UGNN Malware Report: Cell phones, cell malware, ransomware, Mac malware and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report Moving into the summer we’re seeing new and innovative new attacks intended to get your identity and money. Even your cell phone is no longer safe, and whole governments dealing with attacks. It’s a dangerous world, and the UGNN InfoManager will be keeping you up to date!

  • Iranian Authorities Banned From Using Smartphones To Protect against Cyberattacks
  • Outrageously high cellphone bill could be due to malware
  • 165% surge in new ransomware in Q1 2015: McAfee Labs
  • Mac malware can survive hard disk formatting
  • Germany says grappling with hacker threat
  • Microsoft Brands Ask Toolbar As Malware
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User Groups on Facebook June 13, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • KansasFest – Apple ][ Convention – July 14-19 – Kansas City,  MO
  • Hands-On Look at iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan

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A revolutionary app to organize your life

  Ottawa, Canada – Itemtopia Inc. has launched the new cross-platform app Itemtopia, an app to keep your things organized and simplify your life. The application puts all of the information about things you own, manage or care about in one place, and creates a knowledge bank at your fingertips. Most importantly, all of the data is private, secure, and available anywhere.  Continue reading »

How to make a map to include on invitations

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MacFamilyTree 7.5 for Mac

Mainz, Germany – Synium Software GmbH has just launched version 7.5 of their popular and multi award-winning genealogy application that lets you to explore your own family history. Last year, Apple selected MacFamilyTree as one of the “Unforgettable Apps” of the last 30 years and recommended it on the Mac App Store welcome page countless times. Continue reading »

First-Ever App for Fighting Traffic Tickets

 First-Ever App for Fighting Traffic Tickets Debuts Today GetDismissed, the first-ever App that enables California drivers to effortlessly fight traffic tickets, has debuted today. The free GetDismissed App is the first and only mobile application that helps drivers fight a traffic ticket by automatically preparing all of the documents necessary to submit a Trial by Written Declaration to the court.

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Bxtel Releases Hearing Aid App for iPhone

 Bxtel Releases Hearing Aid App for iPhone Enhanced Ears is a new app that enables an Apple iPhone to function like a hearing aid. More than 36 million Americans incur hearing loss, which can significantly impact quality of life. However, many resist seeking help or wearing hearing aids because of significant cost, potential discomfort and embarrassment.

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Named the Best App for Parents at CES 2015, Yuggler is Going Free

 Named the Best App for Parents at CES 2015, Yuggler is Going Free There are tons of apps for life before we have kids: We date on Match, have regrettable hookups on Tinder and find the best brunch places to cure our hangovers on Yelp. Then we have kids. And then what? If you aren’t looking to offload your kids with Sittercity, what do you do? What if you just want to find something awesome to do with your whole family? That’s where Yuggler comes in! The news is, Yuggler, theaward winning App for defeating family boredom in seconds will be free now and forever.

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TextExpander 5 Suggests New Snippets; Syncs With Any Service

 TextExpander 5 Suggests New Snippets; Syncs With Any Service TextExpander 5, is a major upgrade to the popular Mac typing shortcut tool. TextExpander 5 helps you type faster by making suggestions of frequently typed phrases to abbreviate and save time. It also helps to remind you of forgotten snippets as you type.

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ICANN’s relentless grab for the Internet … just remember: you were warned!

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Internet_Washington_Post Attempting to save the internet by alerting everyone of ICANN’s grave future is like herding cats. Every expert and his brother out there thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread just because the Obama administration says so. Nobody remembers all the evils awaiting the opportunity of getting their hands on the internet. The same thing happened when the Clinton administration gave away the domain naming system to international ‘shareholders’ — opening the floodgates to all the phishing, cybercrime and fraud now brought to us by ICANN’s rogue registrars.

Where will it end? Nobody really knows because those Clinton ‘shareholders’ are not telling why their nonprofit ICANN made over 60 million of profits since January — and what’s worse, nobody’s asking and nobody cares. Anyone fighting the total loss of the internet in Congress is being ciminalized by the media. So just remember, you were warned.

  • U.S. abandoning oversight of Internet? What’s really going to change?
  • CoE calls on ICANN to strengthen protections for privacy, expression
  • U.S. plan to cede Internet domain control on track: ICANN head
  • Hands tied, ICANN rakes in 60-million selling dot-names?
  • Internet .porn and .adult domains open to buyers
  • A Critical Moment For The Future Of The Internet
  • Why Internet Freedom Is at Stake
  • Fred Krueger: “Why I Hate ICANN”
  • and more!
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User Groups on Facebook – First week of June, 2015

Mac User Groups on Facebook Here we are into June — as most people’s online computing is slacking off due to the spring and summer arriving, Facebook seems just as alive as ever! Busy, busy, and if you can weave your way through all the political crap, there are actually some good things in the user group community . . . here goes :

  • LIMac : How to Block Websites on Safari for iPhone and iPad
  • LMUG: Does the more memory more speed adage still stand?
  • QMac: Which portable hard drives are worth buying?
  • Apple Corps of Dallas: iPhone refurbished?
  • How to Crash an iPhone with a Message
  • NCMUG : Hmm. I smell a lawsuit
  • NCMUG : The TExts of Death
  • Thunderbolt screens

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MADE IN AMERICA New York, New York – Lickability has announced the release and immediate availability of Pinpoint 2.0, the best iOS app to mark up your screenshots, now available on the App Store. Pinpoint offers a fun and easy way to see your entire screenshot collection, mark them up, and share the annotated images with friends. Continue reading »

Marvelous Mac Apps

This article on lists some apps that we have mentioned in the past, but also several new ones.   Continue reading »


Melbourne, Australia – The Escapers has announced the release of Emulsion, a brand new photo library app for Mac OS X. Powerful, fast and flexible, Emulsion helps anyone manage their photos, apply filters, fix dust spots, adjust metadata and so much more. You can apply stunning filters, subtle adjustments, and create multiple versions of your important images.  Continue reading »

UGNN Facebook Update: : Gifs, criminals, creeps, weird-os, hackers and all the other Facebook users…

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Pretty amazing we’ve now posted more than 90 Facebook updates! Now they’re saying that Facebook is rivaling Google’s reach into people’s lives and pockets, and everyone’s delighted about it. I heard people bitching about NSA, but then Facebook made 43 BILLION from YOUR personal info? LOL, How stupid is that? I think it’s long overdue to have animated GIF file, duh, but watch out — what will the whack-os will come up with next? Here’s your next injection of Facebook mania from the InfoManager …

  • Facebook Finally Adds Animated GIFs to the News Feed – Not for Brand Pages
  • The little red book that is placed on the desk of every Facebook employee
  • Argument Over Basic Math In Facebook Gets Woman Kicked Out
  • Facebook To Users: Here’s How To Avoid Getting Hacked
  • “Creepy” tool uses Facebook to map your whereabouts
  • Stop advertisers from tracking you on Facebook
  • Vassalboro robbery started with Facebook post
  • Pentagon chief joins Facebook

CAUTION Careful, many of these sites employ stalker links, pop-ups and screen spam. Careful where you click . . . an don’t miss this week’s article on stalker links! over in Safenetting

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