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How to Plan a Mobile App Project

Matt Blair posted this article on He has worked on more than a dozen apps for iOS.  This article covers insights he has gained over the last few years.   Continue reading »

iPIN – Password Safe is available for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

 iPIN - Password Safe is available for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows iPIN is the mobile safe for all important passwords and PINs of everyday life. Confidential data is being encrypted, so no unauthorized person is able to take a glimpse at it. The program is already available for iOS, MacOS and Windows. Now it is also being offered for Android smartphones and tablets. To celebrate the good news, all four versions are presented for a short period of time at half price.

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Follow My News, iOS

New York, New York – Follow My News LLC, an emerging mobile applications and social sharing solutions developer has announced the launch of their eponymous user generated news platform Follow My News onto the App Store. Continue reading »

Google Frees ‘Quickoffice’

On September 19th, Google who had recently purchased Quickoffice announced it was making the application free on all iOS & Android devices.   Continue reading »

Vukee M is an Easy Way for Anyone to Sell iPhone and Android Photos

vukee M is an Easy Way for Anyone to Sell iPhone and Android Photos People who love taking photos with their smartphone can now turn their passion into profit and boost their secondary income by downloading the innovative new app vukee M from vukee. vukee M lets users simply and easily upload their device’s photos to vukee’s online Mobile Marketplace, and instantly get exposure to thousands of agencies, editors, commercial buyers and other potential customers.

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Why PCs and post-PC devices are different

Matt Baxter-Reynolds has posted an article on ZDNet saying that they ARE different and should maintain that difference.   Continue reading »

7 Apps To Manage Your Money

Business Insider has this article about apps for managing your money with iOS and Android.

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FTC targets text spammers’ ‘free gift card’ scams

Last Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission filed eight lawsuits across 4 states against 29 companies.  This was against those companies that promise free gift cards if you follow “easy” steps.   Continue reading »


 Bump, the application for iOS and Android devices can now transfer files between the Mac or PC and the iOS/Android device. Continue reading »

How trapped are your digital movies and TV shows?

This article on CNET is about how locked in you are to a particular service if you obtain video files from them.   Continue reading »

App for Couples

MADE IN AMERICA Sioux Falls, South Dakota – There are big changes in iLoveNote, an iOS and Android app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. iLoveNote allows a couple to affectionately share their life together in a private social network. The app’s features help improve communication and enrich the relationship by creating an unique and fun way to express ideas, thoughts, concerns and goals better than an email, text message, or Facebook post.   Continue reading »

5 Apps To Get Back Into Productivity Mode

Fast Company has this article on productivity apps.

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Apps that pay

The local NBC station in Tulsa has been running a series about iPhone applications that actually pay for your to use them.  Most of them are only available for iOS, but some also have Android versions. Continue reading »

CatHide Enters Open Beta

MADE IN AMERICA   Smithfield, Virginia – Imperial Penguin has announced that its cross-platform mobile development tool, CatHide, has entered open beta. The tool allows developers to create mobile games for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook tablets, WebOS, and Blackberry Playbooks with a single codebase.
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Best 50 Apps for Kids

This story from the Guardian by Stuart Dredge is worth looking at if you have children that use smartphones and/or tablets.   Continue reading »