Learn to take control of your weight – X Factor for iOS

 X Factor for iOS - Learn to take control of your weight People are saying this is almost certainly the best weight management app in the world. If you’re serious about managing your weight, you know that being mindful of what you eat and how much you move is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Continue reading »

notably* App Helps Service and Trade Professionals Save Time and Money

 notably* App Helps Service and Trade Professionals Save Time and Money notably* 1.0, is a new business app developed for iPhone and iPod touch to help service and trade professionals go digital and save time and money while managing their businesses on the go. Continue reading »

MUG Website of the Week – Apple Club

This week, we are looking at the web site of The Villages Apple User Group of The Villages, Florida.

The landing page is like this:

Apple iClub-The Villages

The large picture in the center of the landing page rotates between 4 pictures. The first is “An Important Announcement” saying that as of September 1st,the membership will only include residents of The Villages.  The second is about the Apple iClub which appears to be their iOS SIG.  The third is the announcement for their September 12th meeting which is about “A preview of macOS and device convergence“.  The last is about their Help Session for members who need help. Of course, each picture links to more details.

The menu bar near the top of the pages is links for Home, TVAUG, General Info, Post Categories, iOS Devices, TVAUG Calendar, Looing for Help?, and Posts.

I’m not sure if this is a collection of different groups or sub groups.  Since these seem to have their own sites.  In the lower left corner that isn’t shown in the shot above, there are links for Club Websites in the Villages:  tvaug.org gets you:


This pages boasts of having 1300 members.

The appleiclub.com link takes you back to the original page. Many of the other links here are for iPhone and iPad members.

The TVAUG.net link goes to this:

This is a member only site.

Another link takes us to the Apple and Mac Users DropIn page. This is actually for two different help SIGs. It looks like this currently:


Note the promo for free access to Lynda.com via the public library.  You should check and see if your library does this.  I know the one I use does.

This group certainly reminds me of the MUGs of old.  Maybe they can give us pointers on serving our members.

14 Totally Free Things on the Internet

Mental Floss has posted this article based on another article from Reddit.  Lots of things free things on the net.  This list is what Mental Floss thinks is the best:

  1. College Courses, No Tuition
  2. Self-Destructing Email Addresses
  3. Ambient Sounds for any Occasion
  4. Learn Every Language on Earth
  5. Unlimited Access to a Mega-Library of Documentaries
  6. Someone to Spill Your Guts To
  7. Automatic Alerts or Actions for Everything You Care About (If This, Then That)
  8. Free Used Sh*t
  9. Old-School Video Games
  10. All the Fonts You Could Ever want
  11. Photo Editing with Panache
  12. Piles and Piles of Valuable Coupons
  13. Manage Your Finances and Your Future
  14. Help Feed the World

See the full article herehttp://mentalfloss.com/article/79130/14-totally-free-things-internet-everyone-should-take-advantage/

Adsense can now exceed 3 per page

I received a few emails and notifications from AdSense publishers that Google seems to have dropped the ad limit per page policy.

See the full article here:

GO https://www.seroundtable.com/google-adsense-drops-ad-limit-per-page-policy-22580.html


Clean Text 1.0 for iOS

Udine, Italy – Apimac has announced the availability of Clean Text for iOS. Clean Text is an essential tool for web masters, graphic designers, developers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup and editing time, and a great tool for any iPhone and iPad user that needs to cleanup and editing text from emails, documents, or other material. Continue reading »

File Extractor

icon128-2xAuckland, New Zealand – MacDaddy has announced the release of File Extractor 1.0, their powerful file extraction utility for macOS. File Extractor can scan any selected file, folder, or browser cache, and find and extract the files that are contained in them. The app can extract text, graphics, video, and other types of files with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Continue reading »

Bel Math Apps releases Math Integers for iPad – Popular Educational App

 Bel Math Apps releases Math Integers for iPad - Popular Educational App The educational independent company, Bel Math Apps today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Math Integers 3.1, an important update to their popular educational iPad application. This new update of Math Integers is an essential addition to the company’s set of educational iPhone and iPad apps.

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Powerful Children’s App Review Database (CTREX) Gets Upgrade

 Powerful Children's App Review Database (CTREX) Gets Upgrade Children’s Technology Review has released CTREX 3.0, the third of four planned versions of CTREX (Children’s Technology Review Exchange). Designed to help teachers, parents and librarians choose interactive media products for children aged birth-to 15-years, CTREX is currently the largest, most comprehensive online database of educational reviews of children’s interactive media (apps, toys, video games and web sites). Continue reading »

MUG Websites August 22, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Returning to Arkansas then on to Missouri:

Continue reading »

Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition

Wired LogoHackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)

Researchers have demonstrated a particularly disturbing new method of stealing a face: one that’s based on 3-D rendering and some light Internet stalking.

University of North Carolina specialists present a system that uses digital 3-D Facial models using publicly available photos.  This method successfully spoofed 4 of 5 systems tried.

GO  https://www.wired.com/2016/08/hackers-trick-facial-recognition-logins-photos-facebook-thanks-zuck/


The solution to multi-device families!

You’ve probably seen this scenario play out.

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Online Opioids: Report Concerning Ease of Access, Highlighting Potential Solutions Using Existing Laws and Technology


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report That is the title for a difinitive piece of research that shows in no uncertain terms how your most trusted online entities are involved with cybercrime — making it so easy to obtain narcotics online. No, there’s little consolation to learn that what we’ve been right since the the turn of the century. We’re just glad people have started listening. If you’re okay with organized crime, and online cybercrime cartels selling illegal drugs to anyone online, then you don’t need to read any further.

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Google Provides Info on How to Vote in U.S.A.

chrome iconGoogle’s Inside Search blog in an article titled: “Your vote counts” is presenting ways to help you Register to Vote and then How to Vote in November.

The blog article is here: https://search.googleblog.com/2016/08/your-vote-counts.html

TextSoap 8.1 Update

MADE IN AMERICATextSoap IconVancouver, WashingtonUnmarked Software has announced the release and availability of TextSoap 8.1, a significant update to its macOS text processing tool, bringing user interface improvements, and adding significant new features based on customer feedback. Continue reading »

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