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When the going gets tough

strong, tough, rugged, solid, secureWill you be juggling inventory in the warehouse, re-routing a tractor-trailer already on the move, or relaying instructions to emergency workers approaching the scene of an accident? Do you need to connect the office, foreman, or dispatcher directly to the forklift operator, dump truck driver, or police interceptor no matter how tough the conditions. Do you need to manage data, people, equipment, and logistics with maximum efficiency. Do you need a laptop or tablet that just won’t die, won’t break, won’t freeze, won’t sink?

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Lost or stolen laptop recovery

GadgetTrak Laptop ActiveTrak Inc. has announced that its award-winning GadgetTrak Laptop 3 is now being bundled with warranty plans, including AppleCare at select Apple retailers. This arrangement increases the level of protection by not only covering physical problems with the laptop, but also helping recover it if it’s lost or stolen.

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Solar MacBook

QuickerTek now offers solar power for the entire Apple MacBook line of popular laptops and unibody Macs and just released white MacBook. We now power the entire MacBook line including the 13.3, 15 and 17 inch unibody Pros and the white MacBook. There are two Apple Juicz models available: 27 watt and 55 watt, to match your performance needs.

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Flying laptops pass checkpoints

Do you fly a lot? This new “checkpoint friendly” briefcase-style laptop bag is not only very cool, it boasts a highly protective compartment for a laptop, with a clear, unobstructed x-ray view of the laptop for easy TSA security checks! Continue reading »