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ICANN : Here it comes

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Now, with the elections clouding the waters, and the public’s attention diverted, the new ICANN partners are going about moving the internet to India, but before the news, let me share one of our observations.
      Last week we squashed 40 malware attacks that could only have been possible with ICANN’s rogue registrars, and the new gTLDs. If Trump doesn’t repeal Obama’s loss of the internet, it’s going to get worse; a lot worse.

  • Attorneys general try to block transfer of authority over internet domains
  • Enhanced Cooperation v2005 is Dead; Long Live Enhanced Cooperation
  • gTLDs: Negative feedback For Controversial “Free Speech” TLD.
  • The U.S Needs a Proactive Global Communications Policy
  • Could Trump Administration Reverse ICANN Independency?
  • The Internet (and ICANN) After the Trump Apocalypse
  • ‘Delink ICANN from US jurisdiction’
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ICANN : it ain’t over ’til it’s over

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report You’ve heard the old adage about leading a horse to water? I was astounded at some of the reactions to last week’s ICANN report from our supposedly intelligent readership. I was getting terse, arrogant comments ranging from complete denial to “we’ll see.” Interestingly, none of the responders were there. So it’s a scary indication of today’s arrogant, connected society. But maybe I really am just crying the sky is falling. At the end of the day, I guess I’ll have to agree to ‘wait and see’ because the deal went through.

  • Hostile Foreign Governments Will Use Obama’s Internet Surrender to Their Advantage
  • AP EXPLAINS: What’s at stake as US cedes internet control
  • 3 States Sue to Block Transfer of US Internet Control
  • Explained: The controversy over ICANN
  • A Better Plan for Internet Governance
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ICANN : Chances are you’ll get the wrong story – except money & corruption

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Money and corruption. That seems to be the order of the day in today’s world. Obama’s handoff of the internet has become part of the political battleground, as a pawn between the Trump and Clinton campaigns. Except if you can ignore the media, you might just understand it’s not about politics, and it’s not about freedom of speech no matter what they tell you. It’s about a (just barely) functioning internet the way it is and the prospects of removing oversight from the corrupted ICANN. The biggest problem with the internet today is the lack of responsibility. Now, they want to remove the last vestige of that.

  • ICANN shows why it shouldn’t be allowed to take over internet’s critical functions
  • Chances are you’ll get the wrong story, and we’ll all suffer later.
  • 6 Questions Congress Has Over the Proposed ‘Internet Transfer’
  • What did Tech Dirt say and why we now question Tech Dirt
  • ICANN controversy is the result of technology illiteracy
  • ICANN — A Regulator in Need of Antitrust Oversight
  • ICANN gets dropped from CR while vote looms
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Online Opioids: Report Concerning Ease of Access, Highlighting Potential Solutions Using Existing Laws and Technology


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report That is the title for a difinitive piece of research that shows in no uncertain terms how your most trusted online entities are involved with cybercrime — making it so easy to obtain narcotics online. No, there’s little consolation to learn that what we’ve been right since the the turn of the century. We’re just glad people have started listening. If you’re okay with organized crime, and online cybercrime cartels selling illegal drugs to anyone online, then you don’t need to read any further.

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ICANN Report : impending trouble, Chinese, RySG Amendments, money & corruption

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report I had a discussion the other day with a supposedly ‘computer savvy’ person and was quite surprised to discover they knew nothing about the sordid history surrounding the DNS system and ICANN. Like most everyone else, they were quite honkey-dorey about the internet, thinking it’s just fine and there’s no need to worry. That in itself is cause for worry.

  • Cruz touts bill as ‘last chance’ to delay internet domain handoff
  • Next Round of New TLDs May Not Happen Until 2020, Says ICANN
  • Chinese firms jump on trading opportunity in new domain names
  • ICANN, RySG Propose Amendment to New gTLD Registry Agreement
  • ICANN vs. the Federal Reserve
  • ICANN sued by gTLD applicant
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ICANN Report : Facing Internet Armageddon

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Unfortunately the state of affairs in the world of internet governence has become very grim, and nobody seems to care. Ever since the Clinton administration, the internet has been in a slow, increasing state of peril. All the bitching and moaning about “net neutrality” is about to become reality, and as we warned, people should have been careful what they wish for. It’s not going to be pretty

  • Stop Obama’s Internet Giveaway
  • Witnesses to Hill: IANA Hand-Off Can Meet Contract Deadline
  • ICANN and the IANA Transition — Proceed With Caution
  • Privatizing the Internet Assigned Number Authority — Statement for the Record
  • The Internet Holds Its Breath as Oversight Transition Plan Reaches Final Hurdle
  • Fred Krueger: “Why I Hate ICANN”

Note: In this week’s issue, we’vw done extensive excerpting since the sites are so infected with stalker and predator links, including one that attempts to load data to your computer. Links are included, should you wish to visit those sites at your own risk. Keep in mind, we wouldn’t be issuing this warning had the Internet stayed under the adminiatration of Internic, before Clinton and Gore.

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ICANN Report : naughty domains, online risks, taxes and sex

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Issues of ICANN and Net Neutrality have been strangely quiet for the past month, but the seething evil still lurks beneath the quiet water. There has been some substantial study, and many legislators are actually taking a new look at the cituation. The one we found probably the golden needle in the hay stack is why ICANN continues to qualify for tax exempt status! InfoManager is digging even when nobody else is!

  • Study: 100% of Websites in These Two Top-Level Domains Are ‘Shady’
  • ICANN descends into farce as bigwigs try to cling to power
  • Sex goes on sale in latest expansion of naughty net names
  • New top-level domains pose huge online security risk
  • Ensuring a free and open Internet
  • Why is ICANN Tax Exempt?
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ICANN Report : Our endless ranting is beginning to work

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report The long war to expose ICANN’s abuse of the internet naming system, and their total disregard for accountability may finally have gotten the attention of the people who can do something about it. We’re encouraged that several agencies have entered investigations into ICANN’s obvious disregard for law and their own regulations. But the war is far from over, and there’s no way to predict who will win : the cybercriminals or the internet.

  • Twitter buyout hoax will happen again, blame easy access to company web names
  • Will 2016 Politics Trump Bipartisan Support for the MSM and DOTCOM Act?
  • Unredacted: ICANN’s hidden role in fierce battle over .Africa rights
  • Twitter Inc Takeover Offer Viable ‘At Right Price’: Softbank COO
  • Public Revolts Against Plan to Kill Domain Name Privacy
  • Unmasking Shady, Anonymous E-Commerce
  • Rage Against the ICANN Machine
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ICANN’s relentless grab for the Internet … just remember: you were warned!

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Internet_Washington_Post Attempting to save the internet by alerting everyone of ICANN’s grave future is like herding cats. Every expert and his brother out there thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread just because the Obama administration says so. Nobody remembers all the evils awaiting the opportunity of getting their hands on the internet. The same thing happened when the Clinton administration gave away the domain naming system to international ‘shareholders’ — opening the floodgates to all the phishing, cybercrime and fraud now brought to us by ICANN’s rogue registrars.

Where will it end? Nobody really knows because those Clinton ‘shareholders’ are not telling why their nonprofit ICANN made over 60 million of profits since January — and what’s worse, nobody’s asking and nobody cares. Anyone fighting the total loss of the internet in Congress is being ciminalized by the media. So just remember, you were warned.

  • U.S. abandoning oversight of Internet? What’s really going to change?
  • CoE calls on ICANN to strengthen protections for privacy, expression
  • U.S. plan to cede Internet domain control on track: ICANN head
  • Hands tied, ICANN rakes in 60-million selling dot-names?
  • Internet .porn and .adult domains open to buyers
  • A Critical Moment For The Future Of The Internet
  • Why Internet Freedom Is at Stake
  • Fred Krueger: “Why I Hate ICANN”
  • and more!
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What ICANN is doing to the Internet. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware reportfree_internet Isn’t it interesting how everyone gets so upset over “Net Neutrality” but then not a peep about ICANN moving forward with one of the most corrupt schemes you’re likely to ever find? That just doesn’t make sense. Well, anyway, here are just a few of the ways things will be changing in the not-so-distant future :

  • Taylor Swift in Porn Domain Purchases; Singer Takes Preemptive Measure Against Internet Trolls
  • Filing Fee for .sucks Top-Level Domain Names Really Sucks for Brand Owners
  • Dot-sucks sucks, say lawyers: ICANN urged to kill ‘shakedown’ now
  • Battle Heats Up Over Use of ‘.Doctor’ Website Domain Names
  • How Donuts Is Playing a Big Role in the New gTLD Era
  • ? The web gets crazier and crazier
  • I see you have the gTLD that goes .ping!
  • . . . and more!
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KnujOn reports on ICANN, November, 2014

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware reportfree_internet You’ve heard me talk about KnujOn many times before. Although SpamCop discontinued their pop email services, the fight against spam, phishing and all kinds of illicit online cybercrime goes on. KnujOn is an all volunteer, unfunded initiative. We are committed to this solution and appreciate your patience while we work our way through the maze of Internet bureaucracy to reduce illicit traffic and spam. The following is the latest update about their ICANN investigation …

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ICANN Internet Age Report for October

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We haven’t had an ICANN report recently because nobody seems to care. But the news is getting more and more disturbing as the underworld slowly weasles the internet away from accountability. As the new domains (gTLDs) prolifferate, the global group of elite geeks are getting filthy rich, and more powerful.
* BRS Media Appeals Decision To Award .Radio Extension To European Broadcast Union
* Why Shouldn’t ICANN Terminate Registrars That Have A History of Domain Thefts?
* ICANN plans on parting ways with the U.S. government late next year.
* World govts elect Swiss big cheese as their new ICANN point man
* Revised Enhancing ICANN Accountability: Process and Next Steps
* Governments look to apply the brakes to second round of gTLDs
* Gay community application fails, .gay domain name up for grabs
* Obama’s Chicago Crony In Charge of Handing Internet to Tyrants
* Pritzker to ICANN: we won’t let governments control the net
* ICANN summit launches .lat, the most Latin Internet domain
* In the wider world of domain names, the address is key
* Watching ICANN, denying hackers and controlling UAVs
* Donuts registers one millionth new gTLD address
* Internet naming to be freed from US oversight
* Call for engagement in WHOIS accuracy efforts
* Are We Destined To Surf The UN-Net?
* In new world of domains, .anything goes
. . . and more!

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ICANN finally issues a breach notice against the registrar BizCn

Whatch out for the Democrats! As many of you know, Safenetting and UGN have been participating and volunteers for both Spamcop and Knujon since their beginning. Some of you may also remember our infographic two years ago illustrating the evidence of a major complaint to ICANN — which brought no response or resove from ICANN. Now, thanks to the dilligent work of Knujon’s director Garth Bruen, almost two years of battling has finally gotten through to ICANN and the criminal, rogue registrar “BizCn” has been brought down!

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Who will own the Internet if America gives it away? OR, is this the end of the Internet as we know it?

Whatch out for the Democrats! As many, including UGN, predicted in 1998, the rule of ICANN has now come to the brink of turning the management of the internet over to entities outside the U.S. who may not be friendly to the ideals of the Internet. InerNIC should never have been taken out of U.S. government control — and should have never changed the accountability structure of the internet, DNS and domain ownership. You are now witnessing historic moments that will provide proof that the Clinton administration made among others, one of the worst decisions in the history of modern mankind. Now, the Democrats, partnering with foreign pressure, want to erase the last vestiges of accountability.

Call your congressman and let them know NOT to turn the internet over to the United Nations.

Read more:
* Republicans urge administration to hit pause on Internet control transfer, push new bill
* Obama Administration Denies ‘Abandoning the Internet’
* House GOP leery of bid to end domain authority
* GOP Moves to Block U.S. Domain Name Shift
* GOP bill keeps US Internet control
and more . . .

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ICANN : gTLD land rush with first domain sales

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report One of the strongest predicters of where the internet and web are going is ICANN. Following the antics of these Bozos can give you some insights into what to expect. Generally we follow how they figure in phishing, malware and all manner of cybercrime, but as they evolve new root domains, it’s going to get really nasty!
* National Association Of Realtors: Do Not To Pay Preregister .Realtor Domains They Will Be Free
* The English-language internet just grew by a third—but you probably won’t notice
* Top Level Domain Holdings’ .KIWI Clears Penultimate Step Towards Going Live
* The Applicant Auction team is heading to ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires
* GoDaddy kicks off gTLD land rush with first domain sales
* First Nine English-Language newgTLDs Delegated by ICANN
. . . and more!

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