wearable Technology market is expected to grow
  • Tech: NFL Exec Says Wearables Could Crack Second-Screen Advertising
  • Google Glass: To Read Or Not To Read Minds, That Is The Question
  • Is your business prepared for wearable technology?
  • Will Wearable Technology Transform Healthcare?
  • Wearable technology helps prevent drownings
  • Who will win the war on wearables?
  • Wearable Technology Shop On Amazon
  • . . . and more!

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UGNN Cyber Security Report: America Under Attack


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We are under attack. Security rising to the tops of education and jobs markets, and the continued threat from China’s hackers are keeping the UGNN Safenetting crew busy …

  • CISA Bill Passed By Senate Committee Despite Privacy Concerns
  • Scott Air Force Base poised for military cybersecurity boom
  • Businesses Can’t Ignore Cyberthreats, Experts Warn
  • The “Deep Panda” Hackers Are Deeply Confused
  • 10 cybersecurity tips for small businesses
  • Marsh’s answer to cyber threat
  • . . . and more!
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