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6 Apps to Keep Your Mac in Tip Top Shape has this article listing 6 apps that will help you keep your Mac in good shape.  Continue reading »

TypeBook Creator for Mac

MADE IN AMERICA Brooklyn, New YorkVeenix, LLC has announced a major UI makeover of TypeBook Creator, its graphic arts industry app for creating professional printed type specimen books and font catalogs on the Mac. The design refresh presents a  streamlined interface that emphasizes key features of the software and compliments the look of the latest Mac operating systems. The update also includes several under the hood changes and performance enhancements.  Continue reading »

Barcode Basics App

The latest version the Mac barcode creator, Barcode Basics adds a range of codes used by the pharmaceutical industry to its already long list of supported codes.    Continue reading »

Digiarty Win/Mac DVD Video Converter

Digiarty Software Inc. a multimedia software development company, has fueled the growth of its top-rated DVD ripper and video converter (both Windows and Mac editions) via a major update recently. Adding with 20 new profiles, the programs now can rip DVDs and convert videos to 20 new portable devices, including Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, Galaxy Tab S, Google Chromecast, HTC One M8, Amazon Fire phone, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Fujitsu and AquosContinue reading »

Albie – The Reddit Album Viewer released for iOS

 Albie - The Reddit Album Viewer released for iOS Out now is Albie – The Reddit Album Viewer – which makes browsing image heavy subreddits a breeze! Continue reading »

Know on the go, with Hurricane Pro

 Know on the go, with Hurricane Pro - Introductory Pricing for 2014 A little late for Arthur, but Kitty Code has finally updated their award winning App, Hurricane Pro to kick off the 2014 hurricane season. Hurricane Pro, the professional level hurricane tracking software for the Apple iPhone, is starting off the 2014 hurricane season with promotional pricing. Available at $1.99 for a limited time, Hurricane Pro gives you the most up to date information on tropical systems around the world.

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Jettison 1.4 – Close Your MacBook and Go

MADE IN AMERICA Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software is happy to announce the immediate release of Jettison 1.4 for Mac OS X. This update improves the handling of all types of disks, and also delivers a host of new features like hotkeys, control over which disks are ejected, and support for flash drives.   Continue reading »

Corel’s After Shot Pro 2

Now that Apple has announced that the end of Aperture is near, some of the competitors are starting to get aggressive to address the pro users who need more than iPhoto and what we think will be in the new Photos app. Continue reading »

Default Folder X 4.6.6

MADE IN AMERICA Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software has announced that Default Folder X 4.6.6 is available. This version of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs delivers a number of important compatibility fixes.  Continue reading »

System Monitor Utility

 Pfaeffikon, Switzerland – Power APP has announced the release of version 2.0.0 of their app System Monitor Utility for iOS, an app that is designed to grant a quick overview not only of the hardware of iOS devices, but as well as detailed information about running processes or memory distribution. Continue reading »

QR Code & Barcode Reader/Generator Qrafter Pro

 Mobile users looking for new ways to access and generate certain 2D code types, now have the ability to do so using the Qrafter Pro tool, available now for $2.99 on the App Store. The application is capable of reading QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec Code and barcodes, and stands out among other QR code readers due to its compliance with all URL standards.  Continue reading »

Steadicam Smoothee Bonus Pack for iPhone 5 and GoPro

 Steadicam Smoothee Bonus Pack for iPhone 5 and GoPro Now Available MADE IN AMERICA Chances are you’ve already seen the pulsating TV commercial from Apple advertising the next iPhone. The introduction of Steadicam in 1976 revolutionized the world of film and video. Over the past three decades, Steadicam has been an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry. New generations of Steadicam camera stabilizing systems have been comprehensively redesigned to unleash endless creative possibilities.

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SplashID Safe now offers even more ways to keep passwords secure

 SplashID Safe now offers even more ways to keep passwords secure MADE IN AMERICA These days in time, you need your security. SplashData has made a major update to its SplashID Safe password manager that adds new security features. With more attention than ever on password security, thanks to recent data breaches and Heartbleed, SplashID Safe now provides even more options for users to keep their passwords securely encrypted on mobile devices and computers.

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Get the Most Out of Numbers with Learn – Numbers Edition 3.0.1 for OS X

 Get the Most Out of Numbers with Learn - Numbers Edition 3.0.1 for OS X MADE IN AMERICA Some of you may or may have not learned Excel, or perhaps you used Claris or Appleworks spread sheets — well, they can be daunting, but they’re also very powerful. Numbers Edition 3.01 for OS X, an HD video training app. Designed for the latest version of Numbers release Learn – Numbers Edition contains 90 minutes of in-depth video training on how to use all aspects of Numbers software.

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Apps & Utilities for Mac OS X

This article on Graphic Mac is another of those lists I love, because while I usually already use some of these apps, there is always something that I didn’t know about.   Continue reading »