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Apple InfoManager: Apple Files Court Motion, FBI ‘dangerous power,’ Too much is at stake

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers It’s going to be an ongoing drama as we dig deeper into this issue — where to cut off access to private data. People just won’t understand there’s no privacy in the digital world. Where will it go? What will it mean? The InfoManager follows the trail

  • Apple says FBI seeks ‘dangerous power,’ files motion opposing court order
  • Apple Files Court Motion To Close Back Door Into iPhones Forever
  • Apple bites back and asks US court to overturn FBI access ruling
  • Bill Gates: The FBI is not asking for a back door into iOS
  • Too much is at stake in Apple-FBI standoff
  • Apple’s Actual Plea

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Keep Close Pictures Free

 Sydney, Australia – Wyari Pty Ltd has announced the release of Keep Close Pictures 1.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If you have friends or relatives in other parts of the country or the world and would love to easily send them photos of your latest trip, the family growing up, parties etc. then Keep Close Pictures is the solution for you. Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: It’s a crazy, crazy Apple World … Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone updates

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The word “apple” seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, and in this Apple Update, we’ll not mention the FBI vs. Apple debacle and save that for its own, separate thread. Lots of other juicy news though from the 2nd generation Watch to Apple Pay and monitoring unborn babies … stay tuned :

  • New 4-inch iPhone to run Apple’s A9 chip, ‘iPad Air 3′ to sport A9X – report
  • ‘Apple Watch 2′ Release Date, Price, Specs & Update: Facetime camera?
  • Timeline of Key Features Added to Every Mac OS X Release to Date
  • The Evolution of Mac OS X Security and Privacy Features
  • You Can Now Order Pizza With Your Apple Watch
  • Apple iPad Air 3: Top Business Features
  • Apple Pay officially launches in China
  • iWatch monitors unborn babies
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Apple iPhone Update: Apple encryption backdoor conflict with FBI to unlock terrorist iPhone

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers We’ve broken out this week’s Apple Update to a separate iPhone update with all this political pollution floating around, and the real truth of the story slowly evolving amidst a million Facebook knee-jerk reactions. So hang on to your hats — it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  • Apple Versus the FBI, Understanding iPhone Encryption, The Risks for Apple and Encryption
  • What are the chances Apple’s iPhone 7 is as perfect as this concept?
  • Apple could grab $5B in sales from new 4-inch iPhone, says analyst
  • 5 ways to expand your iPhone’s storage beyond 16 GB
  • Bon Appetit shoots an issue with the iPhone?
  • This is why the FBI can’t hack into iPhones

Be sure to see this week’s “Cyber Security” update from for yet MORE coverage of the Apple/FBI story.

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Banktivity to Replace iBank

MADE IN AMERICA Putney, VermontIGG Software has announced that its flagship family of iBank products have a new name, Banktivity. The name Banktivity is a result of combining bank + activity, which more closely aligns with IGG Software’s products and goals. “IGG Software’s financial apps do more than let you look at your finances, they help you to actively manage your finances,” says IGG Software’s CEO, Ian Gillespie. The new version of Banktivity is free for all existing iBank 5 customers. Continue reading »

Photohance 1.0

 Audience Apps Developers has announced the release of Photohance 1.0, the latest addition to a long list of great photo editing apps developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Most of us own smartphones with high end cameras. As a result, we prefer to edit or retouch the photos that we capture by those cameras right on our smartphones. However, to do that and get great results you need to an app that has a great UI so you can edit these photos right from our smartphone without any hassle. Continue reading »

Space Station Challenge for Apple TV

MADE IN AMERICA Farmers Branch, Texas – Magnin & Associates has announced its recent Space Station Challenge 1.0 (iOS and Android) is now also available on Apple TV. Space Station Challenge is a 3d simulation of docking with the International Space Station and then performing five specific EVA missions. Continue reading »

iPhone Cleaner for Mac

Woodbridge, Illinois – BestiPhoneCleaner has announced the release of iPhone Cleaner for Mac, a utility designed specifically to keep iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch clean. Smartphones tend to be more highly effective so that they may execute several tasks, just as computers. Consequently, they store different unnecessary data, such as cookies and remnants of applications (iTunes, for instance, generates files when syncing is not completed). This is where iPhone Cleaner for Mac can be useful.  Continue reading »

The Recipe Box 5.1

MADE IN AMERICA  Oakland, California – Corpus Collusion has announced the release of The Recipe Box 5.1, an important update to their popular recipe management app for the iPad. Developed by foodies who are also techies, the app offers anyone the chance to conveniently create, display, and manage their personal recipes in order to build and maintain a digital cookbook in a convenient and durable format that is always available at their fingertips. Continue reading »

AnyTrans for iOS

 iMovie Inc. has announced a significant update to its iOS transfer software AnyTrans, which re-enabled users to transfer app data and game progress between iPhones/iPads running all iOS versions – including iOS 8.3 and above. Now users will feel safe to switch to their new iPhone 6s (Plus) or iPad Pro without losing high scores and having to restart the game.  Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone updates

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers It’s Christmas time and the world is buzzing about all kinds of Apple news from a new watch to a new iPad with lots of juicy rumors, tips, tricks and even some politics. If it’s happening in the world of Apple … it’s happening here:

  • Would You Head Back Home If You Forgot Your Wallet? Your Keys? Your Apple Watch?
  • Apple iPhone responsible for more than 30% of photos uploaded to Flickr this year
  • How To Get Retina Flash On iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s And Other Unsupported Models
  • iPhone 5 Lawsuit: Apple Ignored Defect Resulting in AT&T Data Overcharges
  • Changes At Apple Hint At An Even Greater Level Of Vertical Integration
  • Apple iPad Pro first impressions: The One Device To Replace Them All?
  • Why You Should Take Advantage of iPhone Fears and Buy More Apple
  • iPad Air 3 release news: Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c may release
  • Why Apple Must Overhaul Smartphone Series With iPhone 7
  • Apple’s Tim Cook calls overseas tax rap ‘political crap’
  • Eleven 3D Touch shortcuts in Messages for iPhone
  • Apple Watch 2: What To Expect?
  • Apple Watch 2
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eCard Express 4.0

 Mississauga, Canada – Bartsoft Inc., a Canadian based company, has announced the release of the 5 Year Anniversary update for eCard Express iPhone and eCard Express HD iPad applications, version 4.0. The total selection of available high quality e-cards for each application is now 350.  Continue reading »

Pixelmatr for iPad Pro

 Vilnius, Lithuania – Pixelmator Team has announced a major update to the Pixelmator app for iPhone and iPad, the full-featured, layer-based image editing app. Pixelmator for iOS 2.2 now works perfectly on the iPad Pro, fully supports the new Apple Pencil and allows you to open and edit 16K images. The update also adds 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s, a collection of artist-designed Basic brushes, a new Auto-straighten feature and more. Pixelmatr for iOS 2.2 is available as a free update from the App Store.  Continue reading »

The Hit List on iPad

MADE IN AMERICA Alameda, California – Karelia Software has released The Hit List version 2.5 on iOS, bringing a native version of The Hit List app to the iPad with an expanded interface and user interaction designed to take advantage of the iPad form factor. The Hit List v2.5 introduces a completely reimagined new design for the iPad, includes an updated app for iPhone with 3D Touch Quick Action support, and includes The Hit List app on Apple WatchContinue reading »

Recruit Me Set to Change the Face of Temporary Recruitment

 New App Recruit Me Set to Change the Face of Temporary Recruitment While employers who need temporary help and job seekers looking for a contract or project-based opportunity have different needs, there’s a singular, unifying goal that brings an overwhelming number of them together: they want to liberate themselves from having to deal with costly and inefficient temporary recruitment agencies. And enabling them to achieve this goal is what the revolutionary new no-cost app Recruit Me is all about.

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