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Math Stars 3.1 released for iPad – Popular Educational Game

 Math Stars 3.1 released for iPad - Popular Educational Game Have fun learning or improving your math skills. Play this game and become a Math Star! This highly addictive game is fun and helps players of all ages improve their math skills. The Math Stars for iPad app has recently been updated and is now available in the iTunes App Store. This app is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps developed by the Laura J. White Mobile Development team.

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Puzzles, puzzles, puzzle games for iPad and iPhone users

Games InfoManager ... puzzle games for kids

GAMES InfoManager Happy April, getting the spring Games department rockin’ with a great line-up of American made puzzle and mind games! Some of these are very addictive, so be careful — also, please share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
* Brain Fitness Fun; Strategy/Puzzler 5BY5 Brain Game Keeps You Thinking
* Lost Lands – an innovative puzzle game for logic puzzle enthusiasts
* Crossword for you Issue 01 – Popular puzzles and mind games
* Enjoy the thrill of playing against your Facebook friends
* Melesta Games launches puzzle game Freeze U for iOS
* The Pyramid Puzzle
. . . and more!

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Classic Solitaire HD

  RunServer has announced Classic Solitaire HD for Mac OS X, a precise copy of the original Klondike Solitaire card game included with millions of copies of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Continue reading »

Streaming the Winter Olympics

 Business Insider has this article about how to stream the Winter Olympics over the InternetContinue reading »

New year, new games, new educational opportunities for iPad and iPhone users

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager It’s a new year and we’re kicking things off in the Games department with a great line-up of American made educational games! We find everything spelled right, and everything made for American learners. We invite you to share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
Games InfoManager Snapling for iOS: Geolocation-Based Photographic Scavenger Hunt Game
Games InfoManager Flag it! feeds your brain – It makes you smarter every time you play
Games InfoManager New Concentration Game for iOS Will Challenge Your Brain
Games InfoManager The Man Who Puzzles America Launches Tic-Tac-Doku App
Games InfoManager Build Snow People With An App, Not Snow, This Winter
Games InfoManager Learning Countries and States no longer boring
. . . and more!

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Best Games of 2013 (Mac &iOS)

MacLife has posted its opinion of the best games for the Macintosh OS X and for the best Free iOS games for 2013.   Continue reading »

Indie Mac Bundle from MacGameStore

MADE IN AMERICA   Austin, Texas – has to announced the Indie Mac Bundle, a one-of-a-kind compilation of 10 amazing Indie Mac games (developed by independant game developers) for just $19.95. Continue reading »

All kinds of games for all ages . . .

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Yes, it’s almost Christmas, but these games are good year around — and crowd pleasers no matter what the season is. We’ve mixed it up here a bit with choices for very young to adult. Have fun
* Dungeons & Golf: Compete Globally in 3D with popular Golf Game
* Sector Zero – iOS Sci-Fi Game Released with 50% Discount
* Bouncly launches its first iOS game for iPads – Jump-it
* SounDrift for iPad – A Musical Exploration Game
* Lightomania lights up the world
* Cosmo Ship – Spaceship War
. . . and more!

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Keep Calm and Carry On While you create funny posters for Instagram

Keep Calm and Carry On While you create funny posters for Instagram Keep Calm! Funny Poster Creator, the all new app from Tiny Mobile, allows users to easily become a poster creator / designer, making and sharing hilarious, topical, irreverent and personal humor laced creations. Continue reading »

Stupid Halloween Apps to amuse and waste your time

Games InfoManager ... Stupid Halloween Apps

halloween apps Well, I took a look at over 70 apps specifically targeting Halloween. I’m sorry to report that they’re all stupid except one — and these are really the least stupid of them all. ONLY Halloween 13 Trick or Treats seems to deliver some true value. They’ll all waste your time, but I’m happy to report that most are free! But hey . . . it’s Halloween after all!
* Amazing Halloween Hd Wallpapers – Photo, Photo Editor, Wallpapers, & Puzzle Game
* A Trick or Treat Halloween Adventure Game: Costume & Candy Edition
* Halloween 13 Tricks or Treats
* Halloween Matching FREE
* Pumpkin Maker – Free
* Monster Makeover
Waste some time . . . enjoy yourself!

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Nimble Ninja Price Drops to Free

MADE IN AMERICA St. Petersburg, Florida - We got a number of press releases this weekend that had discounted or free software for Labor Day weekend or just Labor Day itself as an offer.  It seems that the people presenting these don’t understand the idea of lead time.  Here is one that at least gave us a week’s lead time.  Probably not enough to get it into a MUG/PCUG newsletter, but at least it is a start.   Continue reading »

Dressup Adventure Game for Girls

Internet Design Zone, a mobile app development company has announced the release and availability of Angie’s Dream – A Dressup Adventure, its brand new dressup game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Angie’s Dream packs in 20 different dressup themes with an interactive storyline and promises total fun for young girls.    Continue reading »

10 Classic Games on iOS

Mac|Life published this article by Richard Moss earlier this week.  It is listing 10 Classic Adventure games that you can now play on an iPod touch, an iPhone or an iPad.  Another one of my list favs.   Continue reading »

Last chance summer games InfoManager

Games InfoManager ... games for everyone

GAMES InfoManager Summer is almost over and soon games time will be shorter and shorter! Here’s a little something for everyone across the board . . . get your games on !!!!
* Plush – The Puzzle Game Sure To Be A Sleeper Hit On iOS
* Disc Golf Scorekeeper for Frisbee® Golf 2
* Violet 2000 Games Presents: Man-Chine
* Back in time for some Cave Bowling
* Will you survive? Survivor Z
* Buster Bash Pro . . . FREE
. . . and more!

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Best Movies Quiz 1.0

MADE IN AMERICA Tampa Bay, Florida – evertap’s newest game, Best Movies Quiz 1.0, is off to a great start receiving almost 15,000 app store downloads on day 1. About half of the downloads were from the United States, United Kingdom, and China. The other half was split almost equally between Europe and Asia.   Continue reading »