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Apps for getting out on the water … boating and yachting

Apps for boating

iPad Apps InfoManager for marine boating and yachting It is just about this time of year, when the leaves begin to turn and the thermometer begins to retreat that some people start thinking about sun and sand and finding the last remnents of summer. So, naturally, we started checking out the new or updated iPhone and iPad apps for boats, boating, and the yachting life! Sometimes, just looking at the pictures helps.
* Yacht Capital – luxury yachting magazine
* Yachting Weather : what’s in store?
* Marine Weather by AccuWeather
* Yachts & Yachting Magazine
* BOYD Yachting Lifestyle
* Yachting Mag
. . . and more!

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Apps for getting out on the water … boating and yachting

Apps for boating

iPad Apps InfoManager for marine boating and yachting We uploaded the yachting apps last time, so this time we’re just looking at boating in general. Not everyone is so interested in yachts. But everyone loves getting out there on the water, and here are a selection of apps you boaters will find really useful! Start planning your winter escape now!
* Boating: marine & lakes charts and GPS tracks for cruising, fishing, yachting, sailing, diving.
* ColRegs: Nav Lights & Shapes for Boating and Sailing
* Let’s go Boating on the Caribbean & South America
* Boating Party … get out there and raft up!
* Florida Keys Trip Planner
* West Marine Catalogs
. . . and more!

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Cool applications for iPad and iPhone for type and fonts

Apps for designers

iPad Apps InfoManager for graphic design and publishing I know a lot of you are putting together flyers, newsletters, posters, banners and various other materials. You’ll be using fonts, lettering and typography. Today we’re peeking in on some apps for iPhone and iPad for type, lettering and typography. Follow along on this first insertion … watch for more:
* Create your own text based wallpapers for your Android
* Create video by animating text — Letters In Motion
* Add typography to photos quickly, on the fly
* Tiff : a Typography diff tool
* Typesetting for your iPhone …
* Typography by Labworks
. . . and more!

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Find out about iOS 8

  Apple of course wants us to know all about iOS 8.  There number of ways to get the information.   Continue reading »

Move content from your Android phone to iPhone

I have seen estimates that as many as 1/4 of the the purchasers of new iPhones this year will be moving from Android.  Apple wants those switchers to be able to transfer data to their new iPhones.   Continue reading »

13 Gems in iOS 8

This is the first column I have read from David Pogue since his move to Yahoo. In it he lists 13 items or gems he has found in iOS 8.   Continue reading »

ABBYY Business Card Reader

  ABBYY has announced the release of Business Card Reader Free 8.0, the free version of its business card reading application with full support for iOS 8 and flexible licensing options is now available at the Apple App Store. Continue reading »

10 Reasons To Install iOS8 Now

This article by Tim Brooks on MakeUseOf Web site gives 10 reasons not to wait for your upgrade to iOS 8.   Continue reading »

SignalScope Pro 4 for iOS

MADE IN AMERICA Lehi, Utah – SignalScope Pro version 4, is available for download on the iOS App Store, can uniquely identify USB audio devices attached to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and remember user settings for each device the next time it is connected.   Continue reading »

Join us for another hit episode of “Stupid App Tricks”

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Man, it’s been a while — but with this week’s slew of really stupid apps, we couldn’t resist bringing back the Infomanager’s famous “Stupid Apps Tricks” — Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we puzzle over what the developers of these new iPad, iPhone and Android apps were thinking! Have fun
[_] Floaty Hamster – Zen and Art of playing stupid float down the river apps
[_] Are you dressed? Only your Virtual Closet App knows for sure
[_] Everybody needs the Biggest Carp App on their phone!
[_] First person shooter ‘Goblin Attack’ … yawn
[_] Destruction at the reach of your fingers
[_] Bowling in Paradise will be a huge hit . . .
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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WritePad Pro 1.4 with Improved Note Taking

MADE IN AMERICA Spokane, Washington – PhatWare Corporation has announced the availability of WritePad Pro 1.4, the advanced word processing, note-taking, and handwriting recognition app for iPhone and iPad. Continue reading »

Get the School year going right with fun educational games for iPad and iPhone

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Once again, we’ve entered the school year, and kids all over are trucking back to school! Home time and quality time with parents can enhance and extend the learning experience — with apps for your iOS device. Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we investigate just six of the hot new iPad, iPhone and Android apps! Have fun
UGNN GAMES Reading Comprehension Skills & Practice for Struggling Readers
UGNN GAMES Four Games That Teach Rhyming – Partners in Rhyme 1.4 for iOS
UGNN GAMES Children’s Music Shines In New Kids App: Preschool Musical
UGNN GAMES News-2-You iPad app now offers 4 reading levels
UGNN GAMES Bamba Airport allows kids to ‘run an airport’
UGNN GAMES Wonster Words Spelling with Phonics App
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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iOS Business Card Scanner

MADE IN AMERICA Sarasota, Florida – HandL has announced an update to its popular business card scanning App – Contact Snapper for iOS. Contact Snapper scans business cards and instantly turns them into a contact on the address book. With the update, Contact Snapper is powerful than ever before, highly intuitive and delivers break-through performance. Google Contacts is now deeply integrated into Contact Snapper with complete fully managed 2 way sync capabilities.   Continue reading »

Atsumeru – The iOS GIF and Reaction Image Management App – Free Trial

  Aizuwakamatsu, Japan – Independent software developer, Sascha M Holesch has announced the newest update of Atsumeru for iOS, which had been approved for release in all regions. Atsumeru was made specifically to help users manage animated GIFs and other reaction images for private viewing as well as for later sharing with others.  Continue reading »

Change the default search engine on iOS and OS X

Since the first iPhone, the default search engine has been Google.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Continue reading »