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John’s iTunes Organization System

This article really puts the works on Smart Playlists. He does things here that I have never even envisioned. Continue reading »

What is iTunes?

On August 5th, Mark Mason posted this article on his blog “Mason’s World”. In it, he points out that many people are not familiar with the features of iTunes. Mostly he is referring to the fact that those people think everything on in iTunes are for sale. Continue reading »

iTunes Guide for Beginners

Best-selling authors Robin Williams and John Tollett share their best tips and tricks for working with music, movies, podcasts, Internet radio stations, and more in iTunes ‘O8. Continue reading »

iTunes 8 Adds Per-Podcast Settings

Adam Engst is reporting at TidBITS that it is now possible the ability to decided on an individual podcast basis how many episodes to keep and how long to keep them. Continue reading »