23 essential apps to install on your new iPad or iPhone

This article from Macworld UK starts off by listing apps that are for UK video.  Not likely to be of interest to our readers.  But there are several that will be interesting.   Continue reading »

15 Important Google URLs

This article on Loud Techie contains links and brief description of the purpose for each of these 15 URLs.   Continue reading »

FourChords Guitar Karaoke – Play Guitar Instantly With Free Trial

 FourChords Guitar Karaoke - Play Guitar Instantly With Free Trial Many people would love to learn to play the guitar and take part in all the fun. Using the Fourchords app, budding guitarists can quickly play their choice of more than 1500 songs, whether they be rock, metal, country, jazz, pop or traditional. Continue reading »

The freshest social media marketing stats in the world

social media marketingEllen Vessels, Staff Writer at The American Genius, is passing along a good resource for info if you’re into social media marketing. She writes :
Not to state the obvious again, but marketing on social media is pretty darn important for your business. The social media experts over at Buffer just completed a study of over 100,000 brands and how they use social media. Take notes!

GO GO : The freshest social media marketing stats in the world

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CyberSecurity Update: Wall Street, Clinton, Vulnerabilities, prepare for war, and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report In this issue we’re concentrating more on cyberwar than security in general. As you read key articles, from reliable sources, you’ll begin to get a picture of the global risks of digital risks. Playing into this situation is ICANN and their ever changing rules concerning rogue registrars, so be sure to see our ICANN report as well.

  • Maybe Wall Street Has the Solution to Stopping Cyber Attacks
  • Clinton’s cyber-security lapse part of broad U.S. challenge
  • 100 companies rife with cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Cyberwarfare: The Digital Battlefield
  • 10 Ways to Prepare for Cyber-Warfare

CAUTION ALERT, unfortunately, we’ve come to the point where ALL of the sites purveying news are spam sites — some fare worse than others! ALL of the sites with cyber news unfortunately include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click!
firefox reader mode LOOK FOR the Firefox ‘READER’ icon in the address window to read the articles without the risks! (More here)

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ICANN Report : impending trouble, Chinese, RySG Amendments, money & corruption

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report I had a discussion the other day with a supposedly ‘computer savvy’ person and was quite surprised to discover they knew nothing about the sordid history surrounding the DNS system and ICANN. Like most everyone else, they were quite honkey-dorey about the internet, thinking it’s just fine and there’s no need to worry. That in itself is cause for worry.

  • Cruz touts bill as ‘last chance’ to delay internet domain handoff
  • Next Round of New TLDs May Not Happen Until 2020, Says ICANN
  • Chinese firms jump on trading opportunity in new domain names
  • ICANN, RySG Propose Amendment to New gTLD Registry Agreement
  • ICANN vs. the Federal Reserve
  • ICANN sued by gTLD applicant
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Facebook Update : Zuckerberg, your phone calls, Google Plus, Messenger, Censored, Publisher Reach and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Another Facebook report, and there’s so much news we can hardly decide which items are best. But issues are issues and most of the other info surrounding Facebook is just everyday crap. Here is some of the more important crap:

  • Facebook addressed the conspiracy about listening to your phone calls
  • How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War to Crush Google Plus
  • Facebook might force you to install Messenger on Android
  • CENSORED: Facebook deletes a Gatestone author’s page!
  • What Happens to Your Facebook Account When You Die?
  • Publisher Reach on Facebook Is Down 42%

CAUTION Careful, many of these sites employ stalker links, pop-ups and screen spam. Careful where you click . . . an don’t miss the article on stalker links! over in Safenetting

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MUG Web Sites (Part 3)

CapitalMac - From the capital of Texas — This group has one of the best web sites, I’ve seen and seems to be very, very active compared to the ones I am most familiar with.
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Graphic Convert 10

Paine, Germany – Lemke Software GmbH has announced the release and immediate availability of GraphicConverter 10, a major update to their popular image editing utility for Mac OS X. This “Swiss Army knife” of graphics programs offers users the ability to convert over 200 different graphic file formats into any of almost 80 graphic formats. Continue reading »

Folx 5.0 released

Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software has announced the release of new version of Folx 5.0, their download manager for Mac OS X. Folx 5.0 features revised interface and lots of newly added options. Retina displays are supported as well as the latest Mac OS X versions. There are two editions of Folx – Free and PRO.  Continue reading »

10 Mac games you need to play from May 2016

Strong games in May - We’ve got a deep space exploration and strategy game (Stellaris), for example, but also a bonkers indie game about driving a school bus in wondrously wild situations (OmniBus).

Other highlights include multiplayer racer Super Impossible Road, an enhanced port of iOS role-playing favorite Oceanhorn, and games like Kathy Rain and Youtubers Life.

For the full list:

GO http://www.techconnect.com/article/3077440/os-x/10-mac-games-you-need-to-play-from-may-2016.html


File List Export 2.0

Athens, Greece – Independent developer, Gorges Trigonakis has announced the release and immediate availability of File List Export 2.0, an important update to his folder and file list exporting utility for Mac OS X. With just a click, users can select a folder, and the app quickly creates a list of all files and subfolders in the selected directory. The list can then be viewed on their Mac‘s screen, or exported in an Excel-compatible .xls file, or to a .csv text file. Continue reading »

Major Update to Pixelmator for Mac

Vilnius, Lithuania – The Pixelmator Team has introduced Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon, a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editor for Mac. Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon brings an incredibly smart Quick Selection Tool, a Magnetic Selection Tool that automatically snaps to object edges, a powerful Pixelmator Retouch extension for the Photos app, and more. Pixelmatr 3.5 Canyon is available as a free upgrade from the Mac App StoreContinue reading »

Boston Computer Society General Meetings

I just came across a couple of places where you can find out more about the BCS.  One has recordings of old meetings and the other seems to be celebrating the history. (A BCS alumni group)  Continue reading »

MUG Web Sites (Part 2)

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites.

Covered here are:

  • MacMAD - I thought this was a great acronym.
  • Chicago Apple Users Group  - I bought my first Apple computer in the Chicago area, but was only vaguely aware of user groups and was moved to Honolulu before I was able to attend any meetings there.
  • Suburban Chicago Apple User Group - This was the group that I was had just found out about in 1982 before I was transferred to Honolulu.  Then it was known as Northwest of US
  • Houston Area Apple Users Group - I first heard of this group when i was living in Dallas in the early ’90s.  Still going strong and one of the few groups still doing a newsletter.
  • Cowtown MUG – I have been active with this group on two different occasions totaling about 15 years.  It was where I spent my time before returning to Tulsa.
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