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Open Source Mac Software

I am preparing to present Open Source Software for the Macintosh to the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society in September.  A few years ago, September was declared Open Source Month by someone and I’ve tried every two or three years to find what I can get and tell the group about what is available.   Continue reading »

iPhone InfoManager: August Rumors again

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Here we go — getting closer to the big September 9th Apple rollouts — the rumors are hot and heavy … two new iPhones, iPhone Air, a burned teen and even a cardboard 3D viewer . . . it just keeps getting better and better when you’re following the UGN iPhone Infomanager …
[_] The 85 best iPhone games: Great gaming apps for iOS tablets and smartphones
[_] TMZ passes cheap Android clone off as iPhone 6 — and CNBC fell for it!
[_] iPhone 6: A Big Screen Is Nice, But The Bigger Battery Is Necessary
[_] Will a larger-screened iPhone 6 still fit comfortably in one hand?
[_] The iPhone 6 And iWatch Will Be Vital To Apple’s Big ‘Data Play’
[_] Teenager who fell asleep on his iPhone 5 is scarred for life
[_] Here’s How To Identify Battery Draining Apps On iPhone
[_] iPhone Air release date rumours, specs, leaked photos
[_] Use the Google Cardboard VR headset with an iPhone
and more…

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15 Apps that are better than Apple’s

This article on BusinessInsider, lists 15 apps that they think are better than the ones from Apple that come on your iDevice.   Continue reading »

On the road again with your kids for Summer? Take PlayPlaces along

 PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated for Summer MADE IN AMERICA Just in time for family summer road trip season, AppAvenger today is proud to announce the latest version of their PlayPlaces – Ultimate Kids Road Trip App for the iPhone and iPad. Version 1.6 has been completely updated for 2014. The app is a must have companion for families traveling by car with younger children.

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Know on the go, with Hurricane Pro

 Know on the go, with Hurricane Pro - Introductory Pricing for 2014 A little late for Arthur, but Kitty Code has finally updated their award winning App, Hurricane Pro to kick off the 2014 hurricane season. Hurricane Pro, the professional level hurricane tracking software for the Apple iPhone, is starting off the 2014 hurricane season with promotional pricing. Available at $1.99 for a limited time, Hurricane Pro gives you the most up to date information on tropical systems around the world.

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Jettison 1.4 – Close Your MacBook and Go

MADE IN AMERICA Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software is happy to announce the immediate release of Jettison 1.4 for Mac OS X. This update improves the handling of all types of disks, and also delivers a host of new features like hotkeys, control over which disks are ejected, and support for flash drives.   Continue reading »

Default Folder X 4.6.6

MADE IN AMERICA Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software has announced that Default Folder X 4.6.6 is available. This version of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs delivers a number of important compatibility fixes.  Continue reading »

Keeping Your Mac Apps Up-to-date

My MacUpdate application says I have 258 apps on my Macintosh.  Most are not used regularly, so how to keep them up-to-date. Continue reading »

Local Carrot – Fresh Produce In Your Neighborhood

 Local Carrot - Fresh Produce In Your Neighborhood After months of hard work and nurturing, Garden Produce Exchange has announced that the Local Carrot iPhone app has launched. Today’s launch of Local Carrot is our first step towards creating a place for local gardeners and fresh food lovers to buy, sell, and swap homegrown produce. The Local Carrot iPhone App is the fastest and easiest way for consumers looking for healthy, locally-sourced produce to connect with home gardeners who have surplus goods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, eggs, honey, edible flowers, mulch, and compost.

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EverWeb 1.4 Released

Toronto, Canada – RAGE Software has announced  an update to EverWeb, the easy to use website design and publishing tool for OS X. EverWeb aims to remove all the hurdles from designing, creating, and publishing professional websites with a complete drag and drop user interface for website creation combined with a one-click publishing solution. EverWeb users never have to write any code or focus on any of the technical details when designing a website. EverWeb 1.4 adds major enhancements to the Image Gallery, Navigation Menu, Image Slider, Facebook, and HTML Snippet widgets.  Continue reading »

iPhone InfoManager: a new iPhone 6? Here we go!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers While you thought the iPhone 5 was the most ubiquitous device out there — some of us are just sitting here with no cell phone waiting on the iPhone 6. Or, maybe 7. You know there is always lots of new stuff in the world of smartphones . . . . and you’re there :
[_] iPhone 6: Better Battery Life Expected in New Flagship Smartphone
[_] iPhone 6: Gorgeous Features and Release Date
[_] Next Generation iPhone ( iPhone 6 ) Revealed?
[_] Apple’s New iPhone Ad Is All About Wearables
and more…

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SUMMER : Kids of all ages love fun educational games for iPad and iPhone

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Here we are at the onset of summer, and we’re discovering games that are fun for vacation, fun for the road and fun for the beach! Come along and share your iOS game discoveries –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
UGNN GAMES Jellyflug Antibody Assault Free on Android and iOS
UGNN GAMES Trimage is an Addictive New Picture Game for iOS
UGNN GAMES Drunken Chicken – An Addictive Game for iOS
UGNN GAMES Impossible Rhythm Game is Free on iOS
UGNN GAMES Mimitos Meow! Meow!
UGNN GAMES Balloon Buffoon
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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Apps & Utilities for Mac OS X

This article on Graphic Mac is another of those lists I love, because while I usually already use some of these apps, there is always something that I didn’t know about.   Continue reading »

A Video Game that blends Action with Personal Debt Reduction

 A Video Game that blends Action with Personal Debt Reduction My Mountain of Debt is an innovative iOS app that helps consumers view and reduce their personal financial debts. The goal of My Mountain of Debt is to make paying off debt visual and fun so users will be more likely to stick to their debt reduction efforts. The need for such a service is considerable, with 2012 data reporting average household credit card debt of $15,328, and an average student loan balance of $34,703.

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Harry and Lulu: YTMS Guided Read-Aloud Book Shows How to Read to Kids

 Harry and Lulu: YTMS Guided Read-Aloud Book Shows How to Read to Kids You TELL Me Stories has released Harry and Lulu 1.0, the fifth illustrated book app for iPad in the You TELL Me Stories Library. Designed to help parents learn and practice the most effective way to read to children, Harry and Lulu features WordWinks-questions, comments, and paraphrased vocabulary embedded in red within the text. While reading Harry and Lulu to their child, parents pause when they encounter red colored text, and read the question or comment in the more conversational tone of a parent rather than a narrator. Validated by educational researchers, the QC technique makes kids active participants in the reading process: enhancing listening, thinking, and talking skills.

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