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More Bank Spoofing is after your identity …

Always make sure you hover over the link and are sure where the link is taking you!

BEWARE Bank Spoofing

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The freshest social media marketing stats in the world

social media marketingEllen Vessels, Staff Writer at The American Genius, is passing along a good resource for info if you’re into social media marketing. She writes :
Not to state the obvious again, but marketing on social media is pretty darn important for your business. The social media experts over at Buffer just completed a study of over 100,000 brands and how they use social media. Take notes!

GO GO : The freshest social media marketing stats in the world

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CurbAppeal brings Real Estate photography to the iPhone

CurbAppeal brings Real Estate photography to the iPhone Designers and photographers may be looking for a little extra income — this may be the opportunity to bring in some of those real estate clients and boost the biz! Time to sell? Spring real estate markets firing up … time to sell!

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A new concept in smart calendar apps released for iOS and WatchOS

 A new concept in smart calendar apps released for iOS and WatchOS Light Pillar is proud to announce the immediate availability of Today; a brand new concept in smart calendars for WatchOS and iOS designed specifically for people with busy schedules. Whether you are a parent, rushing to take children to parties and activities, or a business person with back to back appointments, Today gives you a crystal clear picture of what you need to know at any given moment. And if you have Apple Watch, all this is right on your wrist.

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Banktivity to Replace iBank

MADE IN AMERICA Putney, VermontIGG Software has announced that its flagship family of iBank products have a new name, Banktivity. The name Banktivity is a result of combining bank + activity, which more closely aligns with IGG Software’s products and goals. “IGG Software’s financial apps do more than let you look at your finances, they help you to actively manage your finances,” says IGG Software’s CEO, Ian Gillespie. The new version of Banktivity is free for all existing iBank 5 customers. Continue reading »

E-Signatures are becoming the defacto means of authentication — are you ready?

 MobileEndorse - The free IOS App for E-Signatures - has been released If you’re in business a business that requires clients signing on the dotted line, you certainly should be familiar with e-signatures. Realtors, contractors, caterers, concierge, travel, and many other businesses can rely on MobileEndorse 1.0 for iOS devices. This is a ground-breaking new mobile solution for E-Signature with ERM integration. MobileEndorse is the free-to-use, free-to-sign App for E-Signatures on documents. Users can sign or request signatures from other users, and retrieve the signed document for archive.

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Recruit Me Set to Change the Face of Temporary Recruitment

 New App Recruit Me Set to Change the Face of Temporary Recruitment While employers who need temporary help and job seekers looking for a contract or project-based opportunity have different needs, there’s a singular, unifying goal that brings an overwhelming number of them together: they want to liberate themselves from having to deal with costly and inefficient temporary recruitment agencies. And enabling them to achieve this goal is what the revolutionary new no-cost app Recruit Me is all about.

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TimeTag 5.0 Now Available – Fast Time Management for Freelancers

 TimeTag 5.0 Now Available - Fast Time Management for Freelancers Capparsa today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of TimeTag 5.0, an update to their popular productivity app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. TimeTag is a time management tool designed for on-the-go freelancers and people who want to track their time quickly and easily. It offers simple time keeping with powerful results. Featuring the “Big Green Button,” TimeTag brings everything you would want from a timesheet just a few taps away.

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iScape for iOS – Visualize The Perfect Landscaping Project

 iScape 2.5.2 for iOS - Visualize The Perfect Landscaping Project Home Revivals has released iScape, an important update to its popular virtual landscaping design app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iScape’s powerful technology supplies the design tools users need to easily create and share virtual renderings of their outdoor spaces. While great artists can visualize how a design will look without ever putting paint on the canvas, most people can use all the help they can get, and that’s where the iScape app comes in handy.  Continue reading »

Cardflow+ for the iPad

MADE IN AMERICA Seattle, Washington – Qrayon has announced the release of Cardflow+ for the iPad, the latest in their line of digital stationery products. Cardflow+ simulates working with collections of index cards organized on a large board. Use them for everything from drafting screenplays and wireframes, to managing projects and task lists.  Continue reading »

Possibly the best app you’ve ever discovered … keeps everything!

 Outline 3.5 Now Supports iCloud Drive Gorillized Corporation today introduces Outline 3.5, a new version of smart digital notebook, available for Mac or iPad with support for iCloud Drive. Outline is aimed to ease the note-taking process and making it entertaining and convenient. It allows to take typed or handwritten notes, then annotate them, store, and organize together into structured notebooks.

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First DIY Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System

 Uniden Launches First DIY Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System Uniden America Corporation proudly announces the Uniden Wireless DVR HDD (WDVR), the first fully integrated wireless DVR video surveillance system designed specifically for DIY small business and homeowners. The Uniden WDVR is available for sale for $499.99 exclusively through the Apple Online Store, or via the Uniden website.

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Medical Billing reporting app from BillingParadise

MADE IN AMERICA Diamond Bar, California – BillingParadise will launch theBillingBridge, a business intelligence tool for medical practices on May, 15th, 2015. It is a full featured medical billing and revenue reporting app specifically designed to work with iOS powered devices. The application enables healthcare professionals, to interpret billing data at the micro-level and communicate in real-time with their remote billing office. Actionable data, and Ad Hoc analysis tools equip physicians to take more data backed decisions. Continue reading »

StockWatch For Apple Watch helps you watch your stocks

 Toughturtle LLC Announces StockWatch For Apple Watch I know there are stock mavins out there who have to live on the edge of their portfolios . . . spending yourself rich on the stock market ain’t a bad way to go . . . so here’s STOCKWATCH a new iOS App for the Apple Watch and it’s one tough little turtle!

StockWatch is compatible with the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, enabling users to track the performance of their investments via personalized watchlists and portfolios, including portfolio gains/losses totals.

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You need a Simple Packing List for iOS Watch? Here it is.

 Dejal introduces Watch app for Pack - Simple Packing List for iOS I would have to assume that you probably already know how to pack for travel. But many people like lists so they don’t forget something they’ll have to buy when they get there. So maybe you’ll be needing the Pack app.

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