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8 Search Tricks That Work on DuckDuckGo

  Google Search is king. It has many cool features that will wow you, but it’s not your only good option when it comes to search engines.

Bing is getting better. StartPage gives you Google Search results without compromising on your privacy. And then there is everyone’s favorite underdog/upstart — DuckDuckGo.


Awesome film database

  TheNextWeb has this article about Cinesift , kind of like “ Can I Stream It ,” it pulls ratings from more sources. However, it only reports on Amazon Prime and Netflix as to where you can see it.


More Bank Spoofing is after your identity …

Always make sure you hover over the link and are sure where the link is taking you!

BEWARE Bank Spoofing

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Net Neutrality : Elections, EU rights, the court’s decision and more

UGNN Net Neutrality It’s a big old crazy world we live in. First they say yes, then they say no — what’s a web user supposed to do. Well, we’ve got the June Federal Court of Appeals ruling for’ya, along with a bunch of other good and bad news about Net Neutrality. And we’ll just have to see what Donald and Hillary are going to do about it — but it doesn’t look good! Here’s the InfoManager’s take on the latest Net Neutrality developments :

  • Europe’s Flimsy Net Neutrality Rules Go Live, Are Actually Worse Than No Rules At All
  • After criticism, Netflix allows users to pick streaming quality on mobile
  • Court Finds Network Neutrality Rules Both Legal And Bad Policy
  • EU rights groups call for more time on net neutrality rules
  • June 14, 2016 — United States Court of Appeals
  • Net Neutrality: Comcast, Verizon Violations?
  • Letter: Checking up on GOP votes
  • Netflix And Net Neutrality
  • Faulty powers

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CAUTION Sites have good info, but be careful what you click

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Alert : New Bank spoof spam also carries malware infections

Alert : Malware email coming your way! Will you recognize it?

Options to Evernote

This past week, Evernote announced  that its subscriptions are getting more expensive and free is now limited to two devices. Lifehacker has an article about how to move to other services and suggestions for what to use.

Options include Microsoft OneNote, Apple Notes, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.


Dropbox Enhancements

 Dropbox just dumped a ton of new productivity features on users of its file storage and collaboration service that are all aimed at making it easier for people to get work done within its applications.

iOS users can now scan documents directly into the service. Also can get started with creating Microsoft Office files from that app.


The Future of Google Maps

  At the SMX Advanced Local session in Seattle on June 22nd, Google unveiled some more detail about their plans for promoted pins on Google Maps. …

In that example, the focus was on branded pins during a driving experience—imagine something like a paid-for golden arches pin from McDonald’s on your trip to Yellowstone this summer.

…In fact, the legal industry may have pioneered the concept of Google Map spam; back in 2008, Mike Blumenthal wrote an article called “Ambulance Chasing in the Age of Google Maps,” wherein he showed different law firms offices suddenly appearing at the location of a train accident.


‘Google of the Bible’ goes live, the result of five years of work by a team from Herzog College, includes the first comprehensive digital edition of the Bible, commentary, articles, religious lessons, and Google Maps that let users “tour” biblical locations.

The online Bible is the fruit of five years of work by a team of 10 researchers who wanted to make not only the Bible itself, but also biblical commentary, scholarly articles, and religious lessons accessible through a user-friendly site.

The team plans to have the site translated into five more languages in 2017, as well as integrate film clips and a GPS navigation system that will enable users to navigate key biblical sites.


Are You Being Throttled? Probably

slow downWe’ve written about this problem before. In late 2015 Netflix on our system slowed to below 2.0mps. We figured it was the local net. It was Verizon. Then when a law suit was settled in January, our speeds mysteriously jumped back to the “advertised” 5mps and all was good. But then, they’ve been slowing down once again. I found this piece in Small Dog’s newsletter quite interesting . . . Continue reading »

LitHub Launches Book Marks

Literary Hub, the online resource for fans of the written word that launched last year, unveiled Book Marks, a new project to that creates a database of critical chatter.”

Book Marks will help readers find books they will love by giving them access to the critical discourse that is an essential part of our ecosystem,”

…But perhaps Book Marks’ greatest strength is that it can function as an alternative to Amazon, which has become a default source of information on books, despite its often contentious relationship with the literary world.

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15 Important Google URLs

This article on Loud Techie contains links and brief description of the purpose for each of these 15 URLs.   Continue reading »

ICANN Report : impending trouble, Chinese, RySG Amendments, money & corruption

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report I had a discussion the other day with a supposedly ‘computer savvy’ person and was quite surprised to discover they knew nothing about the sordid history surrounding the DNS system and ICANN. Like most everyone else, they were quite honkey-dorey about the internet, thinking it’s just fine and there’s no need to worry. That in itself is cause for worry.

  • Cruz touts bill as ‘last chance’ to delay internet domain handoff
  • Next Round of New TLDs May Not Happen Until 2020, Says ICANN
  • Chinese firms jump on trading opportunity in new domain names
  • ICANN, RySG Propose Amendment to New gTLD Registry Agreement
  • ICANN vs. the Federal Reserve
  • ICANN sued by gTLD applicant
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Folx 5.0 released

Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software has announced the release of new version of Folx 5.0, their download manager for Mac OS X. Folx 5.0 features revised interface and lots of newly added options. Retina displays are supported as well as the latest Mac OS X versions. There are two editions of Folx – Free and PRO.  Continue reading »