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App Camp For Girls Seattle Finishes With Campers Pitching Apps

 App Camp For Girls Seattle Finishes With Campers Pitching Apps Your daughters will thank you for this some day. I wish it was around when my daughter was coming up. She would have loved it! App Camp For Girls, a program that teaches middle-school girls how to design and build iPhone apps, will wrap up its inaugural Seattle session on August 8, 2014, with a pitch session at which the campers will present their apps to an all-women panel of Seattle tech industry leaders.

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PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language

MADE IN AMERICA  PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language PixelCut has released PaintCode 2.1, adding support for the new Swift programming language to its popular developer tool. PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers. Continue reading »

Cookies: Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste?

Cookies The new EU e-Privacy Directive – better known as ‘the cookie law’ – takes effect tomorrow, May 26th. Even if you’re outside of the EU, it’s likely the new regulations will affect you if you have a website, so IDG is exploring the subject in more detail in this week’s Global Roundup newsletter. Read our insight in IDG’s latest blog, discover what you need to do to comply, and learn more about the use of cookies and tracking on mobile devices.

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An Overview of Core Audio

Debunking Free Antivirus Myths Using Apple’s Core Audio, you can leverage all that power in your own Mac and iOS software, implementing features ranging from audio capture to real-time effects, MP3 playback to virtual instruments, web radio to VoIP support.

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Why Apple’s Personal Assistant isn’t on the iPad (Yet)

Debunking Free Antivirus Myths Bestselling author and blogger Erica Sadun explains why there are some good technical reasons preventing Apple from bringing Siri to the iPad without some fundamental development work.

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