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iPhone InfoManager: A new iPhone, lots of apps, news and rumors

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Here we are in the last hours of 2014, iPhone 6 is flying off the shelf, but what we learned at the local AT&T and Verizon stores is a very interesting revelation: nearly as many people are now upgrading from the iPhone 4, or 5 to the 5s, not willing to take the big jump to 6. Hmmmmmm. So lots of people need iPhone 5 and 6 tips, tricks and help. Watch out, this is a huge UGN iPhone Infomanager …

  • 14 iOS 8 Privacy Settings Everyone Needs to Understand (And Change Right Now)
  • Proof That The Fingerprint Sensor On The iPhone 5S Isn’t Just A Gimmick
  • Secure your iPhone data with pair locking and two factor authentication
  • The 19 best new features of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 (and how to use them)
  • Top 15 Mail Tips for iPhone & iPad: How to get more done faster
  • How to customize QuickType suggestions with the iOS 8 keyboard
  • iOS 7 secrets, tips and hidden features: master your iPhone and iPad
  • 21 brilliant iOS 7 tips and tricks and problems solved
  • These 7 iOS 7 Features Make Us Want To Throw Our iPhones Against A Wall
  • The Secret Powers Hidden in Your iPhone’s Accessibility Options
  • 10 awesome things you didn’t know your phone could do
  • Top iPhone and iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks [Video]
  • How to increase your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 7
  • 5 things you had no idea your iPhone could do
  • Configuring an iPhone to Suit Your Preferences
  • Working with Calendars and Reminders in iCloud
  • 10 iPhone Tweaks To Make Your Life Easier
  • The 18 Most Important Features in iOS 8
  • How to extend iPhone battery life?
  • Setting Up Voicemail
  • . . .
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Save Call history to Mac or iPhone

 mTouchLabs has announced the release of Backup Call Logs 1.0, their utility app exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. Every time you or anyone else makes or receives a call on an iPhone, the date, duration and contact information is recorded into your iPhone‘s call log. This includes both standard phone calls and FaceTime.

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Fun apps for the kids and the folks for the holidays 2

Apps for kids for the holidays

iPad Apps InfoManager for  halloween We’re back with another selection of apps for the season … the folks will enjoy some of these for planing, decorating and cooking! Nothing better than a home-made Holiday, and here’s the stuff for you . . .
* Making your list . . . checking it twice . . .
* Christmas Tree and Holiday Craft Ideas
* 10,000 FREE Christmas Songs!
* 9 Christmas Crafts for Kids
* Christmas Recipes
* ABC Christmas
. . . and more!

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Fun apps for the kids and the folks for the holidays

Apps for kids for the holidays

iPad Apps InfoManager for  halloween Okay, the kids are having a great time, but what about those of us who are over the hill? Well, for adult apps, the Apps InfoManager assures you it’s okay to have a little fun! The holiday season will soon be over for another year, so c’mon and get going
* A Peanuts Holiday Classic Interactive Pop-up Book for All Ages
* Greetings and Best Wishes for Christmas
* Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
* Oh, the noise, noise, noise …
* Christmas Wallpapers
* Holiday Greeting Cards
. . . and more!

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PDFpen 2 for iOS 8

MADE IN AMERICA San Francisco, California – Smile, the developer of productivity applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad, has announced the release of PDFpen 2 (v2.0), a new version of its popular PDF editor developed for iPhone and iPad devices. PDFpen 2 is fully optimized for iOS 8 with an all new look and feel which runs on both iPad and iPhone. The enhanced toolbar and new editing bar make popular writing and highlighting features easy to access, with minimal taps.   Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: News, views, reviews and novelties in and around the Apple world, and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers There are interesting tidbits of news and info coming along all the time and sometimes they’re just too good to pass up. So we thought we would pass these along for fun . . .

  • iTunes 12 Sync Problems: Why Doesn’t Syncing from iTunes to iOS Devices Work?
  • iPhone leads police to burglary suspect in Garden City
  • How to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier
  • The Apple Watch Has A Feature Called ‘Complications’
  • Six Colors: Attack of the 50-foot Save Sheet
  • ChronoSync 4.5.3 and ChronoAgent 1.4.7
  • Make your Mac look like your Mac
  • and more . . .
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Apple Watch InfoManager: the original watch from IBM, Watch Kits, San Francisco Font, Motion, and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Welcome to the next Infomanager “Apple Watch” column — funny how so many are taking pot shots at Apple’s new baby the Apple Watch! Folks, it just keeps getting better and better when you’re following the UGN Apple Watch Infomanager …

  • Did you think Apple invented the watch? 2001 WatchPad from IBM
  • These 5 smartwatch uses will make you stop loving your smartphone
  • Israeli start-up is Samsung’s secret weapon against Apple Watch
  • The Clever Way The Apple Watch Shapes UI Around Your Movement
  • WatchKit Is Here! Creating Apps for the Apple Watch
  • Software Development Kit Rolled Out
  • How the Apple Watch will work
  • Yosemite San Francisco Font
  • and more…
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Smart PDF Scanner Pro for iPhone

  Seattle, Washington – App studio, Qrayon has announced the immediate availability of Smart PDF Scanner Pro 1.0 for iOS, its new business app that turns your iPhone into a portable document scanner and organizer.   Continue reading »

Numerics 2.0 for Business Metrics in iOS

Cynapse’s business dashboard app – Numerics, has received a major update leveraging the new iOS 8 features and the new capabilities of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. Numerics is now being featured as one of the top apps in the business category on the iTunes App Store.   Continue reading »

Jeff, the GIF creating Mac app from Robots and Pencils

 Jeff, the GIF creating Mac app from Robots and Pencils Robots and Pencils is today pleased to announce the release of Jeff, a Yosemite Mac app that allows users to record their screen as a GIF and share it anywhere with Dropbox. Now any Mac user can visually share an idea in seconds.

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24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News

 24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News Stay up on the news with 24hours: Personalized Daily Photo News Magazine 2.54 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 24hours features news articles that have been intelligently mixed and are presented in one continuous catered stream. All articles featured in the news feed have been published within the past 24 hours.

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Swipe to favorite and trash your iPhone photos with free app Cleen

 Swipe to favorite and trash your iPhone photos with free app Cleen Built specifically for iOS 8 with inspiration by Tinder’s cards interface, Cleen provides users a fun and easy way to manage their Camera Roll and albums by favoriting and deleting photos all within one app. Cleen is developed by AtomKnows, the creator of tapsBook, an award-winning iPad photo book app.

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GiftShopper Free released for iOS – Manage your Gift Lists Intuitively

 GiftShopper Free released for iOS - Manage your Gift Lists Intuitively If you plan on setting out to do some serious Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, there will be plenty of stores to greet you with deals galore. With a clean user interface, the app makes it really easy to manage your gift giving needs. GiftShopper requires no instructions for use – all operations are intuitive and trouble-free. GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible. The app tracks your purchases and ensures that you stay within your gift giving budget, and guarantees that you will never forget a person or a gift again.

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My favorite iOS 8 features

Dan Frakes has this article on his blog.    Continue reading »

iComplete 1.1 for iPad, iPhone, and iOS 8

MADE IN AMERICA  Dallas, Texas – Tap Tonio introduce iComplete, an event planner that looks just like a planning book. It synchronizes with your calendar and is a universal app that can be installed on both the iPhone and iPad with a single purchase. Continue reading »