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Cloud vs. Botnet

¬†Almost every day we get at least one new press release for this or that new cloud-based application. Yes, it’s the age of innovation. But are we innovating ourselves into a corner? What happens when the cloud goes away? Continue reading »

BEWARE: World’s most dangerous hosts

cookie stalkers are after YOU Safenetting has been sending you insights into the effects of cybercrime attacks on the internet population — but we’ve done so in very pointed, specific instances. Now, the folks at HostExploit have posted their Q1 2012 report on the “Top 50 Bad Hosts and Networks” — download and read this free report, and you’ll get the ‘big picture’ of how bad it really is.

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ICANN, Malware, crime against internet users

All of our preaching for the complete dismantling and restructuring of ICANN is now being validated and reinforced by activities from several other internet crime-fighting agencies. We’ve reported the investigative work by many, many times. A second agency has now entered the fray to provide yet more substantial evidence that ICANN is at the root of the cybercrime problem.

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