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Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Earns Featured Status on Mac App Store

 Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Earns Featured Status on Mac App Store Less than two weeks since Flixel Photos Inc. launched Cinemagraph Pro for Mac 1.0.1, the living photo creation software has achieved featured status on the Mac App Store where it’s reached first in the photography category in over 50 countries – including US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and China. The application is also first overall in 20 countries.

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UppyPix … Share Life As It Happens

 UppyPix ... Share Life As It Happens MADE IN AMERICA Dash Technologies, LLC, a professional services firm focused on delivering high-caliber technology consulting and managed services, today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of UppyPix 1.9, their popular social networking app for iOS and Android. Continue reading »


Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software is proud to announce that PhotoBulk app reached top 10 in the Photography category on the US Mac App Store with the incredible price $0.99!   Continue reading »

Goo goo, gah, gah! Baby’s Firsts app is here.

 Rade | Eccles Announces Release of Baby's Firsts iOS App MADE IN AMERICA Goo, goo, goo. Don’t you hate it when people pull out their iPhones and start passing around their baby pictures? Oh well, it’s bound to happen, and it’s just part of life. But hey, Baby’s Firsts iOS application for iPhone and iPod touch is a whole new way to capture every moment of your baby’s first year. So, now there’s and app for that.

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iSelfie 1.0 for iOS

Based in Hong Kong – Wimlog has announced the release and immediate availability of iSelfiecamera remote control 1.0, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Continue reading »

Comic Life 3 : You are not what you eat

 plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 Comic Life 3, is the latest major release of the award winning photo comic creation software, which adds powerful new capabilities without compromising usability. Image processing gets a major boost with new collection of parametric filters and an Instant Alpha tool that makes it easy to knock out backgrounds.

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Duplicate Annihilator for iOS

Kalmar, Sweden – Brattoo PropagandaSoftware has introduced Duplicate Annihilator – iOS edition, a new edition of their popular duplicate annihilation software with support for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Duplicate Annihilator takes on the time consuming task comparing the images in your photo library on your iOS devices, using effective algorithms to make sure that no duplicates escape. Continue reading »

Psykosoft releases Psykopaint as standalone Mac App

 Psykosoft releases Psykopaint as standalone Mac App Tours, France – Psykosoft is pleased to announce Psykopaint 1.2.1 for Mac. Psykopaint, (the most popular painting app on the chrome web store), is a painting application with a twist that allows you to paint while the colors are selected automatically based on a photo. Unlike other software based on filters, it is your own personality expressed in a painting. Until now the app was accessible exclusively online and now as a fully packaged app for Mac.

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7 Great Image Editing Apps for Mac

Another of my favorite ideas, a list.  This one from TechDigest by James O’Malley.   Continue reading »

Camera Plus 3.0

Camera Plus icon  Global Delight has announced Camera Plus 3.0; the amazing yet simple-to-use camera app for the iPhone. This upgrade brings a shiny new interface along with innovative and snappy features that pushes the iPhone camera to its limits. “Camera Plus 3.0 overcomes everyday light and focus related problems, all in a colorful and compact package that infinitely enhances the user experience,” said Mr. Rohith Bhat, MD and CEO. Continue reading »


Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation is a new coffee table book by Bryan M. Wolf.   Continue reading »

TRYPTpic 1.2.1 for iOS update offers several new features

 TRYPTpic 1.2.1 for iOS update offers several new features MADE IN AMERICA Independent developer, Josh Granville today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of TRYPTpic 1.2.1, an update to his popular photography app for developed for iOS devices. Tryptpic crops one photo into multiple related panels and uploads them sequentially to create a larger display area using the entire grid view of the profile.

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layrs App Introduces Innovative Capability Requested Most by Users

 layrs App Introduces Innovative Capability Requested Most by Users MADE IN AMERICA Artware, Inc. continues to advance the world of mobile photo editing with the introduction of the Backgrounds feature to their app, layrs. This was the most requested feature from their fans. It was just over a month ago that Artware, Inc. introduced layrs, the pioneer app in high precision, multi-layer photo editing on a mobile device. layrs wasted no time gaining traction in the competitive arena of mobile photo apps and claimed the #1 spot in the App Store on itís launch day.

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Worth A Thousand Words

 In a post on the blog, Minimal Mac, Patrick Rhone posted an article with the above title about the effect the iPhone 5S camera will have on the pro-consumer camera market.   Continue reading »

The Book, Mobile Digital Art

MADE IN AMERICA  Teaneck, New Jersey – The book, Mobile Digital Art (subtitled ‘Using The iPhone and iPad As Creative Tools‘) goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional art books by offering easy-to-follow tutorials from each of the participating artists as well as revealing their influences and motivations. Because so many apps are ever-evolving and new ones are emerging almost daily, the book’s publisher, Focal Press is creating a website that will provide the most current information on apps, artists and new visions. In addition, Author/Artist/App Developer David Scott Leibowitz has launched an another supporting website, Art N Photo Apps that contains an invaluable resource, a unique list of artist used and artist approved apps for just art, photography, design and video.   Continue reading »