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AT&T Will Unlock Off-Contract iPhones

According to an article on MacRumors, AT&T has announced that it will begin unlocking customers’ iPhones once their 2-year contracts have expired.   Continue reading »

AT&T To Impose Caps, Overages

Broadband’s DSL Reports is reporting that notices will go out this week to U-Verse and DSL services, that they are going to cap data usage and charge customers for overages.
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e-Cycle Helps AT&T iPhone users Switch to Verizon

e-Cyclee-Cycle is offering secure iPhone buyback services for AT&T iPhone customers, to help make the switch to Verizon. CEO cautions sellers to beware of misleading pricing due to “condition rating” of devices.

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True Lies: ATT vs Verizon

You may have read my post about iPhone vs. Droid, and I mentioned some of the false advertising ploys being lobbed back and forth between the big three. In the battle between ATT and Verizon it’s difficult to know when one or the other is telling a lie. But they’re all the same! Continue reading »

Net neutrality originator to run GM

What does former AT&T boss Ed “not gonna use my pipes for free” Whitacre know about cars? What do Canadians know about ‘Net Neutrality’? Not much. Continue reading »

Acer Aspire One hitting US at just $99

Netbooks seem to be all the rage now if you listen to many of the non-Macintosh sites.
Apple of course has a different opinion. Here is an article at Engadget that indicates that RadioShack will be selling an Acer Aspire One for $99.99. Continue reading »