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FileMaker 15 launches with a focus on mobile

FileMaker Pro According to iMore, Apple subsidiary FileMaker has launched its FileMaker 15 Platform, which allows businesses of any size to create custom app solutions for their needs.

FileMaker 15 Platform puts a major emphasis on mobile, and iPhone and iPad custom apps developed with the platform can now utilize features like app extensions and sharing files with cloud services. FileMaker 15 also supports iBeacons, allowing you to get location data from custom apps, as well as FileMaker WebDirect, which lets you access your custom apps from the web.


12 iPhone only apps to make Android users jealous

Another list, this one from Macworld UK. I’m not sure how many of these really will make Android users jealous, but they are good apps. Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: iTuns taking your songs? China, iPhones, new Pencil, WWDC’16

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The closer we get to summer, the hotter the rumors get … plus this almost-new buzz about iTunes removing (stealing) your songs and yes, WWDC is on its wy . . .

  • As iPhone Sales Slow, Apple Drops $1 Billion on Uber’s Biggest Rival in China
  • After LAUSD iPad program failure, Apple’s help spurs success in other schools
  • Apple Doesn’t Give Up, Wants to Make the Pencil Better than the Surface Pen
  • The MacBook mess: Or, why it’s so hard to choose an Apple laptop
  • iPhone 7: 11 things to expect before its September release date
  • Apple Acknowledges iTunes Music Deletion, Prepares Fix
  • WWDC 2016: what to expect from iOS 10 and OS X 10.12
  • Apple Inc. Set For Biggest Pivot In History
  • How to Find Which Files iTunes Has Deleted

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Mug Musings : interesting snippits from the world 1605-09

InfoManager : what's new online Fun surfing and meeting new people, discovering unknown stuff, and catching up with old friends. This is a lot of fun, it’s just too bad you can’t make a living at it . . . .

  • Here’s why Apple’s partnership with SAP is amazingly strategic and smart
  • 30 must-know secrets and shortcuts for your Apple TV
  • How to prune your friend’s list on Facebook
  • David Harned , proud daddy …
  • Podcasters voice grievances
  • Got Spotify? Hate the ads?
  • and … a courageous note from Tom Negrino

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CurbAppeal brings Real Estate photography to the iPhone

CurbAppeal brings Real Estate photography to the iPhone Designers and photographers may be looking for a little extra income — this may be the opportunity to bring in some of those real estate clients and boost the biz! Time to sell? Spring real estate markets firing up … time to sell!

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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Number One Application Co., Ltd. has announced the release of MovieShop 1.5, an update to their popular video editing tool that has brought mobile movie montage to a completely new level. MovieShop is a full-scale professional editing center at an extremely accessible price. Continue reading »

PhotoCards by Bill Atkinson

MADE IN AMERICA  I just watched Leo Laport‘s interview with Bill Atkinson.  The interview in 2 parts was done on TWiT‘s Triangulation podcast.   Continue reading »

Free iOS Mobile Game brings Fun to the US Presidential Race

 A New iOS Mobile Game to Bring Fun to the US Presidential Race LumEnrich Inc. today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Clash of Candidates 2016, their fun new game title developed for iOS and Android devices. Clash of Candidates 2016 lets players support their favorite presidential candidate by piloting the candidate to victory in a classic dots and boxes game.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you make group calls with up to 50 people

According to The Verge, Facebook has announced a group-calling feature for its Messenger app on iOS and Android, letting you dial up to 50 friends concurrently over the internet.

This is with not video chat though.

GO Facebook Messenger now lets you make group calls with up to 50 people

Alarm Apps Make You Get Up

Are you one of those people who can’t get yourself out of bed until you’ve hit the snooze button a half a dozen times?

This article tells you of several alarm apps that will get you up, even if they are a little sadistic.

GO   Alarm Apps Make You Get Up


Family Tree 8

Mainz, Germany – Synium Software has announced MacFamilyTree 8 – as the popular genealogy software celebrates its 18th birthday!  MacFamilyTree 8 is the right tool for every phase of your genealogical research: MacFamilyTree 8 assists you entering your data and researching your family tree, offers dozens of printable and configurable charts and reports and publishes your family tree as a book or web site with just a few clicks. Two decades of expertise went into the development of MacFamilyTree 8 and no other app is better suited for your genealogy research.  Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook for Week Ending April 16, 2016

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Apple to end support for QuickTime for Windows as two new vulnerabilities are discovered
  • Apple’s aging Mac Pro is falling way behind Windows rivals
  • Apple’s iPhone SE is bringing new consumers to iOS ecosystem

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Apple Watch InfoManager: Disability, rashes, bored, rumors, WWDC let’s See

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers this is all about the Apple Watch It’s been a while since we had an Apple Watch update, but now the rumors and insider news are flying around so much we just couldn’t resist. There are some interesting threads going on out there . . .

  • Apple Watch 2 Release In September: Feature To Help Persons With Disability!
  • Electronic Devices, Wearable Technology May Trigger Nickel Allergies
  • 3 reasons to still love Apple Watch, 2 reasons to be bored with it
  • Apple Watch 2 will be 40 percent smaller, claims dodgy analyst
  • Your Apple Watch can now tell if you’re happy or sad
  • Apple Could Debut Thinner Apple Watch At WWDC

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Mug Musings : interesting snippits from the world

InfoManager : what's new online Thought we’d share some of the highlights we found snooping around on Member groups’ web sites and Facebook pages. Always interesting stuff.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Herb Dang … UG friend from BMUG…
  • 10 Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images
  • Best Apple Pencil Apps for people that don’t draw
  • The FCC’s War On The Internet Targets Facebook
  • 24 more good reasons to NOT use Flash
  • Why Is America’s Internet So Slow?
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The Next 40

This article by Horace Dediu on the site, is an interesting read.   Continue reading »