FileMaker 15 launches with a focus on mobile

FileMaker Pro According to iMore, Apple subsidiary FileMaker has launched its FileMaker 15 Platform, which allows businesses of any size to create custom app solutions for their needs.

FileMaker 15 Platform puts a major emphasis on mobile, and iPhone and iPad custom apps developed with the platform can now utilize features like app extensions and sharing files with cloud services. FileMaker 15 also supports iBeacons, allowing you to get location data from custom apps, as well as FileMaker WebDirect, which lets you access your custom apps from the web.


12 iPhone only apps to make Android users jealous

Another list, this one from Macworld UK. I’m not sure how many of these really will make Android users jealous, but they are good apps. Continue reading »

Rage Quit Racer the Ultimate Adrenaline Ride Speeds onto iPhone and iPad

 Rage Quit Racer the Ultimate Adrenaline Ride Speeds onto iPhone and iPad DrMop Games today are happy to announce the release and immediate availability of Rage Quit Racer 1.0, their latest extreme speed 3D racing game for iPhone and iPad devices. Rage Quit Racer is a rage quit game where the player is dropped vertically at extreme speed down dangerous tunnels across 8 different worlds. Using the tilt controls of the device the player must navigate the tunnel, whilst maintaining shields, collecting points and avoiding asteroids, traffic and bombs. Need more speed? Don’t worry. Nitro boosters have been provided for the clinically insane that want to accelerate the death drop.

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SHOOTY SHIP : Retro Shooting Action in Outer Space for iOS Devices

 Shooty Ship 1.11 for iOS Devices - Retro Shooting Action in Outer Space Well, you know that shoot’em’up space shooters have go back to the very early days of electronic games — now, Shooty Ship busts loose with a kick-ass retro arcade game app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In Shooty Ship, players go back to the future in this exciting return to the thrilling arcade games of the past. The mission: Attack the enemy space outpost on Saturn’s moon of Titan. But beware, the outpost is heavily protected by flying saucers, tracking drones, guard towers, missile launchers and ghost ships.

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Launch of Endless Floater Arcade Game MICROGEE

 Launch of Endless Floater Arcade Game MICROGEE Independent game studio Moe Bull Corporation has launched the dreamy, space-themed, arcade game MICROGEE on the App Store. Created by Darren Murtha, he was inspired by games that have the sensation of flight and popular minimalistic, retro, arcade games that feature simple, geometric obstacles and clever level design.

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Operation Cleanup: Take Out 50 Levels Of Trash In Arcade Runner MOP

 Take Out 50 Levels Of Trash In Arcade Runner MOP: Operation Cleanup Operation Cleanup is an action-pcked new arcade runner for Mac OS X. MOP: Operation Cleanup is aimed at pixel-perfect purists seeking the ultimate radiation thrill of a highly addictive game. You are MOP, a curious and unique model of robot. You have been engineered using simple parts with one single objective: To clean up a polluted environment.

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FBI : Child Sexual Exploitation: Threat from Pedophiles Online is ‘Vast and Extensive’

Digital Evidence Response Team The case of a Tennessee man sentenced last month to 21 years in prison on child pornography charges serves as an important reminder to parents and children about the dangers of an online world where things are not always as they appear and pedophiles may be lurking around many virtual corners.

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How to get an education discount from Apple

This article written for Macworld UK was updated on May 10th to add Apple Music 50% discount, shows how students and educators can get discounts from Apple.

Note that while this article is aimed at the UK, it also applies to the US.

Anybody who works in an education environment qualifies for a discount on Apple computers. It’s not just limited to students, teachers and lecturers, but also covers administrative workers and other staff members. Essentially it’s anybody who works for a school, college or university. More details at:



Keeping Up With Reddit: Use IFTTT

 Apple Twitter

I found this ResearchBuzz article to be interesting: “…I imagine it would be difficult to aggregate 73 million submissions on a site as wide-ranging as Reddit and not have something turn up that would be of interest or of use to you. Your field of interest would have to be very limited.”

“… IFTTT stands for “IF This, Then That”. You put the channels together in “recipes,” so that if something happens on one channel, something happens on another channel. As you might imagine, this lets you set up a lot of time-saving tasks. And best of all, IFTTT is free!

I didn’t even have Reddit on my mind when I went to set up some recipes in IFTTT — but browsing through the channels, I noticed there was one for Reddit. And then I noticed how powerful it was. …”

The author goes on to show exactly how to setup an IFTTT recipe. I’m going to have to try this myself.

See the story here:


Amazon Takes on YouTube

Variety has announced that Amazon will be providing video from producers on their service.
“With the launch of Amazon Video Direct, open to any video creator, the e-commerce giant will compete head-to-head with Google’s YouTube for video-ad dollars and views as well as other big Internet video distributors like Facebook and Vimeo.”

Initial partners include Conde Nast, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Machinima, StyleHaul.


10 Free Online Batch Image Tools

  This article on MakeUseOf website lists 10 Free Online Batch Image Tools to Resize, Convert & Optimize images.  Continue reading »

CyberSecurity Update: cyberwar, China, Russia, DAESH, Obama and more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report In this issue we’re concentrating more on cyberwar than security in general. We’re facing tough times — having this 3-ring circus called “Elections” has everyone side-tracked making a perfect opportunity for cyber attacks and breaches. It helps to stay educated and it helps to be vigil.

  • Asia-Pacific, Cyber War: Strategy for Countering the Surge of Chinese Power (1)
  • Asia-Pacific, Cyber War: Strategy for Countering the Surge of Chinese Power Pt. 2
  • A US Army general says North Korea has some of the world’s best hackers
  • Services still adapting to the job of weaponizing the network
  • Hayden says private sector will lead cyber defense charge
  • Senator King wants Obama administration to define cyber war
  • Carter says cyber warfare on DAESH can set model
  • Max Yamabiko: Arming against the F1 cyber war

CAUTION ALERT, unfortunately, we’ve come to the point where ALL of the sites purveying news are spam sites — some fare worse than others! ALL of the sites with cyber news unfortunately include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click!
firefox reader mode LOOK FOR the Firefox ‘READER’ icon in the address window to read the articles without the risks! (More here)

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Apple InfoManager: iTuns taking your songs? China, iPhones, new Pencil, WWDC’16

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The closer we get to summer, the hotter the rumors get … plus this almost-new buzz about iTunes removing (stealing) your songs and yes, WWDC is on its wy . . .

  • As iPhone Sales Slow, Apple Drops $1 Billion on Uber’s Biggest Rival in China
  • After LAUSD iPad program failure, Apple’s help spurs success in other schools
  • Apple Doesn’t Give Up, Wants to Make the Pencil Better than the Surface Pen
  • The MacBook mess: Or, why it’s so hard to choose an Apple laptop
  • iPhone 7: 11 things to expect before its September release date
  • Apple Acknowledges iTunes Music Deletion, Prepares Fix
  • WWDC 2016: what to expect from iOS 10 and OS X 10.12
  • Apple Inc. Set For Biggest Pivot In History
  • How to Find Which Files iTunes Has Deleted

CAUTION ALERT, Most of the sites with cyber news unfortunately include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click! firefox reader mode LOOK FOR the Firefox ‘READER’ icon in the address window to read the articles without the risks!

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Mug Musings : interesting snippits from the world 1605-09

InfoManager : what's new online Fun surfing and meeting new people, discovering unknown stuff, and catching up with old friends. This is a lot of fun, it’s just too bad you can’t make a living at it . . . .

  • Here’s why Apple’s partnership with SAP is amazingly strategic and smart
  • 30 must-know secrets and shortcuts for your Apple TV
  • How to prune your friend’s list on Facebook
  • David Harned , proud daddy …
  • Podcasters voice grievances
  • Got Spotify? Hate the ads?
  • and … a courageous note from Tom Negrino

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AppAdvice/TV – Curated Video: The Best Clips Online

“Get video on demand. There are plenty of apps to find funny, interesting, or popular videos. Some are long clips, some are short clips, some are curated from YouTube, some are original content…but one thing is for sure, they are all worth watching! “

Such apps as TechTube, Fresco, Funny & Die, Popsugar, HaystackTV, Pluto, and more are listed with links.