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Cardflow+ for the iPad

MADE IN AMERICA Seattle, Washington – Qrayon has announced the release of Cardflow+ for the iPad, the latest in their line of digital stationery products. Cardflow+ simulates working with collections of index cards organized on a large board. Use them for everything from drafting screenplays and wireframes, to managing projects and task lists.  Continue reading »

An Encore for CES Unveiled Paris

Unveiled Paris CES UGNN

UGNN Infomanager The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® has announced that the third annual CES Unveiled Paris will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at the Pavillon Cambon-Capucines in Paris, France. Registration is now open for CES Unveiled Paris, one in a series of the global CES Unveiled events designed to bring innovative technology companies, top press, industry analysts, buyers and key consumer electronics (CE) influencers together to showcase new products and tech trends leading up to CES 2016®. Owned and produced by CEA, CES 2016 will run Wednesday, January 6-Saturday, January 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Named the Best App for Parents at CES 2015, Yuggler is Going Free

 Named the Best App for Parents at CES 2015, Yuggler is Going Free There are tons of apps for life before we have kids: We date on Match, have regrettable hookups on Tinder and find the best brunch places to cure our hangovers on Yelp. Then we have kids. And then what? If you aren’t looking to offload your kids with Sittercity, what do you do? What if you just want to find something awesome to do with your whole family? That’s where Yuggler comes in! The news is, Yuggler, theaward winning App for defeating family boredom in seconds will be free now and forever.

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From The Frontline — Digital Ethics: Spring 2015

2015 Spring Digital Ethics, Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety News briefs for students, parents and professionals living, learning and teaching in the digital world
      It’s Spring Time in the Valley… all that snow shoveling is just a memory now. This Spring edition of the Frontline features curriculum ideas and tools for schools to teach digital citizenship and internet safety. Many divisions are in the midst of digital conversions. That process brings new directions and methodology for student generated activities and learning.

But first, some “overstuffed links”, current trends and information on cellphones, apps, privacy, parenting and digital ethics.

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Math Word Problems App Shows Kids How

 Math Word Problems App Shows Kids How Step By Step 1.0 for iOS, an app that helps children understand and solve math word problems. Unique on the App Store, this app helps kids understand How to do math word problems step-by-step. Starting with the absolute basics, by the end players will know how to interpret and complete one-step math word problems using addition and subtraction.

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American Express Phishing Spam

  BEWARE email like this ... If you get spam like this DO NOT CLICK … Always report to the bank or institution.  Forward any American Express phishing to : … in many cases, the “spoof@” address works.  Or simply search Google for “Spam Phishing” and the name of the institution. They all want you to help, and they all want to get rid of cybercrime. SHARE or TWEET this! Thanks for reading      

Phishing for Help scams to watch out for . . .

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam

DO NOT CLICK Phishing for Help spam


Translator Speak and Translate Is An Interpreter for 100 Languages

 Translator Speak and Translate Is An Interpreter for 100 Languages People who want to communicate easily and effectively while traveling in a foreign country can now head to the App Store or Google Play, and download Pavel Donov’s extraordinary new no-cost app Translator Speak and Translate. Continue reading »

WINTER : It’s cold outside, but games for iPad and iPhone keep you warmed up!

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager As winter grinds on, we are moving into February with the winter blues! Nothing better than a rousing game to pick up the tempo –good or bad– with UGNN Games Infomanager you’ll get some great suggestions! Have fun

  • Challenge Your Friends in Brain Game University for iPhone and iPad
  • The Minotaur is the Hero in A-Maze-In, a New Take on the Maze Game
  • Sweet Maze arcade game for iOS – 100+ adventurous levels
  • Zombies Stole My Moonshine – Hillbilly Axe Throw
  • Greatest Card Game for the Blind? Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Draw Me That
  • . . . and more !
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Put The Words In Order To Solve Puzzles And Earn Rewards

 Put The Words In Order To Solve Puzzles And Earn Rewards - GoPhrazy 1.4 GoPhrazy 1.4, a new word puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that displays words of a famous quote or funny phrase and challenges players to solve each puzzle by tapping on each word in the correct order. There are hundreds of different puzzles to solve and players also have the option of creating their own puzzles.

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App Camp For Girls Seattle Finishes With Campers Pitching Apps

 App Camp For Girls Seattle Finishes With Campers Pitching Apps Your daughters will thank you for this some day. I wish it was around when my daughter was coming up. She would have loved it! App Camp For Girls, a program that teaches middle-school girls how to design and build iPhone apps, will wrap up its inaugural Seattle session on August 8, 2014, with a pitch session at which the campers will present their apps to an all-women panel of Seattle tech industry leaders.

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20 Really Cool and Useful Websites for Kids

Another great list from LifeHacker.  Useful websites for kids that are engaging for children and are both safe and some what educational. These 20 sites are different than the usual Nickelodeon or Disney fare.  Continue reading »

Join us for another hit episode of “Stupid App Tricks”

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Man, it’s been a while — but with this week’s slew of really stupid apps, we couldn’t resist bringing back the Infomanager’s famous “Stupid Apps Tricks” — Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we puzzle over what the developers of these new iPad, iPhone and Android apps were thinking! Have fun
[_] Floaty Hamster – Zen and Art of playing stupid float down the river apps
[_] Are you dressed? Only your Virtual Closet App knows for sure
[_] Everybody needs the Biggest Carp App on their phone!
[_] First person shooter ‘Goblin Attack’ … yawn
[_] Destruction at the reach of your fingers
[_] Bowling in Paradise will be a huge hit . . .
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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Get the School year going right with fun educational games for iPad and iPhone

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Once again, we’ve entered the school year, and kids all over are trucking back to school! Home time and quality time with parents can enhance and extend the learning experience — with apps for your iOS device. Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we investigate just six of the hot new iPad, iPhone and Android apps! Have fun
UGNN GAMES Reading Comprehension Skills & Practice for Struggling Readers
UGNN GAMES Four Games That Teach Rhyming – Partners in Rhyme 1.4 for iOS
UGNN GAMES Children’s Music Shines In New Kids App: Preschool Musical
UGNN GAMES News-2-You iPad app now offers 4 reading levels
UGNN GAMES Bamba Airport allows kids to ‘run an airport’
UGNN GAMES Wonster Words Spelling with Phonics App
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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Create TinyTap App – Win iPad mini

  With the 2014-2015 school year fast approaching, teachers everywhere are searching for dynamic new ways to present their lessons and engage their students. While the material might not change dramatically from year to year (2 plus 2 still equals 4), students’ attention spans and standards do. Continue reading »