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UGNN Cyber Security Report: America Under Attack


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We are under attack. Security rising to the tops of education and jobs markets, and the continued threat from China’s hackers are keeping the UGNN Safenetting crew busy …

  • CISA Bill Passed By Senate Committee Despite Privacy Concerns
  • Scott Air Force Base poised for military cybersecurity boom
  • Businesses Can’t Ignore Cyberthreats, Experts Warn
  • The “Deep Panda” Hackers Are Deeply Confused
  • 10 cybersecurity tips for small businesses
  • Marsh’s answer to cyber threat
  • . . . and more!
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Google Improves Docs and cloud storage

Juan Perez published this article of about how the momentum of Office 365 has caused Google to improve its Docs program and changed its cloud storage to an unlimited amount.   Continue reading »

See how website is tracking you

MADE IN AMERICA Paul Carr wrote an article on this subject called:  ”I just installed a tool which shows how popular websites are spying on me. The results are horrifying” on PandoDaily blog.   Continue reading »

Auction to benefit App Camp for Girls

On, there is an auction of url, which is to benefit App Camp for Girls.   Continue reading »

UGNN Cyber Security Report: America Under Attack


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We are under attack. The airwaves and optical are humming with the good, bad and insideous. We’ve opened several new search algorithms in the race to bring you the latest details

  • Cyber security attacks drive the growth of the unified threat management market
  • The Cyberwarfare Arms Race by Iran, China and Russia is Threatening American Finance
  • Growing Concerns Over Russian Hackers Targeting US Critical Infrastructure
  • School house lock: How the U.S. government proposes to ‘protect’ your data
  • Hackers declare “nuclear leak” on Israeli Twitter account
  • India Is A Sitting Duck In Cyber Security Area
  • Cybersecurity: Litigation, Crime & Enforcement
  • The cybersecurity framework and you
  • What does Cybersecurity mean?
  • and more!
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11 Reasons to Join A User Group

I’ve posted “11 Reasons to Join TUMS” on our new TUMS web site.  Finally after 2 years I was able to get control of the URL and produce a web site. Continue reading »

UGNN Cyber Security Report for JUNE, 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report ‘Cyber Security’ seemed to fade off the radar for a while, but this summer, with the World Cup and everything going on in the Middle East, the cyber crooks have taken this as an opportunity to make some dough. So, start reading the Cyber Security Infomanager at Safenetting a little closer:

  • NSA Names NYU School of Engineering to List of Cyber Security Programs
  • Companies advised to combat persistent cyber threats with resilience
  • The Human Factor at the Core of Federal Cybersecurity
  • Why hedge funds are under attack by cyber-criminals
  • Taft oil company ends cyber-theft case
  • The buzz: Snowden hangover spreading
  • Hacker Tactic: Holding Data Hostage
  • and more!

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EverWeb 1.4 Released

Toronto, Canada – RAGE Software has announced  an update to EverWeb, the easy to use website design and publishing tool for OS X. EverWeb aims to remove all the hurdles from designing, creating, and publishing professional websites with a complete drag and drop user interface for website creation combined with a one-click publishing solution. EverWeb users never have to write any code or focus on any of the technical details when designing a website. EverWeb 1.4 adds major enhancements to the Image Gallery, Navigation Menu, Image Slider, Facebook, and HTML Snippet widgets.  Continue reading »

101 Useful Web Sites

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a web site that listed 33 useful web sites.  This list is of 101 web site.  Hopefully you can find at least 33 that you will find useful.   Continue reading »

Malware Alert : Incoming Fax Report

DO  NOT CLICK    BEWARE :  FAKE EMAIL SPAM : UGNN spam traps have received a series of exploits since last night all titled as “Fax Reports” ….

Cyber criminals attempt to persuade victims into opening a fake incoming fax email in order to trick them to click a malicious link in a DropBox account capable of downloading malware onto the computer system and/or directing the victim to a drive-by-download site, including malicious websites capable of browser exploitation.

A number of the other detection sites have also picked up this latest iteration of the attack :

7 Great Mobile Games To Play In Your Browser

  MakeUseOf has posted this article about mobile games you can play in your browser.  Continue reading »

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

This article on Buzzfeed lists 33 useful websites.  Some I’ve used in the past, others I heard about, but quite a few I haven’t.   Continue reading »

Jessica Probus : Useful Websites

This article on BuzzFeed by Jessica Probus talks about some very interesting web sites that could also be very useful.   Continue reading »

5 Tips for Better Passwords

Peter Cohen has written this article on iMore about how to provide better security though your passwords.   Continue reading »

UGNN Cyber Security Report for MARCH, 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report If you remember my ‘Cyber Security’ post in January — BEFORE THE OLYMPICS — you’ll remember I said : “They’re telling us that the NSA has something to do with cyber security but hey … who would you rather have spying on you: NSA or the Russian Mob?” Now, in light of the Putin invasion of Ukraine, they’re saying Snowden was working for Putin all along! So, start reading the Cyber Security Infomanager at Safenetting a little closer:
[*] Pentagon plans three-fold cybersecurity staff increase to counter attacks
[*] Damage done by Edward Snowden will take decades to repair
[*] Malicious advertisements are a plight to mobile marketing
[*] ‘Cyber Aces’ test their skills at fending off marauders
[*] McCain says “no doubt” Snowden is working for Russia
[*] Telecom Consolidation in a Post-Snowden World
[*] Target Security Assessor Denies Bank Claims
and more . . .

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