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What are you going to do with all those photos? Photomyne?

Photomyne Ltd. Releases Massive Update and New Features in its iOS App Photomyne 3.1, now has an important update to the popular visual storytelling tool developed for iPhone, iPad and and iPod touch devices. One of the top 20 paid photo apps on the App Store, Photomyne invites users to quickly scan entire photo albums, save and share them with friends and family.

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iPad InfoManager : August iPads rumors getting ready for Back to School!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers August opens some new woes for the iPad life… sales falling, competition nibbling away at the base and new devices coming out to bleed off the market!
[*] Apple iPad Mini 2 vs Asus Google Nexus 7 – Prices, Specs & Battery Life
[*] Nintendo Is Missing Out By Not Bringing its Games to Apple’s iOS
[*] NFL Now goes live on iPhone and iPad, Apple TV to follow
[*] Apple’s New Patent Could Help Resurrect iPad Sales
[*] Apple iPad Air 2 To Come With Fingerprint Sensor?
[*] It’s time for Apple Inc to stop making excuses
[*] Apple could announce iWatch next month
. . . and more!

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World’s First Credit Card-Sized Receipt Scanner

Fits in your wallet – powerful high-res tiny color scanner scans everywhere you go – on the plane, train, office, or while waiting — Never Lose a Receipt Again! Advanced Technology Scans Digital Images of Small, Easily Misplaced Items: Receipts, Warrantees, Business Cards, Shopping Tags, Cards, Tickets, Stubs & Handwritten Notes

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Dual Band USB

You’ve heard of QuickerTek before. Now they’ve introduced Q4, the fourth generation Quicky which is an improvement over the previous Quicky models. The Q4 works in both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless modes with transfer rates from 300 mbps running in either 2.4 or 5.8GHz.

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Multifunctional Calendar App

Multifunctional Calendar App AroundCalMultifunctional Calendar App AroundCal is now available in version 1.7 exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. With AroundCal, you can add photos, user definable lists, priority, tag, progress status, project or voice memo to your iPhone calendar events: AroundCal is automatically in sync with the iPhone Calendar App, MobileMe, and other sync services who sync the iPhone calendar. Also subscribed calendars will be shown.

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iFormBuilder complex business solutions

iForm 3.2iForm 3.2 with Linea-pro integration allows users to create complex business solutions allowing iPod touch devices to be utilized for field services, work order management, and point-of-sale solutions. iFormBuilder provides secure, scalable, flexible, effective, and efficient mobile data collection for teams on the go.

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The Complete Manual of Typography

George Engel George Engel looks at the Manual of Typography and shares some insights into using good typography – George is a long-time Mac guru, and active user group guy from the Lakeland User Group

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iPhone becomes WebCam phone

Tidal Pool Software PhoneCam 2.0 for iPhone and iPodTidal Pool Software’s PhoneCam 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch turns your iPhone or iPod touch (camera required) into a wireless webcam. It allows you to easily capture and transmit images to a website from anywhere. PhoneCam 2.0 now integrates Sensr, providing a free webcam image server with lots of great features. Sensr includes support for motion detection, DVR, alerts, and uploading and sharing images on Facebook and Twitter.

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Make cool 3D Product Shots

Box Shot 3D render software boxes, book covers, magazines, CD, DVDApplications for Life Company has rolled out Box Shot 3D 3.1, an update to their powerful utility that renders 3D shapes using provided images. Box Shot 3D allows to render software boxes, book covers, magazines, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray boxes, cans, bottles, mugs, bags and much more. No 3D-knowledge is required at all and the results look very professional because of raytracing rendering technology.

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Imposition Wizard

Imposition WizardImposition Wizard is a professional level, standalone imposition software for Mac OS X. Version 1.8 features 2-up preview mode, reads bleed and trim data from source files, allows to rotate sheets and define their default parameters. It also brings many small improvements. Upgrade is free and highly recommended.

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FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio FX Photo Studio has been updated — and the 3.0 version is a huge update, amping up an already powerful photo effects application. iPhone and iPod touch users will shortly get access to 171 high quality effects and filters. This will be the biggest collection, available on App Store. The current “record holder” is FX Photo Studio 2.6.0 with 140 photo effects offered.

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Background Image and Pattern Generator

Patterno creates stripes, mosaics, tiled patternsAn all new upgrade to Patterno has been released — a powerful utility that creates background images and tiled patterns for Mac OS X. Patterno allows to create professional-looking images with ease. Continue reading »

Touchscreens for Macs

Troll TouchTroll Touch, the leading manufacturer of custom touchscreen solutions for Apple computers and displays today announced two new additions to its Mac product offering.

The first, an internally integrated, high resolution, analog resistive touchscreen overlay and controller system that replaces the sheet glass that is installed on the display when purchased from Apple.

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Photography Workflow from Import to Output

The Digital Photography Workflow HandbookPhotography is a wonderful and rewarding hobby for millions of people. However, for a photographer’s work to really stand out, two skills are necessary: creativity and technical know-how. Continue reading »

Natural Spoken Language Translation

Speech Trans application for iPhoneThe language barrier has always been a formidable obstacle to global commerce, travel, and understanding other cultures, and now, SpeechTrans, Inc. has broken that barrier. Continue reading »