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PayPal spoofing is back

Safenetting Alert


Mac Users Attacked Again by Fake Adobe Flash Update

security warning

Graham Cluley writes in to let you know :

Mac users are once again being urged to exercise caution when installing updates to Adobe Flash Player, after a fake update was discovered infecting computers.

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BEWARE : Embedded Malware attempted download

Quick post here … while squashing spam this morning, one initiated an auto download … BEWARE — Keep your download permissions set to require approval!  This one was one of those “invoice” spams that claim you have an unpaid invoice . . .

Notice, the file is hosted on Amazon servers !!!  No one is safe.

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FBI : Warnings of Dramatic Increase in Business E-Mail Scams

Digital Evidence Response Team FBI officials are warning potential victims of a dramatic rise in the business e-mail compromise scam or “B.E.C.,” a scheme that targets businesses and has resulted in massive financial losses in Phoenix and other cities.

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BEWARE : New Paypal Spoof phishing email alerts

If you receive an email like this, do not click! This is a phishing attempt to gain your ID and password to your Paypal account. Report this immediately to spoof at

PayPal spoof email is phishing for your ID ... share this alert

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Phishing Report: Security Clearance, Bitcoins, BitPay, Amazon, Debit cards and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report How bad is it? Just recently there has been a real surgence in Phishing and spam-delivered threats. Since the beginning of the year when two of the major spam portals where shut down, we thought email-deliverred crime was ebbing. No such luck. Now it’s moved to hot spots in South America, Eastern Europe and places where ICANN looks the other way. Remain calm, and remain on guard

  • If You Fall for a Phishing Scam, Should You Lose Your Security Clearance?
  • Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Loses $1.8M in Phishing Hack
  • Amazon UK customers targeted with phishing scam
  • Consumer Alert: Debit card phishing scam
  • Data Breach Investigations Report
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FBI : Business E-Mail Compromise – An Emerging Global Threat

Digital Evidence Response Team The accountant for a U.S. company recently received an e-mail from her chief executive, who was on vacation out of the country, requesting a transfer of funds on a time-sensitive acquisition that required completion by the end of the day. The CEO said a lawyer would contact the accountant to provide further details.

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Phishing Report: Market Disorder, Wire Fraud, Iranian Military Hackers, Spam King, and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report You can check off another victory for the spam and phishinc fighters of the world, since Mr. Spam King gets the clink for spamming Facebook users… at last! But that’s not all in the news. Email is getting more nasty each day, and now the 3rd world countries are starting to apply their most criminal moves into the rest of us.

  • Domain hijacking spear-phisher foiled by the last line of defense—paranoia
  • Iranian Military Hackers Launched Google Phishing Campaign Against US
  • FBI: Social Engineering, Hacks Lead to Millions Lost to Wire Fraud
  • Latest APT 28 Campaign Incorporates Fake EFF Spearphishing Scam
  • ‘Spam King’ pleads guilty for 27m Facebook messages
  • In-house ‘more likely’ to open phishing emails
  • ‘Phishing for Phools’ and Market Disorder
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Why Your Mac Is More Vulnerable to Malware Than You Think

If you think your Mac is a lot more secure than a PC, you’re not alone — but you may not be as correct as you thought. Kim Zetter reports for Wired that even though most people think that a Mac’s firmware is a lot more locked-down than a PC’s, two researchers have found that several known vulnerabilities that affect top PC makers’ firmware can also hit the firmware of Macs. And for the first time, they have designed a proof-of-concept worm that would enable a firmware attack to spread automatically from MacBook to MacBook, even if they aren’t networked. Continue reading »

Cyber Criminal Forum Taken Down – Arrests in 20 Countries

Digital Evidence Response Team It was, in effect, a one-stop, high-volume shopping venue for some of the world’s most prolific cyber criminals. Called Darkode, this underground, password-protected, online forum was a meeting place for those interested in buying, selling, and trading malware, botnets, stolen personally identifiable information, credit card information, hacked server credentials, and other pieces of data and software that facilitated complex cyber crimes all over the globe. But all that changed on July 15, 2015.

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Safenetting ALERT : Wells Fargo malware spam


EZ-Pass Phishing Malware Alert

EZ Pass malware attack

If you receive this email, alert your ISP at once. Please feel free to distribute, share, and forward this alert.

American Express Phishing Spam

  BEWARE email like this ... If you get spam like this DO NOT CLICK … Always report to the bank or institution.  Forward any American Express phishing to : … in many cases, the “spoof@” address works.  Or simply search Google for “Spam Phishing” and the name of the institution. They all want you to help, and they all want to get rid of cybercrime. SHARE or TWEET this! Thanks for reading      

Phishing for Help scams to watch out for . . .

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam


ALERT : Bank of America Malware Phish attack