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5 Tips for Better Passwords

Peter Cohen has written this article on iMore about how to provide better security though your passwords.   Continue reading »

Make Your iPhone’s Battery Last

Business Insider has this article by Lisa Eadicico and it covers several ideas on how to lengthen battery life on your iPhone.   Continue reading »

A Guide to OS X Mavericks from ComputerWorld

John Evans has produced this guide in two parts for ComputerWorld.  The first is called: “An A-Z guide to OS X Mavericks (A-M)”. The second part starts with N.   Continue reading »

5 most annoying parts of using a Mac and how to fix

This article by Alex Spencer on is pretty interesting as I never thought of some of these items as being annoying. Or even necessary.

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12 Phone Tips & Tricks

This article on, by Jasmine Henry is actually titled: 12 iPhone Tips and Tricks as Recommended by Apple.

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10 Mac Preview Application Tricks

This is an older article (2008) on But these tricks are still useful.

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Top 10 Projects, Features, and Tips Every Mac User Should Try

This article on Lifehacker gives us some things to try that we may have never have thought to try.  There are 10 items that will make your life more interesting.      And probably will save you some time and effort as well. Continue reading »

Coolest 18 Features in iOS 7

This article is on the web site Wonder How To.  It looks at the 18 features in iOS 7 that most people don’t know about.

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iPad: Keyboard Shortcuts

This article by Frederico Viticci on MacStories talks about using a physical keyboard via Bluetooth and what shortcuts are available for that keyboard. Continue reading »

11 Tips for Mavericks

Mark Hattersley has published this article on the Macworld UK web site.  It concerns the 11 tips to get more out of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.   Continue reading »

14 Mac Hacks

These “Hacks” from BuzzFeed by Peggy Wang really are Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts.   Continue reading »

8 Ways to Make Facebook Less Annoying

  This article by Andrew Hayward on the Mac|Life web site gives us 8 ways to make Facebook more enjoyable.   Continue reading »

5 Cool Siri Tricks

We’ve all seen many uses for Siri, but here are 5 from that should include some you haven’t seen.   Continue reading »

iOS Hints & Tips

  I am researching for my next User Group (TUMS) meeting.  The topic is to be iOS Hints & Tips.  Here are a few that I have discovered.  Please let us know if you have any others that would be good to present.     Continue reading »

33 Tips and Tricks for iOS 6 has published this article to help us know new features some of which don’t get mentioned very often.   Continue reading »