Farewell From Lynn

It is hard to accept this, but it is necessary.

Since purchasing my Apple ][+ in 1981 in the Chicago suburbs, I have moved around the country and meet many of you. I was considering joining Northwest of Us (Now Suburban Chicago Apple Users Group) before I got transferred to the islands, so I started my user group experience in 1982 with the Honolulu Apple Users Society (HAUS).  But have worked with many groups over the years including the Boston Computer Society,  the MacPack (Now DMUG), Washington Apple Pi, Cowtown MUG and the Apple Corps of Dallas. Currently spend a good deal of time trying to rebuild the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society (TUMS).

When I talked to Fred about joining his efforts on here back in 1995, I believe, I called my material The Rumor Manager after the BCS Mac Group BBS.  But then Apple began a crack down on rumor sites and I thought that InfoManager would be a good compromise.

We  had previously worked together on the AOL User Group Forum along with several other people on staff.  Unfortunately most of those names now escape me.  Fred mentioned so many good people in his Farewell.  I’m not going to try to duplicate his eloquent article.

All in all it has been a great journey with all of you. While I have seen this day coming for quite awhile, I could not bring myself to stop.  Hopefully we can still contribute on a less frequent basis via the Facebook pages and perhaps via the User Group Resource pages.

Thanks for supporting us all these years and thanks for continuing to support your users.

Farewell for now!

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