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Alarm Apps Make You Get Up

Are you one of those people who can’t get yourself out of bed until you’ve hit the snooze button a half a dozen times?

This article tells you of several alarm apps that will get you up, even if they are a little sadistic.

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Family Tree 8

Mainz, Germany – Synium Software has announced MacFamilyTree 8 – as the popular genealogy software celebrates its 18th birthday!  MacFamilyTree 8 is the right tool for every phase of your genealogical research: MacFamilyTree 8 assists you entering your data and researching your family tree, offers dozens of printable and configurable charts and reports and publishes your family tree as a book or web site with just a few clicks. Two decades of expertise went into the development of MacFamilyTree 8 and no other app is better suited for your genealogy research.  Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook for Week Ending April 16, 2016

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Apple to end support for QuickTime for Windows as two new vulnerabilities are discovered
  • Apple’s aging Mac Pro is falling way behind Windows rivals
  • Apple’s iPhone SE is bringing new consumers to iOS ecosystem

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Apple Watch InfoManager: Disability, rashes, bored, rumors, WWDC let’s See

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers this is all about the Apple Watch It’s been a while since we had an Apple Watch update, but now the rumors and insider news are flying around so much we just couldn’t resist. There are some interesting threads going on out there . . .

  • Apple Watch 2 Release In September: Feature To Help Persons With Disability!
  • Electronic Devices, Wearable Technology May Trigger Nickel Allergies
  • 3 reasons to still love Apple Watch, 2 reasons to be bored with it
  • Apple Watch 2 will be 40 percent smaller, claims dodgy analyst
  • Your Apple Watch can now tell if you’re happy or sad
  • Apple Could Debut Thinner Apple Watch At WWDC

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Mug Musings : interesting snippits from the world

InfoManager : what's new online Thought we’d share some of the highlights we found snooping around on Member groups’ web sites and Facebook pages. Always interesting stuff.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Herb Dang … UG friend from BMUG…
  • 10 Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images
  • Best Apple Pencil Apps for people that don’t draw
  • The FCC’s War On The Internet Targets Facebook
  • 24 more good reasons to NOT use Flash
  • Why Is America’s Internet So Slow?
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The Next 40

This article by Horace Dediu on the site, is an interesting read.   Continue reading »

KitchenPad Timer Update

MADE IN AMERICA  San Francisco, California – Touch Village has announced the release of KitchenPad® Timer version 4.0 to the Apple App Store. Continue reading »

iPhone Update from activation issues, Night Shift, Israelis, to a Fun-Size iPhone, and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The world of the iPhone runs and shifts up and down until you’re not sure what’s going on at all — but one things’s sure, and that’s it keeps on moving. Now we got a bigger phone, then a smaller phone, then a fun phone, and the OS breaks everyone’s phone! Careful what you wish for. (but hey, don’t miss the video, this week!)

  • Apple halts iOS 9.3 updates for older iPads, iPhones after activation issues
  • 4 reasons why the FBI unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone is bad news
  • Will iPhone’s new Night Shift feature actually help you sleep?
  • Review: Beyond size, what you get and give up with iPhone SE
  • FBI iPhone backdoor case on hold as potential hack surfaces
  • Shadowy Hacking Industry May Be Helping FBI Crack an iPhone
  • Report: Israeli company helping FBI crack iPhone security
  • This gorgeous iPhone 7 concept looks too good to be true
  • iPhone SE: thoughts on going back to a smaller phone
  • 1 Reason to Celebrate Apple’s Fun-Size iPhone

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iPhone and iPad apps that make life a little easier

Apps makes tasks easier

iPad Apps InfoManager It’s spring, and time to emerge and pick up some new apps. . . today’s line-up features apps that can make some tasks easier and faster. Most are free, and very easy to use. Let us know about your favorite apps!

  • iFile Saver Pro – Internet Browser & File Manager Super Lite
  • Shake! – Your Free friendly outdoor companion
  • TotalReader Pro – The BEST eBook reader
  • Mini for Facebook – with Lock Feature
  • TASK – Time & Task for Project
  • Widget Dial – easy dialing

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User Groups on Facebook 1603-27

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Understanding photography-related file formats
  • Mac OS X turns 15
  • Apple issues new iOS 9.3 build for older iPhones and iPads

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Smartphone Coasters 2.0

San Diego, California – newMacgadgets has introduced their new and improved Smartphone Coasters. Designed for home or business, Smartphone Coasters are a new desktop stand for all iPhone models including the new iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusContinue reading »

App Camp for Girls 2016

Portland, Oregon – App Camp For Girls, a non-profit organization aimed at correcting the gender imbalance in the software industry, is expanding in Summer 2016. An inaugural camp session will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. Camp sessions will also take place in established locations: Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Applications for 2016 sessions are available on the camp website. The deadline for applying for the first round of acceptances is March 17, 2016. Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: Apple Files Court Motion, FBI ‘dangerous power,’ Too much is at stake

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers It’s going to be an ongoing drama as we dig deeper into this issue — where to cut off access to private data. People just won’t understand there’s no privacy in the digital world. Where will it go? What will it mean? The InfoManager follows the trail

  • Apple says FBI seeks ‘dangerous power,’ files motion opposing court order
  • Apple Files Court Motion To Close Back Door Into iPhones Forever
  • Apple bites back and asks US court to overturn FBI access ruling
  • Bill Gates: The FBI is not asking for a back door into iOS
  • Too much is at stake in Apple-FBI standoff
  • Apple’s Actual Plea

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Keep Close Pictures Free

 Sydney, Australia – Wyari Pty Ltd has announced the release of Keep Close Pictures 1.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If you have friends or relatives in other parts of the country or the world and would love to easily send them photos of your latest trip, the family growing up, parties etc. then Keep Close Pictures is the solution for you. Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: It’s a crazy, crazy Apple World … Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone updates

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The word “apple” seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, and in this Apple Update, we’ll not mention the FBI vs. Apple debacle and save that for its own, separate thread. Lots of other juicy news though from the 2nd generation Watch to Apple Pay and monitoring unborn babies … stay tuned :

  • New 4-inch iPhone to run Apple’s A9 chip, ‘iPad Air 3′ to sport A9X – report
  • ‘Apple Watch 2′ Release Date, Price, Specs & Update: Facetime camera?
  • Timeline of Key Features Added to Every Mac OS X Release to Date
  • The Evolution of Mac OS X Security and Privacy Features
  • You Can Now Order Pizza With Your Apple Watch
  • Apple iPad Air 3: Top Business Features
  • Apple Pay officially launches in China
  • iWatch monitors unborn babies
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