Change the default search engine on iOS and OS X

Since the first iPhone, the default search engine has been Google.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Continue reading »

PromptSmart for iOS

MADE IN AMERICA  New York, New York – PromptSmart, a new teleprompter app available for iPad and iPhone has launched is the first voice-guided public speaking aid with VoiceTrack™ proprietary voice recognition technology. VoiceTrack™ is a breakthrough in mobile voice recognition technology. It seamlessly follows spoken words and pauses during a speech, adjusting the speed of scrolling text in real time based on the speaker’s actual words and pace. Continue reading »

All-In-One Mobile 3D Modeling App rivals 3D workstation software

 Major Update of Verto Studio 3D - Now All-In-One Mobile 3D Modeling App Independent developer Michael L. Farrell has created Verto Studio 3D 2.0.1 for iPad, a massive update to his mobile 3D modeling app. Rivaling 3D software designed to run on desktop and notebook computers, Verto Studio 3D is a powerful and feature-rich app that combines sophisticated 3D modeling with an easy-to-use user interface. Version 2.0.1 boasts a new cutting-edge shader engine, including user-editable custom shaders that allow professional game developers to create professional-grade renderings, shaders, and 3D artwork.

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UGNN Cyber Security Report: Back to cyber security School


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report Here we are in the middle of a new year of cyber threats and it doesn’t seem to get any better. Now they’re worried about cars being hacked causing high body-counts, and the ‘blackhats’ want to help avoid cyberwarfare! It’s all in the InfoManager this week . . .
[*] North America Cyber Security Market is Expected to Reach $61.91 billion
[*] Hackers meet at Black Hat convention to tackle cybersecurity risks
[*] NRC cyber security breach a ‘wake-up call,’ Ottawa tech CEO says
[*] Cyber security expert warns: Caribbean could be losing millions
[*] Automakers Openly Challenged To Bake In Security
[*] Want a safe car? Check its cyber safety rating
[*] Miami bank hit with cyber security breach
[*] Neutralizing the Cyberwarfare Bazaar
. . . and more!

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UGNN Facebook Update: : August news, views and blues

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook news and reviews … good and bad reports — did you realize that if all those people had good sense they wouldn’t be spending so much time on Facebook? Did you also realize that an entire country finds Facebook offensive and is considering blocking it? Oh well… if it’s happening, you’re reading about it in the UGNN InfoManager . . .
[*] Fuming fiancee’s Facebook rant explains why ‘friends’ weren’t invited
[*] Malaysia’s plan to study ban on Facebook derided by netizens
[*] Amazon, Facebook, Google, And The New Tech Conglomerate
[*] Why Facebook (FB) Stock Is Still a ‘Hold’ at TheStreet
[*] Rhonda Abrams: Facebook can deliver more than likes
[*] Why is Facebook buying a cybersecurity company?
[*] Judge to review Facebook posts of rape accuser
[*] Facebook: Get Messenger app or else
. . . and more
CAUTION Careful, we’ve found a pop-up ad splash screens and other stalker links and screen-spam on all of these pages. Seems the news industry has now resorted to heavy screen-spam to make revenue! Be very careful what you click.

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iPad InfoManager : August iPads rumors getting ready for Back to School!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers August opens some new woes for the iPad life… sales falling, competition nibbling away at the base and new devices coming out to bleed off the market!
[*] Apple iPad Mini 2 vs Asus Google Nexus 7 – Prices, Specs & Battery Life
[*] Nintendo Is Missing Out By Not Bringing its Games to Apple’s iOS
[*] NFL Now goes live on iPhone and iPad, Apple TV to follow
[*] Apple’s New Patent Could Help Resurrect iPad Sales
[*] Apple iPad Air 2 To Come With Fingerprint Sensor?
[*] It’s time for Apple Inc to stop making excuses
[*] Apple could announce iWatch next month
. . . and more!

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Microsoft Office for iPad Meeting Topic

I was planning on doing a meeting in August on Microsoft Office for iPad and presenting it myself.    Continue reading »

Summarize Services Command

I have been showing educators and students the Mac Special Services menu item that is called Summarize.  This is always greated with surprise and thanks.   Continue reading »

Inaugural App Camp for Girls Seattle Finishes

Seattle, Washington – App Camp For Girls, a program that teaches middle-school girls how to design and build iPhone apps, wrapped up its inaugural Seattle session on August 8, 2014, with a pitch session at which the campers will present their apps to an all-women panel of Seattle tech industry leaders.   Continue reading »

New Templates for iWork apps

Graphic Node, a graphic design company that specializes in creating themes, templates, and illustrations for OS X, has expanded its assortment of iWork templates with the release of Set for iWork Plus. Continue reading »

iOS 8 secrets Apple isn’t talking about

Jonny Evans, in his Apple Holic blog on Computer World blogs has this article about iOS 8. Continue reading »

15 Apps that are better than Apple’s

This article on BusinessInsider, lists 15 apps that they think are better than the ones from Apple that come on your iDevice.   Continue reading »

Create TinyTap App – Win iPad mini

  With the 2014-2015 school year fast approaching, teachers everywhere are searching for dynamic new ways to present their lessons and engage their students. While the material might not change dramatically from year to year (2 plus 2 still equals 4), students’ attention spans and standards do. Continue reading »

Macbook Air Advertisement sells stickers

From MacStories: “When Apple published their new ‘Stickers‘ ad for the MacBook Air last week, I presumed it would be a boon for sellers of MacBook stickers and decals. So earlier this week I decided to reach out to a few sellers of MacBook stickers and decals to see what kind of impact the ad from Apple has had on their store visits and sales.
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Barcode Basics App

The latest version the Mac barcode creator, Barcode Basics adds a range of codes used by the pharmaceutical industry to its already long list of supported codes.    Continue reading »