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Are You Being Throttled? Probably

slow downWe’ve written about this problem before. In late 2015 Netflix on our system slowed to below 2.0mps. We figured it was the local net. It was Verizon. Then when a law suit was settled in January, our speeds mysteriously jumped back to the “advertised” 5mps and all was good. But then, they’ve been slowing down once again. I found this piece in Small Dog’s newsletter quite interesting . . . Continue reading »

My View : The Netflix Verizon neutrality farce

InfoManager : The Netflix Verizon neutrality farce Last year our Verizon service slowed to a snail’s pace when accessing Netflix streaming content. Verizon had promised 5mps, and it was usually pretty snappy. But Netflix moview would churn and churn as we watched the speed counter go to 2, then 1.8, then 1.4, and then time out with spinning “buffering” icon. We’d see a few seconds of video, then spinning buffer, then 20 seconds of video, and spinning buffer. It got to the point that we would give up.

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iPad InfoManager : Retina, Apple, Verizon, Samsung

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers With a new iPad on the way, everyone has an opinion! The iPad InfoManager gathers the most interesting or entertaining news about iPads — these are among this week’s best tidbits …
* iPad mini with Retina Display enters production: Will there be enough to satisfy demand?
* Expert: Wahlroos’ iPad accusations are “bold and to the point”
* iPad Mini 2 Release Date: High-Res Screen Production
* EMS gets iPad technology for each emergency vehicle
* iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 and iPad 5 at Christmas
* All you want to know about iPad 5
* Returning students talk iPads
. . . and more

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