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UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook What did they call them in the old days? “Snuff films”? Now, Facebook has opened the snuff film debackle to the general public. You no longer have to purchase super-8 film from dirty book shops or shady Asian guys in back alleys, you can just log into your Facebook account to watch people being murdered — shot, hung, strangled, what have you. No favorites are played, you can even see police shooting people, boaters shooting pirates, angry moms hanging their babies, and more. And you believe everything you read on Facebook, right? Follow along . . .

  • Facebook posts in Pakistan can be deadly — especially fake ones
  • Facebook is being used as propaganda tool by ‘malicious actors’
  • ‘Story’ of their lives: Can Facebook outmaneuver Snapchat
  • Facebook Gearing Up to Fight Political Propaganda
  • How to not get scammed on Facebook Marketplace
  • Google, Facebook get scammed
  • Facebook is a Drug Dealer

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‘Story’ of their lives: Can Facebook outmaneuver Snapchat

The battle for social media dominance features two goliaths: Snapchat and Facebook — and while the latter currently has the upper hand, the former has a shot at a come-from-behind victory, two investors recently explained.
      Recently, Facebook’s platform unapologetically copied Snapchat’s signature feature: Video “stories” that allow users to temporarily capture moments in time. That feature has become wildly popular on Instagram, amassing more daily users than Snapchat.
GO Facebook Instagram stories more popular than Snapchat
Creative inspiration Sameepa Shetty – cnbc.com

Facebook posts in Pakistan can be deadly — especially fake ones

An angry mob tortured and killed university student Mashal Khan this month for allegedly sharing blasphemous content on Facebook about Islam and the prophet Mohammed, a charge he said was the result of a friend creating a fake Facebook account in his name. The brutal attack at Abdul Wali Khan University has created fear among other Facebook users.
Muhammad Aslam, a shop owner in the Pakistani town of Chichawatni, wrote on Facebook last week

Quoting  begins People are being killed for their Facebook posts. I don’t want to be killed, so I am deleting my account … Someone issued a death edict against me for my post on Facebook. Quoting  ends

Creative inspiration Death for blashemy ~ Waseem Abbasi , USA TODAY

Facebook is being used as propaganda tool by ‘malicious actors’

What is Facebook? To most people, it’s something called a “social network”, a thriving digital hub that conveniently also packages news, secure messaging, live video streaming and even a jobs marketplace.For naysayers, it’s more like an unregulated surveillance system people might not be so keen on if they were to think about the extent to which it is constantly mining their online lives for commercial gain.
      Yesterday, we learned in a report from the company itself [facebook-and-information-operations-v1.pdf] that there is a third and even more alarming possibility: Facebook is being quietly manipulated by nation states to act as a gigantic “information operations” platform tuned for near-invisible political subversion.
Creative inspiration John E Dunn — nakedsecurity.sophos.com

Facebook Gearing Up to Fight Political Propaganda

acebook is acknowledging that governments or other malicious non-state actors are using its social network to influence political sentiment in ways that could affect national elections. It’s a long way from CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s assertion back in November that it was “pretty crazy” to think that false news on Facebook influenced the U.S. presidential election. It’s also a major sign that the world’s biggest social network is continuing to grapple with its outsized role in how the world communicates, for better or for worse.
      (Careful, New York Times is a heavy spam site, it locked up our browsers — use the reader or rss app to circumvent stalker, predator links.)
Creative inspiration The Associated Press — nytimes.com

How to not get scammed on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a great way to get rid of your old junk and make a few bucks or to pick up awesome finds at discounted prices. Unfortunately, there are people out there ready and willing to cheat and rob you. There are also people who love to cause drama and will try to ruin your good name as a seller. Here are a few ways to protect yourself.
      There are also people who love to cause drama and will try to ruin your good name as a seller. Here are a few ways to protect yourself.
Creative inspiration Alina Bradford — cnet.com

Google, Facebook get scammed

Google and Facebook were subject of a phishing scam worth over $100 million, Fortune reports.
      The Justice Department mysteriously announced last month that two “multinational tech companies” wired a Lithuanian criminal (since arrested) over $100 million after he forged invoices and corporate stamps that appeared to be from the tech company executives.
Creative inspiration Sara Fischer — www.axios.com

Facebook is a Drug Dealer

The drug in question is dopamine and in this case it is the naturally occurring neurotransmitter that is involved in reward-motivated behavior. In other words, dopamine gives us pleasure and by doing so encourages us to repeat certain actions. It’s how we’re rewarded when we eat. It’s what we get during an orgasm.
      Many people become addicted to drugs because their use conditions the brain to need higher levels of dopamine in order to experience pleasure, which in an addictive state can only come from use of those drugs themselves. “So how does dopamine relate to Facebook?” you ask.
Creative inspiration Derek Robert Delahunt goodmenproject.com

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