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It’s becoming an OPT OUT world … even if you did NOT subscribe

A big trend in cybercrime these days is automatically subscribing you to a spammer list. If you get email saying “You’re getting this because you subscribed … ” but you know you did NOT subscribe, BEWARE!


The “unsubscribe” button does not work, so it’s a fight to get unlisted.  Never click the “unsubscribe” button.  Protect yourself at all times!

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Fake news spammer spoof a CBS news channel

This spammer spoofs a CBS News Channel to offer FAKE NEWS about a sleep aid . . . it’s bogus — BEWARE


Protect yourself at all times!

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One of the tell-tail signs it’s spam : if it’s in another language!

This NETFLIX spoofer wasn’t too bright.   Can you believe … they thought I was in Brazil . . .


Protect yourself at all times!

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Drug cartels continue, unstopped by hosting ISP

Another warning about online drug sites . . .


Big Data drives new phishing and identity theft sites

Your personal data has become more important, and more valuable than the gadgets they sell you!  BEWARE



New product sites using spam and cybercrime tactics to make money

Yes, this is a legitimate product.  But it’s available from trusted web sites, and NOT those that break Federal Code to send you spam and steal your personal info . . .


Beware of any online email or site offering miracle drugs!

It’s not about the drugs … it’s about stealing your personal data, particularly your health status.  Insurance companies will pay huge bucks for health care data.


Never trust unknown emailers who make free offers

They’re really not interested in selling you anything, it’s your personal information they’re after . . .




Scam sites spoof Shark Tank and Good Morning America


Beware of product offers from unknown sites1


ALERT : before falling for email scams, check the validity of the product


ALERT : email spam and web sites looking to steal your identity

Safe Netting Alert -- BEWARE

Malware alert: Spoofing the U.S . Postal service using Google Drive

If you got an email from the USPS, that looks like this … beware


Report your alerts to

Mac malware is spreading at a frightening rate, claims report

appleAs we’ve said all along, it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” malware will infest the Macintosh / Apple world.  We’ve seen many nibbles and tests, especially through Apple Mail, and particularly through the iPhone. Glad to report nobody’s been really hurt that bad — other than the ransomeware victims — but things are about to get ugly, as Darren Allan points out in this article.

Just follow our rule: Watch yourself at all times, don’t let your guard down, and keep your security settings high!  Darren Allan goes on to say:

Macs are becoming an increasingly big target for malware authors, and a new report has pointed to a massive increase this year in the likes of viruses aimed at Apple’s machines (which were once regarded as relative safe havens in comparison to Windows PCs).

The findings from Malwarebytes show that as of July 2017, there has been a huge leap of 230% in Mac malware compared to the previous year.

Some categories of malicious software are increasing at an even faster rate than this, namely adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) according to the security firm, although it didn’t clarify any percentage rates in these cases.

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FAKE NEWS can do more harm than you think … if you click it in this phishiing email, you may become a victim!

Cybercrime attack in spam email

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People cannot resist a good juicy story these days … Clickbait and Fake News are trying to make you click — but don’t do it!  This one takes you to a page selling drugs online, and it’s a very convincing story!  If you click in the email though, they’ve got your account, and you’ll never get off their list.

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