iPad InfoManager : Ready for October

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers News is buzzing about new iPads and new iPhones — but there’s some down side as well : delays, jailbreaking, and more. Follow along as we catch up with the latest on iPad and iPhone
* iOS and OS X development news roundup from Apple’s iPad event
* iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Big-Screen Tablets Compared
* Pegatron’s Subsidiary Sales Surge as iPad Chassis Supplier
* Apple’s Cook Raises Bar With New Holiday Product Lineup
* Apple’s iPad Air 2 chip paves the way for new devices
* Your 2014 Apple iPad trade-in guide
. . . and more!

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Apple Watch InfoManager: at last the next device – October

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Okay … here we go with the next Infomanager “Apple Watch” column — and we’re following the news of the latest Apple baby the Apple Watch! (Not iWatch) Folks, it just keeps getting better and better when you’re following the UGN iPhone Infomanager …
* Watch Jony Ive explain Apple’s design process in a rare public interview
* Apple Removes All Bose Audio Products From Its Online Stores
* WATCH OUT: Here’s How Apple Pay Could Get You To Spend More
* Apple Supplier Cuts More Than 700 Jobs After iPhone 6 Snub
* Apple Pay Is Here: Everything You Need To Know
* The Prettiest Pictures of the New Apple Watch
* Centennial Bank to be part of Apple Pay
and more…

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50 OS X Yosemite Tips & Tricks

This article on the Mac|Life website is written by Michael Simon.  It is another of those great lists that I like so much.   Continue reading »

iOS 8, thoroughly reviewed

 Andrew Cunningham wrote this article on ArsTechnica.  He starts out with the statement:  ”Overuse of hyperbole is a pet peeve of mine, but after using iOS 8 for a couple of months, I have to say that it’s warranted in this case. iOS 7 was a comprehensive makeover for an operating system that needed to reclaim visual focus and consistency. iOS 7.1 improved stability and speed while addressing the new design’s worst shortcomings and most egregious excesses. And iOS 8 is the update that turns its attention from the way everything looks to the way it works.”   Continue reading »

iSkin Launches Accidental Damage Warranty

iSkin, a premium brand for Apple device accessories, has announced that it is now offering GearCare with any iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S or iPhone 5C case purchased online. GearCare offers accidental damage warranty coverage for the iPhone while it is encased in an iSkin for one full year.   Continue reading »

Karelia Software Announces Yosemite Compatibility

MADE IN AMERICA Pasadena, California – Karelia Software has announced the release and immediate availability of updates to Sandvox and The Hit List for Mac, and a new Stars app, all to address compatibility with OS X Yosemite. Karelia Software also confirmed all of the company’s commercially available apps for OS X, including Tangerine!, are now compatible with OS X Yosemite. Continue reading »

ALERT: Malware phishing hiding behind Google, Barracuda.com and Copy.com

We’ve been tracking this cybercrime cartel activitiy for a while, and today two more attacks came into all our spam trap accounts.  They’re hiding under Google’s system to avoid detection, knowing that Google refuses reports.  They’re actually hosted on the Barracuda system, one of the leading “anti-spam” providers — what better place can you think of? DO NOT CLICK

Halloween fun apps you might not want your kids to see

Apps for kids for Halloween

iPad Apps InfoManager for  halloween Okay, the kids are having a great time, but what about those of us who are over the hill? Well, for adult apps, the Apps InfoManager assures you it’s okay to have a little fun with
* My lil Halloween – z Booth ! Witch dress up photo editor
* Free Hot Sexy Costume Dressup Fashion for Adults
* The Adult Guide to a Haunted Halloween
* Halloween Spooky Sound Box
* Off color Halloween
* Halloween Ball App
. . . and more!

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Halloween contest from PaigeeDraw

 PaigeeDraw Inc. announces PaigeeWorld Halloween Contest Vancouver, Canada – Nyan and Aoi are out trick or treating when they come across an old looking castle. Hime’s Haunted Castle… Intrigued they decide to venture up the path leading towards it. As they get closer they become scared, terrified. Standing at the front door to scared to move, the door begins to open. What will await them inside?… Ghosts? Ghouls? Sweets? Vampires?

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Imagineer Celebrates the Season with its Annual Halloween Video Contest

 Imagineer Celebrates the Season with its Annual Halloween Video Contest Guildford, UK – Imagineer Systems is again on the lookout for the year’s most horrifying, or most hysterical, Halloween short film. The Halloween-inspired videos will win a number of software prizes from Imagineer Systems and contest partners Boris FX, FXHome, Rampant Design, Red Giant and Digital Anarchy. Continue reading »

App Infomanager : Halloween apps fun for all ages

Apps for kids for Halloween

iPad Apps InfoManager for  halloween It’s that time of year again, and there’s a whole slew of new apps out there just for the holiday season … which begins with Halloween. The Apps InfoManager will thrill you and chill you with
* Halloween Costumes Ideas Free Costume Fashion Fun for Kids
* What’s Halloween without CANDY?
* Free Halloween Card Creator
* Welcome to Halloween City
* Halloween Sound Shelf
* Pumpkin 3D LITE
. . . and more!

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Brainstorming Monthly Topics

I am trying to come up with 11 topics for 2015 for the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society for 2015.  I’m wondering what every one else is planning.  (We have meetings January through November.)   Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook for Week ending 10/11/2014

This week’s subject on UG’s Facebook pages are listed below.  If you know of any user groups on Facebook that aren’t mentioned, please let us know.  This week we saw:  

[_]   20% Discount on iBank via UGAB

[_]  iOS 8 Compass Not Working Properly

[_]  How to Hide or Reveal the QuickType Suggestion Bar on iOS Keyboard 

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MacX Video Converter Pro

With the latest release of Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus, the mobile market is incurring a tsunami. To celebrate the significant milestone, MacXDVD has announced an update to popular MacX Video Converter Pro; now fully supporting iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus as well as other mainstream devices, including the curved Samsung Galaxy Note Edge /Note 4, HTC Desire 816, Sony Xperia Z3 and more. Continue reading »

BluDrive Plus for Apple’s Mac Pro

MADE IN AMERICA Minneapolis, Minnesota – NuMac Solutions LLC has announced the BluDrive Plus. The BluDrive Plus is a Blu-Ray disc drive and 2TB storage solution all inside a round, low-profile aluminum enclosure. Continue reading »