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iPhone Update from the gold to the weather to dolphins we all love our iPhone

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Time for an iPhone update . . . the news is falling all around like the autumn leaves — from boy phones to Google phones what’s with the latest loop about iPhones. Your UGNN InfoManager keeps you in that loop :

  • The Rose Gold iPhone 6s Is So Popular Among Guys – “Bros’ Gold”
  • Watch a hero dolphin rescue a woman’s iPhone from the ocean
  • Back up iPhone photos with new share sheet for Google Drive
  • Tell us how you really feel about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Apple’s Clever Tech Makes the iPhone 6s Nearly Waterproof
  • Apple Loop: Waterproof Secrets Of Your New iPhone
  • My Wife, Siri: Why I Will Marry My iPhone

CAUTION Beware, all of these sites, and most news sites these days have lots of screen spam, including stalker links, predators and possibly malware. Use caution and don’t click on anything outside of the article. See how to use the Firefox Reader feature to skip all the screen spam Careful what you click

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Apple iPad InfoManager: iPad, Galaxy, PIP, Crashing, Windows, TV and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers After all the hype and excitement in the past few weeks, we’re settling down to the every-day digital life again. But not all is good in digital land. One thing you can count on … when new stuff if happening with the world’s best tablet, you can bet UGNN InfoManager will be there :

  • With iOS 9, Apple’s giant iPad Pro will make run at Microsoft Windows hybrids
  • Off the Wall department: Donate sperm in China, and you can get an iPhone 6
  • Apple customers complain of apps crashing with latest iPhone, iPad software
  • Samsung ad shows the big fight between Apple iPad Pro vs. Galaxy Tab S2
  • The new iPad mini is a major step above its predecessors
  • At Bat launches PIP for Apple iPad
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Apple InfoManager: Watch, sales, fitness, tech, used market, and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers this is all about the Apple Watch What? Seriously? You haven’t gotten your Apple Watch yet? Well, neither have I, but that thing is getting all kinds of press and accolades and it’s just getting better. So we’ll follow along until the time comes to get one. In the mean time, here are some very cool items about Apple Watch :

  • The Apple Watch is outselling its competitors, according to millions of shoppers
  • Apple’s savvy fitness plan: Build an indispensable platform
  • How To Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone The Right Way
  • Apple Watch already appearing on Craig’s List
  • What is your Heart trying to tell you?
  • Microsoft’s phone outsells Apple Watch
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Apple iPad InfoManager: iPad ups and downs where is the iPad going ?

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Is our love affair with iPad fading? Is it getting more and more ordinary? Has the iPhone and Watch now taken the place of the iPad? Will Apple recover its lead in the tablet field? Questions, questions, questions:

  • Apple has a clever idea for an iPad case that changes depending on the apps you use
  • Is Apple stealth Project Titan a smart, head-up display for car windscreens?
  • Apple Inc. iOS 9 on iPad, iPhone, iPod to enhance performance and security
  • Apple iPad Air 2 vs Google Nexus 9 – Which Tablet Has Better Specs?
  • Apple iPad Mini 4 Is Coming, But Apple Could Skip Air 3
  • Don’t Expect an Apple TV Services or iPad Pro This Year
  • Apple’s New Blueprint For Your Next iPad
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Safenetting : Macintosh Malware vulnerability, cell malware, scam pop-ups and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report Digging deep into society we’re discovering the malware programmers know a lot more about what they’re doing that our experts ever thought. Now they’re attacking games, cars, cellphones and even calling on the phone. They will do anything — everything they can to get at your money and your identity. A growing number will do anything to bring down western civilization! It’s getting bad!

  • The Russian government may be protecting the creator of the world’s most infamous malware
  • Thousands Of Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents Proxies Infect Browsers With Malware: Report
  • Why Your Mac Is More Vulnerable to Malware Than You Think
  • New malware turns your computer into a cellular antenna
  • The Hip Trend of 2015 Is Designer Government Malware
  • Tech support scam pop-ups

CAUTION Beware, most all of these sites have lots of screen spam, including stalker links and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click!

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UGNN InfoManager Apple Update 1507-27

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers

It’s a great time to own Apple products, by now you already know, but the product line is humming along with very little to complain about … well except for the new iTunes screw ups, and the frustrating iOS bugs, and all. But seriously folks, there’s a lot of great news for iPhones, and the Watch. Here — follow along with this week’s latest poop :

  • Ask the iTunes Guy: Coping with iTunes features that have disappeared
  • Apple’s $26.5B in purchase commitments hint at huge ‘iPhone 6s’ launch
  • Apple iPad Mini 4 to be Essentially a Mini Version of the iPad Air 2
  • Apple iPhone 6 And iPad Users Fume About iOS 9 Problems
  • Frustrating iOS Bug Returns, More Apple Music Anger
  • More photos of the iPhone 6S have reportedly leaked
  • Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it
  • Local filmmaker shoots entire movie on iPhone
  • iPhone 7 Concept: Images And Video

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Apple InfoManager: Apple’s Confederate Flags, secrets, music fixes, payola and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Well we’ve seen a huge array of apple stuff recently, but the biggest buzz was all surrounding Apple Music — Taylor Swift stuck it in, Apple pulled it out, then Cook stepped in it and the ups and downs just keep rolling on and on. The InfoManager is there for’ya . . .

  • Apple to Pay Rightsholders for Apple Music Free Trials
  • 7 Savvy App Experts Reveal App Development Secrets
  • Tim Cook Calls for Confederate Flags to Be Removed
  • 5 issues we want Apple Music to fix
  • Seven iOS Web Browsers Compared

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Safenetting : A Word from MacKeeper


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We’ve heard a lot lately about ‘MacKeeper’ virus or malware, and how the pop-ups contain what’s called “Scare Ads” or “Ransom Ware” — in fact, has even posted several alerts about this both here and in our Pinterest installation. Well, this week we got a leter from Rich Mullikin, APR for Rocket Science, the makers of MacKeeper. And we quote :

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UGNN InfoManager Newsletter for June 22, 2015

UGNN Infomanager HERE’S THE INFOMANAGER NEWS for the week of June 15 through 22 . . . There really wasn’t much of interest this week — it seems everyone’s preoccupied with Facebook, and passing around stupid memes. But we did dig up a number of items of note for your user group newsletters and your members. Lynn has his weekly Facebook update, and Fred laments over Apple Music. But there are some very cool items too, like new virtual reality and new stronger security for Apple iOS.

  • User Groups on Facebook June 20, 2015
  • 6 Digits Are Better Than 4! iOS 9 to Boost Passcode Security
  • New Kindle Paperwhite Adds New Typesetting Engine and Font
  • New Features Coming to Apple’s Garage Band on June 30
  • How to Back Up Your Mac to Multiple Time Machine Disks
  • Intellibins – Mobile app to find recycling centers
  • How to change the default app for a file on OS X
  • Apple iCar Sightings Are Apple Mapping Vehicles
  • FBI Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge
  • Apple Music: a Close Look at How it Works
  • 11 Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses Compared
  • Spotify Admits Defeat Already
  • Apple’s WWDC announcements
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Super Bowl XLIX apps for iPad, iPhone, iOS

Apps for kids for the holidays

iPad Apps InfoManager for Super Bowl XLIX ARE YOU READY for some Football Action? Ready for the 2015, Super Bowl XLIX ??? Ready or not, the UGNN Apps Infomanager will clue you to some of the better apps out there for making your Super Sunday game a huge success . . .

  • Super Bowl XLIX – NFL Official Program
  • Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials
  • Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App
  • Pro Football Winners
  • NFL Quarterback 15
  • FOX Sports GO
  • . . . and more!
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Facebook User Groups 12/13/14

This week’s subject on UG’s Facebook pages are listed below.  If you know of any user groups on Facebook that aren’t mentioned, please let us know.  This week we saw:  

[_]  Classic Apple Watches From 1995 Once Again Available for Sale
[_]  Microsoft’s five NEW consumer apps for iPhone/iPad
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Cyber Shopping Revolutionized With Manual Online Product Comparison

Free Online Shopping Comparison Service Set to Launch Cyber Monday . . . Online shopping will be forever changed with the launch of Submit and This new online shopping comparison service will launch on Cyber Monday – December 1, 2014.

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24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News

 24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News Stay up on the news with 24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News Magazine 2.54 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 24hours features news articles that have been intelligently mixed and are presented in one continuous catered stream. All articles featured in the news feed have been published within the past 24 hours.

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iPad InfoManager : August iPads rumors getting ready for Back to School!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers August opens some new woes for the iPad life… sales falling, competition nibbling away at the base and new devices coming out to bleed off the market!
[*] Apple iPad Mini 2 vs Asus Google Nexus 7 – Prices, Specs & Battery Life
[*] Nintendo Is Missing Out By Not Bringing its Games to Apple’s iOS
[*] NFL Now goes live on iPhone and iPad, Apple TV to follow
[*] Apple’s New Patent Could Help Resurrect iPad Sales
[*] Apple iPad Air 2 To Come With Fingerprint Sensor?
[*] It’s time for Apple Inc to stop making excuses
[*] Apple could announce iWatch next month
. . . and more!

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Steadicam Smoothee Bonus Pack for iPhone 5 and GoPro

Steadicam Smoothee Bonus Pack for iPhone 5 and GoPro Now Available The introduction of Steadicam in 1976 revolutionized the world of film and video. Over the past three decades, Steadicam has been an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry. New generations of Steadicam camera stabilizing systems have been comprehensively redesigned to unleash endless creative possibilities. When purchasing a Steadicam Smoothee, users can now enjoy two mounts for the price of one. The new bonus pack features a mount for iPhone 5/5s and a mount for GoPro HERO cameras, offering even more stability for no extra cost.

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