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Packing Pro

 Packing Pro, a travel app for the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch by QuinnScape, is celebrating its 5th anniversary on the App Store. Originally based on the Packing (+TO DO!) app, which was released six months earlier, these apps were two of the first few thousand apps on the App Store, compared to the over one million that are currently there today.  Continue reading »

Google’s new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users

According to this article on Quartz, “What Google really wants is for everybody to be signed in to their Google accounts all the time.”   Continue reading »

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzle games for iPad and iPhone users

Games InfoManager ... puzzle games for kids

GAMES InfoManager Happy April, getting the spring Games department rockin’ with a great line-up of American made puzzle and mind games! Some of these are very addictive, so be careful — also, please share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
* Brain Fitness Fun; Strategy/Puzzler 5BY5 Brain Game Keeps You Thinking
* Lost Lands – an innovative puzzle game for logic puzzle enthusiasts
* Crossword for you Issue 01 – Popular puzzles and mind games
* Enjoy the thrill of playing against your Facebook friends
* Melesta Games launches puzzle game Freeze U for iOS
* The Pyramid Puzzle
. . . and more!

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Textbooks replaced by iTunes U download

This article, posted on is by Sean Coughlan their Education Corespondent.

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My Media Collection App

Maybe you’re a film buff and can’t remember which Bond movies you own and which ones you don’t. If this sounds like you, you’re probably wishing you had a list of the films (or books) in your collection.   Continue reading »

Cool Wallpapers and Backgrounds for iOS 7

 Dolice has announced the release of Cool Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD Free for iOS 7. This application features 500 gorgeous wallpapers, all handpicked and fully compatible with the iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4. All wallpapers are compatible with parallax effect of iOS 7.  Continue reading »

Time for Fittness and Health Apps on the iPad and iPhone

InfoManager ... health and fitness apps

Fitness InfoManager Okay : listen up! The holidays are over, Valentine’s is past; many of you have been sitting on your duff watching TV while it snows … now it’s time to get into shape for the spring. Bikini weather is just around the corner! Check out these health and fitness apps for your iPhone or iPad … and then share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun with these:
* Award-Winning Mobile Video Coaching App Dartfish Express for iOS7
* The Mindfulness App Reaches #1 Top Paid Ranked App in 11 Countries
* World Fit – A Social App Dedicated Solely to Health and Fitness
* Get exotic, get fit … learn the art of Belly Dance
* Excuses Stop Here with Gym Tuck from Joshua Lipsey
* Yes, Drill Sergeant
. . . and more!

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World’s first Bilingual Spanish-English Children’s Text to Speech Voices

AssistiveWare and Acapela Group are have unveiled the first ever genuine, natural-sounding bilingual American Spanish-English children’s Text to Speech voices at the annual Assistive Technology Industry Association conference in Orlando, Florida. Continue reading »

8 iPad Business Apps

This article on IT Pro Portal is by Jeffrey L Wilson. I’m not sure that all of these are necessary with iOS 7, but this article was published on January 26th, and it does seem like they mostly are useful for business.  Continue reading »

Keep It Simple 1.2

MADE IN AMERICA  LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – has introduced Keep It Simple 1.2 for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Keep It Simple is a mobile application that allows users to create, manage, and synchronize lists using Dropbox technology. There users can share their lists between devices and with others by logging in to the same Dropbox account. Lists can be managed offline and will synchronize automatically between the device and cloud when online again.   Continue reading »

How to make an app: AppsMoment

AppsMoment provides unique way to the answer – how to make an app and has quickly become one of the leading application iPhone maker available on the internet. In fact, AppsMoment has announced that their users have successfully published over 150,000 applications and counting.   Continue reading »

New year, new games, new educational opportunities for iPad and iPhone users

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager It’s a new year and we’re kicking things off in the Games department with a great line-up of American made educational games! We find everything spelled right, and everything made for American learners. We invite you to share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
Games InfoManager Snapling for iOS: Geolocation-Based Photographic Scavenger Hunt Game
Games InfoManager Flag it! feeds your brain – It makes you smarter every time you play
Games InfoManager New Concentration Game for iOS Will Challenge Your Brain
Games InfoManager The Man Who Puzzles America Launches Tic-Tac-Doku App
Games InfoManager Build Snow People With An App, Not Snow, This Winter
Games InfoManager Learning Countries and States no longer boring
. . . and more!

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Social Networking InfoManager for January 2014

Apps InfoManager ... presenting apps for social networking

Social Networking InfoManager It’s a new year and new opportunities to discover killer apps for your iOS or Mac/Apple devices. This Infomanager covers some truly awesome social networking apps. Notice though, most apps in the social networking category are not made in America — and interesting observation, since we like to promote software made in the U.S.! Anyway, we’ll continue to find the best. Have fun
* Daily Couple Social Dating App Aims to Revolutionize Online Matchmaking
* Cute Baby, Funny Baby, Bad Baby – Share Your Baby Photos with BabyPics
* CFC is a completely free VoIP messenger and free SMS online service
* Social-Hub Combines Multiple Social Networks in a Convenient App
* Padgram – Popular Instagram Viewer Now Available for iPhone
* Tittat Exposes Your True Character
. . . and more!

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Crock-Pot for iOS

The Verge is reporting that at CES, Belkin announced place for a line of connected appliances. The first one to be available will be a Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Cooker.   Continue reading »

Apple Goes Corporate

Quoting Reuters: “As technology shifts from personal computers to smartphones and tablets, Apple Inc.  is expanding its reach into a lucrative customer base: companies.”   Continue reading »