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How to Plan a Mobile App Project

Matt Blair posted this article on He has worked on more than a dozen apps for iOS.  This article covers insights he has gained over the last few years.   Continue reading »

SaveDrives – Car Dashboard Video Camera

MADE IN AMERICA Cupertino, California – Drivers who want to help reduce potential damage to their health and finances in the event of an accident, should download the innovative new no-cost app SaveDrivesCar Dashboard Video Camera & Help In Auto Accident from SellanApp.   Continue reading »

Packing Pro

 Packing Pro, a travel app for the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch by QuinnScape, is celebrating its 5th anniversary on the App Store. Originally based on the Packing (+TO DO!) app, which was released six months earlier, these apps were two of the first few thousand apps on the App Store, compared to the over one million that are currently there today.  Continue reading »

A Video Game that blends Action with Personal Debt Reduction

 A Video Game that blends Action with Personal Debt Reduction My Mountain of Debt is an innovative iOS app that helps consumers view and reduce their personal financial debts. The goal of My Mountain of Debt is to make paying off debt visual and fun so users will be more likely to stick to their debt reduction efforts. The need for such a service is considerable, with 2012 data reporting average household credit card debt of $15,328, and an average student loan balance of $34,703.

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SMSLater for iPhone

Instead of setting up reminders to send birthday greetings to your dearest ones, you can now prepare the greetings whenever you have free time and deliver them with a delay, all in one simple step. It doesn’t matter if you are in an important meeting while something big is happening – SMSLater will send the prepared message at just the right time to prove you are actively thinking about the people you love. Such a simple tool can make a tremendous impact on your private and personal relationships and help you save a lot of time and energy.   Continue reading »

Introducing Chore-inator, Making Household Chores Easy

 Introducing Chore-inator, Making Household Chores Easy Richmond, Virginia – The makers of Home Inventory, a Mac App Store Editors’ Choice and Mac App Store Best of 2013 pick, are proud to introduce Chore-inator, a new chore tracker app for the iPad. Chore-inator is picked by Apple as a Best New App on the App Store in the productivity category.

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Harry and Lulu: YTMS Guided Read-Aloud Book Shows How to Read to Kids

 Harry and Lulu: YTMS Guided Read-Aloud Book Shows How to Read to Kids You TELL Me Stories has released Harry and Lulu 1.0, the fifth illustrated book app for iPad in the You TELL Me Stories Library. Designed to help parents learn and practice the most effective way to read to children, Harry and Lulu features WordWinks-questions, comments, and paraphrased vocabulary embedded in red within the text. While reading Harry and Lulu to their child, parents pause when they encounter red colored text, and read the question or comment in the more conversational tone of a parent rather than a narrator. Validated by educational researchers, the QC technique makes kids active participants in the reading process: enhancing listening, thinking, and talking skills.

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Sight Reader – Complete Music Notation Tool upgraded to v 2.0

Sight Reader - Complete Music Notation Tool upgraded to v 2.0 byte3 LLC today is pleased to announce the release of Sight Reader version 2.0 for iPad. Sight Reader is a comprehensive learning tool, providing an immersive and interactive learning experience for music students.

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Melody Pro – A Powerful and Versatile Music Notation App for iOS

Melody Pro - A Powerful and Versatile Music Notation App for iOS Nextep LLC today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Melody Pro 1.0, their new music notation app for iPad devices. Melody Pro is a multifunctional tool for aspiring and professional musicians and composers with several features that allow users to access their sheet music on-the-go.

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Visionaries of the tech world who foresaw Apple’s future

This article on AppleInsider was published on April 1st.  It is an interesting look at people who have made predictions about Apple and how the author interprets those predictions.   Continue reading »

Google’s new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users

According to this article on Quartz, “What Google really wants is for everybody to be signed in to their Google accounts all the time.”   Continue reading »

Make Your iPhone’s Battery Last

Business Insider has this article by Lisa Eadicico and it covers several ideas on how to lengthen battery life on your iPhone.   Continue reading »

Best Way to View MS Office Docs on iPad

Nektony has announced a new application for those who use Microsoft Office and iOS devices. Documents Viewer opens Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, thus complementing the line of viewing tools as VSD Viewer that enables viewing of Microsoft Visio drawings. Commonly, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be opened on iOS. Natively, the iOS devices can display just the main document structure: dozen fonts and fonts formatting, lists, text boxes and images. Besides, they could be used as reading only documents. Continue reading »

Microsoft Office – iPad Version

This past week Microsoft released Office for the iPad.  It reportedly was completed 2 years ago, but was kept from market by the desire to distinguish the Microsoft Surface as a “business” or “productivity” machine compared to the iPad as a “consumption” machine.   Continue reading »

Boom 808 for iOS – Banging 808 Drum Machine

 Boom 808 for iOS - Banging 808 Drum Machine IF you drum, you’ll love Boom 808, a high fidelity virtual analog drum machine app for iPad devices. Boom 808 is a powerful sound design tool that allows you to easily integrate one of the most popular drum machines of the 80′s into the modern mobile producers workflow.

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