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Log into Apple’s Twitter account … tweet the news

Apple Twitter Apple has launched an Apple News Twitter account, which lets you follow Apple’s top stories as well as other content from vrious publishers, curated by Apple’s U.S. editors.

You can read the links in web browsers most of the time, and there are other interesting tweets. I see there’s a ‘Tweet to Apple’ button, so maybe it will be two-way?



An Effective New Way to Add Instagram and Twitter Followers

 Follow4Fame is an Effective Way to Add Instagram and Twitter Followers People who want to massively increase their Instagram and Twitter followers with a simple and easy swipe, can now head to the App Store and download Azure Group’s unique new app Follow4Fame. Available at no cost, Follow4Fame is refreshingly easy to use, and is already earning rave 5-star reviews from users with comments such as: “This is the easiest way to get more exposure for your Instagram photos”, “No need for big conversations with this great app”, and “Looks beautiful, designed to make things easy and efficient”.

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All about twitter, facebook, streaming video, periscope and meerkats

Kirk McElhearn is the Ask the iTunes Guy I discovered meerkats when working on the next Facebook upadate. The rumor mill is buzzing about Facebook buying “Meerkat”. I had to take a look. So, what is a meerkat again? According to Wikipedia, the meerkat or suricate (Suricata suricatta) is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. And, don’t even ask me about the weasel and the woodpecker . . . Ooooooo-kaaaay, where is this going?

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DEVONagent 3.7

MADE IN AMERICA Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – Social media becomes essential also for serious research. If it’s important someone probably tweeted about it somewhere. DEVONagent Pro already searches Twitter, starting with version 3.7 it also scans found pages for links containing Twitter IDs and reports them. It was never easier to find people on Twitter to follow for relevant news!  Continue reading »

Twitter Infomanager : the IPO has its ups and downs – a new year and we’re tweeting twits

twitter, ipo We’re continuing the heat of Twitter’s impending IPO, things are changing — so, the first months are the worst months and Twitter is taking some licks! The Twitter Infomanager brings it all to you . . . follow along
* Despite big drop, Twitter outpaces Facebook, LinkedIn in post-IPO market
* Twitter Inc (TWTR): Is The Company In Serious Trouble?
* What’s the matter with Twitter? Not what Twitter thinks
* Twitter’s first earnings report follows crash pattern
* Twitter’s Plunge, or the Upside of Owning a Fund
* Twitter, LinkedIn Growth Slows
. . . and more!

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Social Networking InfoManager for January 2014

Apps InfoManager ... presenting apps for social networking

Social Networking InfoManager It’s a new year and new opportunities to discover killer apps for your iOS or Mac/Apple devices. This Infomanager covers some truly awesome social networking apps. Notice though, most apps in the social networking category are not made in America — and interesting observation, since we like to promote software made in the U.S.! Anyway, we’ll continue to find the best. Have fun
* Daily Couple Social Dating App Aims to Revolutionize Online Matchmaking
* Cute Baby, Funny Baby, Bad Baby – Share Your Baby Photos with BabyPics
* CFC is a completely free VoIP messenger and free SMS online service
* Social-Hub Combines Multiple Social Networks in a Convenient App
* Padgram – Popular Instagram Viewer Now Available for iPhone
* Tittat Exposes Your True Character
. . . and more!

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Infomanager Twitter IPO Updates 1311-11

twitter, ipo Well, we’re off and running with the big IPO, some say it’s a blast, some say it’s a failure — but most say we’ll just wait and see. If you bought in, then you’ve lost so far . . . but here’s a lot more about Twitter’s IPO:
* Twitter IPO fever, ‘Star Wars VII’ delay, ‘Monuments Men’ stock rises
* Analysis: Twitter gives NYSE momentum in IPO battle versus Nasdaq
* Twitter IPO sparks speculation on who could follow
* The Twitter IPO: A Look at How the Game Has Changed
* Twitter IPO highlights bumpy week for US stocks
* Why Twitter’s IPO Was Really A Failure

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Twitter IPO Updates : Stir the pot, raise the ante

twitter, ipo We’re continuing the heat of Twitter’s impending IPO, things are changing — but they’ve announced prices and shares and a tentative date . . . follow along
* Twitter price set conservatively to avoid Facebook, Groupon fate
* Twitter IPO as Economical as its Tweets With 27% Discount
* Twitter IPO pegs valuation at modest $11 billion
* Give us TWELVE BEEELLION of your Earth dollars
* Watch Twitter’s IPO ‘Roadshow’ Pitch
* NYSE: What Can Go Wrong?

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Infomanager Twitter IPO Updates

twitter, ipo Rising to the top of the news stack is the impending Twitter IPO and all the issues and speculation surrounding it. We’ve watched all the big IPOs; Google, Facebook and all, let’s see how Twitter goes.
* More Twitter IPO Madness: Shares In TW Telecom Go From $30 To $300 In Seconds, Nasdaq Blocks Trades
* Dorsey: With looming Twitter IPO and Square’s new digs, innovator’s hot streak continues
* From CEO Dick Costolo to Peter Chernin: Who Gets Rich in Twitter’s IPO
* In Twitter’s I.P.O. Filing, Signs of a Start-Up That Has Matured
* How Twitter’s I.P.O. Filing Evolved to Contain New Details
* There’s Nothing Public About Twitter’s IPO
* The Real Twitter

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View Tweets as Pictures – Free App for iPad

 Retweever Visualization App 2.0, Free for iPad - View Tweets as Pictures MADE IN AMERICAAustin, Texas – Donoho Design Group has rolled out Retweever Visualization App 2.0 for iPad, their free Social Networking app that finds the “buzz” in your Twitter stream and displays Tweets as organized images, most important first.

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Facebook Rolls a Bumpy Road to the Top (3)

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite social network, but now they can count you while there are some other specialties beginning to appear — but you can count on the Infomanager bringing you the most fun of it all:
* Facebook Mobile User Counts Revealed: 192M Android, 147M iPhone, 48M
* Germany NOT Facebook friend unless privacy policies are changed
* Anthony Weiner’s sext pal Lisa Weiss apologizes on Facebook
* reigns over social gaming on Facebook
* Jail Time for Offensive Facebook Postings?
* Fred Wilson: ‘Facebook Copies Everything’
* Facebook data reveals your best friends
… and a lot more!

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Facebook in the new year (2)

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Kicking the year off right, with a lot of news from Facebook — now the biggest online network in the world! And, you can count on the Infomanager bringing you the most fun of it all:
* German state fights Facebook over alleged privacy violations
* Teen boasts of drunken driving on Facebook, arrested
* Killing your friends on Facebook is shockingly easy
* Facebook adds voice and chat to its Messenger apps
* Why Some Facebook Users Constantly Update Status
* The entire world is increasingly using Facebook
* Facebook balances monetizing, popularity
* Why you don’t own your online life
… and a lot more!

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Facebook starts off the new year with twists and turns

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Kicking the year off right, with a lot of news from Facebook — now the biggest online network in the world! And, you can count on the Infomanager bringing you the most fun of it all:
* Google+ gaining ground against Facebook, the controversial way
* Shaquille O’Neal Peeing Facebook Post Spurs Anti-Gay Responses
* Facebook Profit Shows Existential Risk for Social Network
* Grom Social site for kids could halt Facebook’s growth
* So long, Facebook and thanks for all the nothing
* Go Ahead, Complain About Your Job on Facebook
* How to quit Facebook
… and a lot more!

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Facebook ripps toward a new year

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook is up, then down. Today it would hardly turn the page. But the news channels are buzzing with other news — and the Facebook InfoManager stays right on top of it!
* Facebook vs. Hackers: Why The Social Network No Longer Plays ‘Whack-A-Mole’
* Top 10 Facebook Check-Ins For 2012: Southern California And Ballparks …
* Hands On: Facebook 2.0 for Android gets native code for better speed
* ID mixup of shooter prompts Facebook plea: ‘It wasn’t me’
* Broward men accused of defrauding Facebook investors
* Washington Post Moves Social Reader Off Facebook
* ‘Buy the Weakness’ in Facebook, Analyst Says
* The 6 Best Facebook Games of 2012
* How to disable all Facebook apps
… and a lot more!

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Facebook October Update

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Okay, so after last week’s fiasco — a little ‘non-political’ facebook news is in order — and man, there’s no shortage of facebook news! So here’s the Facebook World for your mid-October…
* Amazon, Apple, Facebook: Are They Large Enough To Drive The Entire US …
* Facebook Gifts, Will It Impact Indian Social Gifting Startups?
* SEC Facebook IPO Probe Said to Find No Wrongdoing So Far
* Facebook VP says the company is finally focused on mobile
* Congress Launches Inauguration 2013 Website, Facebook Page
* Facebook privacy targeted by Austrian law student
* Facebook is getting rid of its Questions feature
* Facebook privacy issues percolating in Europe
* Lane Goodwin : Facebook sensation, 13
… and a lot more!

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