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iPhone InfoManager : New iPhone 7s, headphones, videos, comedy, cameras and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The iPhone world marches on, and there seems to be a division between opinions whether the newest addition to the iPhone collection is good or bad. Well there are upsides and downsides, and we’re going to try and get to them all in the InfoManager!

  • Watch: Bill Maher slams Apple for pointless iPhone upgrade and consumers for falling for it
  • Side-By-Side Pics Show How Much Better You Look In iPhone’s New Portrait Mode
  • We Put the New iPhone 7 Plus to the Test in Low Light. Here’s What Happened.
  • YouTube user pushes phony iPhone 7 hack, and unwitting users appear to bite
  • It’s getting harder to use the iPhone without using TouchID
  • Watch Every iPhone Ever Speed Tested All at Once
  • iPhone 7: Buyer Beware
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Together3.6 for macOS Sierra

Swansea, United Kingdom – Reinvented Software has announced the release of Together 3.6 for Mac, bringing iCloud to the directly sold version for the very first time. Continue reading »

Settings in iOS 10

iOS’s Settings app is the quiet MVP of Apple’s mobile operating system: It’s the place you go to when you need to get something done, and get it done your way. So whenever you update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, it pays to peruse the settings to find, enable, and configure any new features just to your liking. Continue reading »

Maps will remember where you parked your car

AppleInsider“Forgetting where you parked could soon be an issue of the past, thanks to a new feature in Apple’s newly released iOS 10 that automatically remembers where your car is located.”

The new feature notifies a user that their vehicle is parked and drops a pin on a map in its location. Users can get directions to their parked car, or edit the location to pinpoint it more accurately.



iPhone InfoManager : New iPhone 7s, headphones, videos, comedy, cameras and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Okay . . .so we’re off and running with the new iPhone 7 and the fall-out is horrific! You’re either for it, against it, a pundant or an asshole or both. Anyway, the iPhone Infomanager digs deeper and brings you the most interesting and entertaining stuff from the world of iPhone . . .

  • There’s one simple reason Nintendo is bringing Super Mario to the iPhone first
  • Everything you need to know about preordering the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple’s warranty for water-resistant iPhone 7 doesn’t cover liquid damage
  • How to charge your iPhone 7 and listen to headphones at the same time
  • Planning on using an old case with the iPhone 7? Nope.
  • Apple Gets Woke with the iPhone 7
  • Steve Jobs talks about Courage
  • Apple ~ Introducing iPhone 7
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News from Kirkville: Kirk McElhearn goes after the new iPhone and other Apple antics

Kirk McElhearn is the Ask the iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn is the “Ask the iTunes Guy” at Macworld — and he’s always got some real cool stuff going on! The introductions of the iPhone 7 has gotten Kirk stirred up, and we can understand why! Go get’im, Kirk! . . .

  • Kirk goes after the latest iPhone and Watch
  • Charging the iPhone 7 While Using Headphones is a Mess
  • Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry
  • I Forgot How Bad Apple’s EarPods (not AirPods) Sound
  • Apple: Jacks Off iPhone 7
  • Apple’s AirPod Mistake
  • Has Apple Lost Interest in the Mac?
  • Do You Need to Take Screenshots of the Apple TV? Here’s How to Do It
  • How to Encrypt Disk Images with Disk Utility to Protect Sensitive Files
  • Pretty Scary Security Problem with Amazon; How Is This Even Possible?
  • Kirk McElhearn’s 10 Essential Mac Utilities
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Introducing the new iPhone 7


Here we share the iPhone 7 video trailer and the all features scrolling infographic . . . enjoy . . .  follow this link:





Live Speed Limit Alerts

Speed Alert IconMADE IN AMERICA Boston, Massachusetts – Indie developer, InchWest has released Live Speed Limit Alerts 2.42, an app to avoid police traps and speeding tickets. This app for iPhone and iPad provides real time voice alerts based on “actual” speed limits. Unlike similar apps, speed limits are automatically updated based on the current location.

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Pokemon Infomanager : Senators, safety, guns, hackers, porn, gays, big money, stupid games?

InfoManager : what's new online The world pastime is coming up with some truly stupid news, not to mention problems, crime and stuff you really don’t want your children involved with — in fact, some of this Pokemon-Go crap shouldn’t be allowed. But alas, it’s all in fun, and the Pokemon InfoManager is there . . .

  • The team behind Pokémon Go assures US senator that the game isn’t violating your privacy
  • Gun-wielding homeowner confronts driver playing Pokemon Go on his property
  • Pokémon Go Has Exposed Hacker Subculture and a Personal Moral Dilemma
  • The Gay Pokémon Go Porn Parody You Didn’t Know You Wanted Is Here
  • Pokemon Go has made more than $440 million in less than two months
  • Pokémon Go Players in New Zealand Caught a Suspected Thief
  • Pokemon Go: A Simple Way To Gain 100,000 XP With Lucky Eggs
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Clean Text 1.0 for iOS

Udine, Italy – Apimac has announced the availability of Clean Text for iOS. Clean Text is an essential tool for web masters, graphic designers, developers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup and editing time, and a great tool for any iPhone and iPad user that needs to cleanup and editing text from emails, documents, or other material. Continue reading »

Cascable 2.0

cascabel-iconStockholm, Sweden – The updated Cascable app is the best tool for working with your Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Sony camera in the field. Whether it’s taking perfect group shots with your family using the included Apple Watch app or nailing that hard-to-reach shot in your latest photoshoot, Cascable will prove to be an essential part of the photography toolkit for the professional and amateur photographer alike.   Continue reading »

Apple InfoManager: Olympics, Hackers, security update, iPhone 7, Ransomware, Helix and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers This is probably one of our most extensive Apple updates for a long time! Things seem to be bumping and jumping in the technology world, and Apple’s right on the cusp. The next big thing may already be the current big thing! Follow along with your Apple InfoManager

  • Apple celebrates diversity in new iPhone ad to air during the Olympics
  • Samsung’s latest invention looks suspiciously like the Apple Watch
  • Hackers are holding iOS devices for ransom through Find My iPhone
  • Let’s try this again: Has the Apple Watch’s time finally come?
  • Apple releases iOS 9.3.4 security update for iPhone and iPad
  • Removing Duplicate Files on Mac OS X: The Complete Guide
  • Has Apple, Inc.’s iPad Business Finally Turned a Corner?
  • Reading the Apple tea leaves for what’s coming this fall
  • Real iPhone 7 leaks out running Apple testing software
  • iPhone 7 Plus purported mockup reveals blue paint job
  • Apple Previews iOS 10, the Biggest iOS Release Ever
  • Not all about you: The iPad can be computer enough
  • How to Overcome Newly Discovered iPhone Ransomware
  • So, what if your computer was an iPad Pro?
  • Standzout Helix Dock for Apple Watch

CAUTION ALERT, Most of the sites with cyber news unfortunately include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click! firefox reader mode LOOK FOR the Firefox ‘READER’ icon in the address window to read the articles without the risks!

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iFiles 2 for iOS

MADE IN AMERICA iFile IconChicago, Illinois – Imagam, Inc. has announced an update to iFiles 2 with German and Polish localization, a new version of the iFiles app for iOS devices.  iFiles 2 has many new features, including SMB/CIFS client and server support, synchronization support, tabs (Multiple services can be opened; like Dropbox, Web Browser), new redesigned Interface, Document Provider Extension support, support for iPad split view as well as a redesigned interface. Continue reading »

notably* App for Service & Trade Pros

Toronto, Canada – PayStudio Inc. has announced the release of notably* 1.0, their new business app developed for iPhone and iPod touch. notably* was specifically developed to help service and trade professionals go digital and save time and money while managing their businesses on the go. It is an easily customizable and feature-rich mobile application enabling estimating, invoicing and inventory management anywhere you go. notably* users can create, iMessage or email estimates directly to their customers with an embedded estimate accept button and an in-app notification when their customers accept an estimate. Continue reading »

The teens and millennials need a safe texting app. So be Sayfe

 MAG Technologies launches the Sayfe (Safe) App MAG Technologies has launched the Sayfe (Safe) App in response to teens and millennials’ need for a safe and secure texting environment. In recent surveys, over 45% of users responded that security is extremely important in their day-to-day texting.

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