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Shoot yourself!

The Pocket XShot File sharing vanity has now found yet another level — a gizzmo that lets you take a picture of yourself. A great idea for the ‘me’ generation! The Pocket XShot is the latest in a line of camera extenders that lets the photographer be in all the pictures with their friends! Continue reading »

Lost or stolen laptop recovery

GadgetTrak Laptop ActiveTrak Inc. has announced that its award-winning GadgetTrak Laptop 3 is now being bundled with warranty plans, including AppleCare at select Apple retailers. This arrangement increases the level of protection by not only covering physical problems with the laptop, but also helping recover it if it’s lost or stolen.

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iPhone becomes WebCam phone

Tidal Pool Software PhoneCam 2.0 for iPhone and iPodTidal Pool Software’s PhoneCam 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch turns your iPhone or iPod touch (camera required) into a wireless webcam. It allows you to easily capture and transmit images to a website from anywhere. PhoneCam 2.0 now integrates Sensr, providing a free webcam image server with lots of great features. Sensr includes support for motion detection, DVR, alerts, and uploading and sharing images on Facebook and Twitter.

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Imposition Wizard

Imposition WizardImposition Wizard is a professional level, standalone imposition software for Mac OS X. Version 1.8 features 2-up preview mode, reads bleed and trim data from source files, allows to rotate sheets and define their default parameters. It also brings many small improvements. Upgrade is free and highly recommended.

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FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio FX Photo Studio has been updated — and the 3.0 version is a huge update, amping up an already powerful photo effects application. iPhone and iPod touch users will shortly get access to 171 high quality effects and filters. This will be the biggest collection, available on App Store. The current “record holder” is FX Photo Studio 2.6.0 with 140 photo effects offered.

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Background Image and Pattern Generator

Patterno creates stripes, mosaics, tiled patternsAn all new upgrade to Patterno has been released — a powerful utility that creates background images and tiled patterns for Mac OS X. Patterno allows to create professional-looking images with ease. Continue reading »