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Phishing for Help scams to watch out for . . .

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam


ALERT : Bank of America Malware Phish attack

BEWARE: Costco Spoof spam leads to big trouble

KnujOn reports on ICANN, November, 2014

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware reportfree_internet You’ve heard me talk about KnujOn many times before. Although SpamCop discontinued their pop email services, the fight against spam, phishing and all kinds of illicit online cybercrime goes on. KnujOn is an all volunteer, unfunded initiative. We are committed to this solution and appreciate your patience while we work our way through the maze of Internet bureaucracy to reduce illicit traffic and spam. The following is the latest update about their ICANN investigation …

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3 things to know about Yosemite and security

  This article by Chuck La Tournous on Macworld’s Web site reminds us that useful features often have a price.   Continue reading »

Fake Fax wants to add you to cybercrime botnet

This is not an authentic FAX … it’s a malware agent infecting your computer … do NOT click, download or open the attachment!

Malware Spam from Brazil Cybercrime cartel — not Apple

This spam attack came from Brazil, posing as an Apple iTunes alert … DO NOT CLICK . . . please share this, tweet or pin it!

ALERT: Malware phishing hiding behind Google, and

We’ve been tracking this cybercrime cartel activitiy for a while, and today two more attacks came into all our spam trap accounts.  They’re hiding under Google’s system to avoid detection, knowing that Google refuses reports.  They’re actually hosted on the Barracuda system, one of the leading “anti-spam” providers — what better place can you think of? DO NOT CLICK

BEWARE : Google Spoof email steals your identity

Google phishing identity theft

UGNN Phishing Report: August and Back to School Phishing alerts


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report Kids getting duped, EZ-Pass scams, fake friends, and a new Facebook Video phish — there’s trouble everywhere you go online! It’s all in the InfoManager this week . . .
[*] Don’t be fooled by fake friends’ phishing for your personal info
[_] Phishing campaign lures victims with offer of IRS refund
[_] Spider Under the Skin Video: is really a phishing scam
[_] Phishing Attackers Imitate Popular Bitcoin Websites
[_] Justin Timberlake Iceland Concert Bait in Phishing
[_] Preparing Kids for Cyber Jobs and Cyber Warfare
[_] Is EZ Pass contacting you? It may be a scam
. . . and more!

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Malware Alert : Incoming Fax Report

DO  NOT CLICK    BEWARE :  FAKE EMAIL SPAM : UGNN spam traps have received a series of exploits since last night all titled as “Fax Reports” ….

Cyber criminals attempt to persuade victims into opening a fake incoming fax email in order to trick them to click a malicious link in a DropBox account capable of downloading malware onto the computer system and/or directing the victim to a drive-by-download site, including malicious websites capable of browser exploitation.

A number of the other detection sites have also picked up this latest iteration of the attack :

ICANN finally issues a breach notice against the registrar BizCn

Whatch out for the Democrats! As many of you know, Safenetting and UGN have been participating and volunteers for both Spamcop and Knujon since their beginning. Some of you may also remember our infographic two years ago illustrating the evidence of a major complaint to ICANN — which brought no response or resove from ICANN. Now, thanks to the dilligent work of Knujon’s director Garth Bruen, almost two years of battling has finally gotten through to ICANN and the criminal, rogue registrar “BizCn” has been brought down!

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Safenetting : Phishing, Report for May 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report Although social media fraud, malware, and drive-by tracker sites are increasing threats, plain old spam and phishing is still very much alive. In our first quarter we reported and/or tracked over 6,000 individual spam emails, of which 43% were straight, in-your-face, phishing. The Safenetting Pinterest page is one worth following! And please pin: >Apple did NOT move to the Czech Republic

But as for this week’s alerts :
[_] New era of ‘mega breaches’ signals bigger payouts and shifting behaviour for cybercriminals
[_] 1,981 Baylor Regional Medical Center patients’ information compromised by phishing
[_] It Took Feds 13 Days to Unravel a TSP Cyber Hoax Perpetrated by… Feds
[_] Spam in Q1 2014: US Once Again the Prime Target for Malicious Emails
[_] ‘Unknown malware’ hits enterprise nets 53 times a day
[_] Proceeds of phishing campaign balloon
[_] Scam Alert: PayPal fraud warning
[_] POP! goes the phisher
and more . . .

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Apple did NOT move to the Czech Republic!

Today, we trapped some rather interesting incoming email, which looks like some new attempts at separating our readers from their identity. Post this graphic to your user group site, and/or other social networking channels you may have … they’ll thank you for it:


thanks for posting

Safenetting : Phishing, Malware, Security Report for APRIL – UGNN


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report Okay folks, it’s tax time again! Repeat : “do not click, do not click, do not click” — but there’s a lot more coming at you from the sleeze of the internet — stay tuned and we’ll bring you the latest and most important online risks updates
* IRS warns of phishing emails claiming to be from its Taxpayer Advocate Service
[*] Cloud Security Viewed as Vital, but Effective Solutions Are Lacking
[*] Cybersecurity breaches to cost APAC countries $240-M in 2014
[*] BBB Tip of the Week: Fake court summons
[*] IRS Warns of New Email Phishing Scheme
[*] No headline – GOOGLE_SCAM –
[*] Hackers Cash In On ATMs
and more . . .

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