Introducing 2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election App

2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election App Cory Renzella today is pleased to announce the release of “2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election & Electoral College App”. Now available in the News category of the App Store, “2016 Map” lets you explore, edit, and share 2016 presidential election scenarios in a quick and easy way. This iOS app has been significantly upgraded from its 2012 version, and it is the must-have app for anyone interested in American politics and the 2016 presidential election.

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Pokemon Infomanager : Syria, Apple, State Department, Oliver Stone and really stupid games?

InfoManager : what's new online The world of Pokemon is exploding … we’re here for the second week, following the trends, trials and tribulations of Pokemon Go users. Some pretty crazy stuff going on as Pokemon rolls out to the rest of the world. . . see how Pokemon looks to Syrian children!

  • State Department calls out reporter for playing Pokemon Go in briefing
  • Thousands to invade White River State Park for ‘Pokemon Go’ meetup
  • 13 Ridiculous Things People Have Done for ‘Pokemon Go’
  • How to tell if Pokémon Go servers are about to crash
  • How to track and find rare Pokémon in ‘Pokémon Go’
  • Oliver Stone: Pokemon Go is “totalitarianism”
  • The Mapping Expert Behind Pokémon Go
  • What Pokemon Go looks like in Syria
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Facebook Update : Zuckerberg’s drone soars, Facebook gun sales soar, one billion users and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook This Facebook update gets us ready for August and the Back to school season — the coolest thing is the Facebook Drone! Also in this week’s update, gun sales on Facebook, video only mode and a lot more …

  • Apple and Facebook helped bust the world’s biggest torrent site
  • Facebook scraps another Snapchat clone: 24-hour “Quick Updates”
  • Facebook’s Giant Internet-Beaming Drone Finally Takes Flight
  • Facebook Banned Gun Sales. So Why Is It Still ‘Full of Them’?
  • If you aren’t on Facebook, people won’t believe you are real
  • Facebook Live Goes Full-Screen, Adds Video-Only Mode
  • Israel takes on Facebook in battle against incitement
  • Cincinnati cop’s alarming post on Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger tops 1 billion users

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Streaming, screaming, Napster, Rapsody, Algorithms, who owns the music and more

Apple Music Are you streaming? Which service do you like? I can get most anything I like on Sirius, but my music tastes are fairly focused and I can get by on a simple diet of music. Now that Apple ended their “Apple Radio” and it disappeared from my iPhone, I’ve been loading my own tunes. I won’t sell out to a foreign music service. Here are some reflections on a couple of the services out there. I welcome your input, pros and cons about your musical life!

  • Are Algorithms Endangering Our Ability To Fight For The Music We Love?
  • Rhapsody Nears 3.5 Million Global Subscribers
  • Kirk McElhearn : Can we choose our own music?
  • Rhapsody rebrands itself as Napster
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MUG Web Sites for Week Ending July 23, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are some New York MUGs:

  • LIMUG Long Island Macintosh User Group
  • Apple Cider User Group

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Application volume controls and system-wide EQ for Mac

Rochester, New York – Static Z Software has announced the release a of Sound Control for the Mac. Mac users have long wanted a software volume mixer that users of other platforms have enjoyed. Sound Control makes it possible. Continue reading »

Awesome film database

  TheNextWeb has this article about Cinesift , kind of like “ Can I Stream It ,” it pulls ratings from more sources. However, it only reports on Amazon Prime and Netflix as to where you can see it.


Say ‘TTT’ App

MADE IN AMERICAAustin, Texas – uSafeguard Inc. has announced the release of Say ‘TTT’ 1.2 for iOS, a new customized announcement generator that provides a way to create custom repeated announcements for any event in a handy and timely manner. Say ‘TTT‘ has taken the power and functionality of a wired paging system utilizing digital announcers, to repeat messages and packed those capabilities into your smartphone. Continue reading »

Pokemon Infomanager : beginners’ guide, hackers, Pokemon porn, Pokemon hacks, stupid games?

InfoManager : what's new online Five days in, they had already made six million bucks on the latest stipid phone game for people without a life … oh well, now twenty million users, maybe the InfoManager should take it just a little more seriously — especially since people are dying with it in their hands. Another chapter from the iOS InfoManager

  • Pokemon Go fake Android app delivers lockscreen malware, clicks on porn ads
  • Everything you could ever want to know about ‘Pokemon Go’
  • Why Pokémon GO Is Good For Data And Great For Business
  • U.S. Cities Are Betting On a Pokemon Go Tourism Boom
  • How to Keep Your Kids and Data Safe on Pokémon Go
  • Don’t believe the ‘Pokémon Go’ privacy hype
  • Watch out for fraudulent ‘Pokémon Go’ apps
  • Real Dangers in the Fake Pokemon World
  • A beginner’s guide to ‘Pokémon Go’
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Zoho Notebook

Everyone’s note-taking needs and styles are different, and there probably isn’t a single app that satisfies them all. To that end, I was pleasantly surprised to see productivity software maker Zoho take a crack at this with its new Notebook app for iOS and Android.

 Notebook is drop-dead gorgeous, with a simple interface and a visual organization system that lets you choose covers for your various notebooks and group related notes into stacks.



MUG Websites for July 16, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are Maine MUGs:

  • MMOOS Main Macintosh Owners and Operators Society.
  • CAMP - Capital Apple Macintosh User Group
  • LAMUG – Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh User Group

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MailShot for iOS

  Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – Soluble Apps has announced the release and immediate availability of MailShot Pro 5.0, the latest update to one of the most popular group email applications for iOS devices. Continue reading »

More Bank Spoofing is after your identity …

Always make sure you hover over the link and are sure where the link is taking you!

BEWARE Bank Spoofing

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Mirror Maze Challenge

MADE IN AMERICA Farmers Branch, TexasMagnin & Associates has announced its new Mirror Maze Challenge 1.0 for iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Windows 10 Phone and PC. Enjoy the thrill of running through a carnival or boardwalk style glass and mirror maze on your iPhone or iPadContinue reading »

Net Neutrality : Elections, EU rights, the court’s decision and more

UGNN Net Neutrality It’s a big old crazy world we live in. First they say yes, then they say no — what’s a web user supposed to do. Well, we’ve got the June Federal Court of Appeals ruling for’ya, along with a bunch of other good and bad news about Net Neutrality. And we’ll just have to see what Donald and Hillary are going to do about it — but it doesn’t look good! Here’s the InfoManager’s take on the latest Net Neutrality developments :

  • Europe’s Flimsy Net Neutrality Rules Go Live, Are Actually Worse Than No Rules At All
  • After criticism, Netflix allows users to pick streaming quality on mobile
  • Court Finds Network Neutrality Rules Both Legal And Bad Policy
  • EU rights groups call for more time on net neutrality rules
  • June 14, 2016 — United States Court of Appeals
  • Net Neutrality: Comcast, Verizon Violations?
  • Letter: Checking up on GOP votes
  • Netflix And Net Neutrality
  • Faulty powers

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