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SelfieX App

MADE IN AMERICAAlexandria, Virginia – Vito Technology, the award-winning developer of educational apps for iOS, today launches its first app in “Photo and Video” category, that allows users to shoot self portraits with the back iSight camera of their iPhones. A fine tuned algorithm of the app captures the user’s face automatically when it fits the desired frame and voiced directions guide the user to aim the phone.  Continue reading »

Mariner Software

MADE IN AMERICAMinneapolis, Minnesota – What began very small and with just two specialized products, Mariner Software is now an industry-recognized leader of Mac OS, Windows and iOS software applications. Proudly celebrating 25 years in business, Mariner has been developing superior products for the creative writing, as well as the home and office markets.   Continue reading »

MileWiz 1.6

 San Francisco, California – SilverWiz has announced the release of MileWiz 1.6, an update to their popular automatic mileage tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. MileWiz is designed for everyone driving their personal car for business, charity, medical or moving purposes. It’s an automated mileage tracker that generates IRS-proof mileage logs, and helps claim tax deductions after qualifying miles. It’s an app that puts money back into your pocket.   Continue reading »

Apple Watch InfoManager: status of next generation payment technologies

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The Apple Watch is the next big thing, according to Beyonce Knowles. She’s the first celebrity to be seen wearing the coveted gold Apple Watch. But she won’t be the only one wearing the newest gadget. 67% of Americans plan to get the watch today! Continue reading »

SMS Export Plus

has announced the release of SMS Export Plus 1.7, their app exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. The texts on your iPhone are now one of your most important forms of communication with your friends, family, loved ones. Maybe a friend sent you a funny joke that you want to save or maybe you need to make a backup of a text for legal purposes or may be running low on storage space?. Continue reading »

5 Reasons to Update iOS 8 Immediately

This article on tells us why it is important to update to iOS 8.3Continue reading »

Apple Watch InfoManager: antiques, Apple][ watch, crazy collections, video, David Pogue and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers This edition of Apple Watch InfoManager is all fun and games, and very little actual benefit — but that’s what we love about the Apple Watch — until you’ve tried it, well, it’s fun and games. David Pogue’s review is wonderful (just turn on your strongest security before you go to and thanks to Lynn, we’ve got some real gems off the pages of Facebook … see there, Facebook is actually good for something besides political crap and meme idiots! Have fun!

  • The Apple Watch: Half Computer, Half Jewelry, Mostly Magical
  • Golden anniversary wedding present: A gold Apple Watch
  • The Apple Watch reviews are (quietly) brutal
  • 11 surprises I learned about the Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Demand: Sizzle or Fizzle?
  • Bradley Dichter got one too!
  • The 1997 Apple Watch
  • Apple II Watch
  • . . . and more!
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Expense Management

MADE IN AMERICA Hoboken, New Jersey – Vega LLC has announced the release of ExpenseOnTheGo 1.0, its new financial app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Continue reading »

More RV Camper Camping Travel apps for finding gas and finding cool places

Apps for RV camping travel parks

iPad Apps InfoManager for Campers, camping, RVs and RVing Okay … you’ve taken your RV out of winterization, you’re cleaning her up and just about ready to hit the road! I’ll be you’re wishing you could leave today — I sure am. So, once again, I’m on the path of cool RV apps for the iPhone and the iPad. Follow along, and be sure to send me your favorites!

  • Amazing attractions you’ll find on the Roadside America
  • At last : You don’t have to lose your NPR channel
  • Ever heard this : Where’s the next Rest Area?
  • In search of Pure gas? WITHOUT ETHANOL ?
  • Over the seas or over the land
  • Find Cheap Gas Prices
  • … and more!
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Mobile Mouse – The worlds first iOS graphics tablet gets Pencil support

 Mobile Mouse - The worlds first iOS graphics tablet gets Pencil support You may have been waiting on this app for quite a while! This is a real boon for graphic designers, artists, painters, illustrators, letterheads or anyone who would like to have a tracing tablet input for thier computer! Mobile Mouse 3.2.5, an iOS 8 Utility that transforms your iPhone/iPad into a multitouch trackpad and remote for your computer. Designed to operate via a local Wi-Fi network, there are no line-of-sight limitations, so users may control their Mac or PC connected to a TV from a location across the room, or use as a trackpad replacement for their computer.

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Apple Watch InfoManager: gathering steam, knock-offs, new apps and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Some day you’ll be asking how you ever got along without your iWatch. Maybe. Maybe not. But the world seems to have their underwear in a bunch over Apple’s Watch and already they’re saying it’s a huge success. Well, we cannot say one way or the other, but if it’s happening, the InfoManager will have the scoop!

  • Pebble Time Kickstarter Ends With $20M Raised For The Apple Watch Alternative
  • Can Google Inc. and Intel Corporation Help TAG Heuer Tackle Apple Watch?
  • The Apple Watch Gets Its First Gay Online Dating App—And It’s Not Grindr
  • One of the most useful iPhone apps ever is coming to Apple Watch
  • Air Canada digital strategy leaps ahead with Apple Watch app
  • Here’s why the Apple Watch won’t free you from your iPhone
  • Why there will be lines for the $10,000 gold Apple Watch
  • . . . and more!
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Receive iOS notifications on your Mac

mTouchLabs has announced the the BLE notifier free Mac app and its iPhone companion app the BLE Notification Provider. First, you need to install the iOS app from the App Store and the BLE Notifier Free Mac app. When you open the app on your phone, it will ask to use Bluetooth on your Mac. You activate Bluetooth on your Mac, pair your iPhone and you’re done.  Continue reading »

Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry: Custom vehicle building + Arcade Racing

 Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry: Custom vehicle building + Arcade Racing Did you ever want to build your own completely custom Hovercraft, carefully placing thrusters to balance it properly, then take it for a test flight and watch physics in action when you eventually smash it into oblivion? Yeah you did! And yeah you can! Build anything, race it on the skyway, then smash it to pieces! High Score Hero now makes those dreams come true with Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Business software called ‘Flying Pig’??? Edouard Universe 2.0 for OS X

 Business software Flying Pig Edouard Universe 2.0 For those Flying Pig fans (and we know there are a ton of you yout there) here comes a new major update of the whole Edouard Universe. Edouard 2.0, Edouard Warehouse 2.0 and Edouard POS 2.0 are now available and 100% cloud based solutions. The 2.0 version brings major changes to the Edouard universe.

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These iOS apps can video call anyone

Kimberly Gonzalez posted this article to over a week ago.   Continue reading »