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Malware alert: Spoofing the U.S . Postal service using Google Drive

If you got an email from the USPS, that looks like this … beware


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Mac malware is spreading at a frightening rate, claims report

appleAs we’ve said all along, it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” malware will infest the Macintosh / Apple world.  We’ve seen many nibbles and tests, especially through Apple Mail, and particularly through the iPhone. Glad to report nobody’s been really hurt that bad — other than the ransomeware victims — but things are about to get ugly, as Darren Allan points out in this article.

Just follow our rule: Watch yourself at all times, don’t let your guard down, and keep your security settings high!  Darren Allan goes on to say:

Macs are becoming an increasingly big target for malware authors, and a new report has pointed to a massive increase this year in the likes of viruses aimed at Apple’s machines (which were once regarded as relative safe havens in comparison to Windows PCs).

The findings from Malwarebytes show that as of July 2017, there has been a huge leap of 230% in Mac malware compared to the previous year.

Some categories of malicious software are increasing at an even faster rate than this, namely adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) according to the security firm, although it didn’t clarify any percentage rates in these cases.

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Beware : Netflix phishing expedition wants your payment method!

Netflix Phishing BEWARENetflix users beware of this new phishing campaign… did you get an email from Netflix ?? Continue reading »

FBI : Joint Cyber Operation Takes Down Avalanche Criminal Network

Digital Evidence Response Team It was a highly secure infrastructure of servers that allegedly offered cyber criminals an unfettered platform from which to conduct malware campaigns and “money mule” money laundering schemes, targeting victims in the U.S. and around the world. But the Avalanche network, which was specifically designed to thwart detection by law enforcement, turned out to be not so impenetrable after all.

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More Bank Spoofing is after your identity …

Always make sure you hover over the link and are sure where the link is taking you!

BEWARE Bank Spoofing

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The new malware landscape — living on borrowed time


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report We recently talked about a new malware that doesn’t care if you have a Mac or a PeeCee — and another that is now specifically targeting iPhone users. With the popularity of Apple products, the cybercrime industry has found a rich new hunting ground in Apple users.

There are over 1 million new strains of malware created every day. You no longer have to be attacked in order to be infected with malware. You can pick up malware easier than you can catch a cold, or pick up a bug at the day-care center. Just log into some web sites. On average, over 30,000 SME websites are targeted each day, and to make matters worse, nearly 60% of their IT professionals think they aren’t at any real risk of being attacked.

Yet, email still poses a frightening risk. Too many people trust their email, and a cleverly configured email can get you in real trouble. Read the piece below about ransomware. It’s running rampant — and much is delivered via an attachment in email.

We surveyed the spam traps this morning and found 12 malware-laden emails, and a bank-spoof phishing email that ALSO had the malware component.

This is why we produced these Infographics for you to post and distribute.
get this valuable collectable Alert : Malware email coming your way! Will you recognize it?

But there’s more …

  • Google Play Store Malware Steals Photos and Videos from Viber – Neurogadget
  • Sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware could shut down electric grid
  • China Hacked Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Via Backdoor Malware
  • FBI says its malware isn’t malware because ‘we’re the good guys’
  • The stupidest ransomware for Windows is also the most dangerous
  • Is it ethical to use malware when disrupting cyber-crime?
  • The new malware landscape — living on borrowed time
  • SFG malware discovered in European energy company
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Alert : New Bank spoof spam also carries malware infections

Alert : Malware email coming your way! Will you recognize it?

System Boost for iOS detects Malware and Security Threats on iOS Devices

 System Boost for iOS detects Malware and Security Threats on iOS Devices B-Eng has launched System Boost 1.0, their new security and system info app that may save you from a world of hurt! System Boost is for anyone who is concerned about the integrity and security of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Continue reading »

A new wave of exploit email has arrived


PayPal spoofing is back

Safenetting Alert


Mac Users Attacked Again by Fake Adobe Flash Update

security warning

Graham Cluley writes in to let you know :

Mac users are once again being urged to exercise caution when installing updates to Adobe Flash Player, after a fake update was discovered infecting computers.

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BEWARE : Embedded Malware attempted download

Quick post here … while squashing spam this morning, one initiated an auto download … BEWARE — Keep your download permissions set to require approval!  This one was one of those “invoice” spams that claim you have an unpaid invoice . . .

Notice, the file is hosted on Amazon servers !!!  No one is safe.

How does it happen? Continue reading »

Forbes, ad blockers and malware … another warning

We talked about ad blockers and malvertising some weeks ago.  We even posted about some web sites blocking you from reading unless you turn off the ad blocker.   Now several other sites are reporting malware purveyed by Forbes after turning off the ad blocker!  Jim Lynch writes : Continue reading »

Safenetting : Malware is coming after your Apple products — you may as well get ready !


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We used to get about one or two tips on Mac malware a month. Now there are dozens. We try to weed out the real from the myth, but they’re all getting more and more documented. A credible threat is something people need to pay attention to!

  • Malware found on Guardian article that asks if cybercrime is out of control
  • Homeless in Vancouver: RLO spoofing is another Internet security reverse
  • All eyes on the jailbroken as iOS, Mac OS X threat level ratchets up
  • Malware Targeting Apple To Rise In 2016, Experts Warn
  • A free, almost foolproof way to check for malware
  • Apple Products Increasingly Targeted by Malware
  • Keep It Cool: Making the Mac Malware-Free

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