Free Mac Backup Software

It has been said that backup software should work independently of the user.  Otherwise it won’t happen on a regular enough basis.
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Malicious link that freezes iOS devices

9To5Mac reported that “Every so often, a weird bug related to iOS will emerge that causes some sort of temporary misbehaving for users affected by it. For instance, nearly two years ago the infamous “effective power” bug took the internet by storm, and we’ve seen various other similar issues since then.

“Now, it has been discovered that playing a certain .mp4 video in Safari on any iOS device will cause the device to slow to a crawl and eventually freeze altogether…”



Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera

Pixelmator 2.0 Icon 1024x1024Vilnius, Lithuania – The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera, a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editing app for Mac. Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera brings full support for macOS Sierra and the revolutionary Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Continue reading »

UGNN : What’s hot and what’s not in the user group community this week 1611-21

InfoManager : what's new online I’m happy and sad this week. Happy because we had some fun discovering things posted by Mugs and Mug friends. However I’m sad because stupid fake, and rude posts far out-numbered real content. Even more disturbing is that it appears to be a trend. UG members who used to find real treasures that we were proud to share now just propagate junk and crap. Some of the best known MUGS in the world, known for their hugely beneficial sites and pages now dwindle to one or two real contributors. The leaders in our field and industry now tweeting dominos and media pander. Social media has proven itself as a remarkably powerful medium — for good or for bad. But it’s discouraging when it seems to be moving toward deep, snoring, mediocrity*, and that’s sad.

  • Android Phones Sending User’s Personal Data to a Firm in Shanghai?
  • Samsung phones are getting more and more like the iPhone
  • Have an iPhone 6 Plus that’s unresponsive to touch?
  • Have Mac’s Dashboard Widgets slipped away?
  • Is an App Right for You?
  • Apple Smith Haven

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LiveCode for FM

lcfmlogoEdinburgh, United Kingdom – The first beta of LiveCode for FM has been released. This brings the easy English based coding of LiveCode to the much loved FileMaker database app builder. The convergence of these two powerful technologies creates a ground breaking solution for creating native data driven apps with interactive user interfaces, multimedia and deep API integration. Continue reading »

10 Computer Tricks Everyone Should Know

The Johnny Lists website by Johnny Webber has this list.  I agree that all of these would be good to know.  On the website, the lists includes links to the methods indicated.  (Some items are more important than others.)

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Parody of Apple’s New Book

You may have heard that Apple has a new book on the market called “Designed In California.”  The book consists of 450 pages of pictures of Apple products from 1998 to this year.  It comes in two sizes for $199 and $299. Continue reading »

ID2Office v2.2 ships

Osaka, Japan – Recosoft Corporation, the developers of PDF conversion software and PDF to Adobe® InDesign® converter tools, has released ID2Office v2.2, the newest version of the InDesign to Word®, PowerPoint® and Keynote conversion plug-in for InDesign CC 2017.

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Beware : Spam of the season is out to get YOU!

Be extra careful in the days, weeks ahead.  As the holidays approach the cybercrime industry has all new, and convincing ways to extract your identity, bank account, and privacy.  Be alert. Be vigil . . . DO NOT CLICK!

Please post this to your user group or social club … share through your social media circles . . . don’t let anyone fall prey to this evil.

Holiday spam alert - do not click

Fake News InfoManager : Paramedia and the woes of social media!


InfoManager : what's new online We started warning everyone about this in 2012. And, more recently we’ve turned up the heat on all click-bait and fake news sites!
      Even President Barack Obama addressed the issue of fake news stories going viral on Facebook and its role in galvanizing support for Donald Trump’s successful run for the presidency. But hey : the pot don’t call the kettle black . . . Obama was elected by Fake News too — we screamed and screamed at people spreading click bait and fake news throughout the last three elections! (Over fourteen years!) But nobody listens to us, and we’ve got such a small readership the fake-news media rolled right over us.
      Now, somebody else has noticed, and they’re making a stink about how it’s influenced the elections. Of course with any digital, online phenomena, the InfoManager is there. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg . . . .

  • How Alt-Right Fake News and Hoax Sites Trick Voters
  • Nine Fake News Posts That Tricked Trump Voters
  • Paramedia: How Did Donald Trump Win Again?
  • How Fake News, Bots and Social Won Trump the White House
  • Post-Election, Five Fake News Stories Scammed Millions
  • We Need A Hero To Save Us From Fake News. Could It Be ICANN?
  • A Psychologist Explains Why People Believe Fake News
  • Why Are Americans So Stupid — And So Proud of It?
  • Zuckerberg shares some thoughts on Facebook and the election.
  • Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity
  • Please Stop Sharing Links to These Sites
  • What is Paramedia and why should you be afraid of it?
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BEWARE : Fake News might be dangerous

You see this meme on Facebook that echos your feelings toward a cause or issue . . . you CLICK TO SHARE without first peeking at the web site sponsoring that enticing meme. BOOM … they gotcha!

Please share this meme :



Send to your user group members!

Pokemon Infomanager : fading or not, he’s really rich!

InfoManager : what's new online You thought we had forgotten about Pokeee, but he keeps chugging along! Hard to believe those guys made $440-million in two months! But now it seems to be fading … maybe!

  • The ‘Pokémon Go’ hype has faded, but things are looking up for Nintendo
  • Spawning Lapras To Help Tourism In Tsunami Affected Japanese Regions
  • Pokemon GO Update: Latest Patch Drains Battery In Most Phones
  • Pokemon Go isn’t a flash in the pan, says its creators
  • Pokémon Go is a “long road”, but big changes due soon
  • New Pokemon Tyranitar, MewTwo, Ho-oH, Lugia and more
  • Pokemon GO Dev Compares Game To World of Warcraft
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ICANN : Here it comes

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Now, with the elections clouding the waters, and the public’s attention diverted, the new ICANN partners are going about moving the internet to India, but before the news, let me share one of our observations.
      Last week we squashed 40 malware attacks that could only have been possible with ICANN’s rogue registrars, and the new gTLDs. If Trump doesn’t repeal Obama’s loss of the internet, it’s going to get worse; a lot worse.

  • Attorneys general try to block transfer of authority over internet domains
  • Enhanced Cooperation v2005 is Dead; Long Live Enhanced Cooperation
  • gTLDs: Negative feedback For Controversial “Free Speech” TLD.
  • The U.S Needs a Proactive Global Communications Policy
  • Could Trump Administration Reverse ICANN Independency?
  • The Internet (and ICANN) After the Trump Apocalypse
  • ‘Delink ICANN from US jurisdiction’
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iPhone Update : Wireless Charging, Live Photos, an exploding iPhone and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers You’ve been preoccupied with all the evil, hateful news leading up to election day, so you probably didn’t even see these news stories fly by — the iPhone 7 is making some real moves, but seriously folks, what you really need is the iPhone 8 !!! (Does anybody remember what a big deal it was when Apple introduced OS 8 ??? Something about the 8s and I still have that Microsoft jackeet!)

  • Upcoming iPhone’s Wireless Charging Technology Will Make You Go Wow
  • Next year’s iPhone is going to have an even bigger screen
  • Apple’s iPhone 8 just keeps looking better and better
  • How (And Why) To Turn Off Live Photos On Your iPhone
  • iPhone 7 Plus explodes in China after drop accident
  • Is the iPhone 7 Plus better than past generations?
  • Is your iPhone shutting down unexpectedly?

CAUTION Beware, all of these sites, and most news sites these days have lots of screen spam, including stalker links, predators and possibly malware. Use caution and don’t click on anything outside of the article. See how to use the Firefox Reader feature to skip all the screen spam Careful what you click

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Color Binoculars

At the recent events both Microsoft and Apple presented how they were addressing accessibility issues.  I don’t believe this app was mentioned.  It promises to address the issue of color blindness for the three most common types of color blindness.

The app was started at an MS Hackathon in 2015 and finished in the MS Garage program.  It was released on the 11th of November.  And uses the iPhone camera to adjust colors so the user can make it so the user can pick out flowers or choose matching colors.

Full story on Microsoft’s site here: