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UGNN Facebook Update: : Facebook good and bad for April 2014

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook news and reviews … good and bad reports — can you believe Zuckerberb is chasing the same dream failed by Gates so many years ago? Can you believe a ‘post it later’ button? Can you believe the police are watching? Well if it’s happening, the Facebook Infomanager is chasing the rumors and news . . .
[*] Facebook ‘I drank’ post not best idea for woman on DUI probation
[*] Facebook testing ‘Save’ read-it-later button for Web interface
[*] Facebook, Oculus, And Businesses’ Thirst For Virtual Reality
[*] Facebook Paper: The Inside Story Is Not What You’d Expect
[*] Facebook launches lab to bring Internet everywhere
[*] Facebook “Friend” Burglarizes Vacationers: Police
[*] Facebook’s Drone Plans Sound Hilariously Ominous
[*] Facebook Suddenly Cares If You’re Oversharing
[*] How Facebook and Twitter Undermine Religion
. . . and more
CAUTION Careful, we’ve found a pop-up ad splash screens and other stalker links and screen-spam on all of these pages. Seems the news industry has now resorted to heavy screen-spam to make revenue! Be very careful what you click.

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Browsers for Macintosh

After posting the article about the demise of Camino, I wondered how many browser options we still have beyond the big three.  Continue reading »

Lessons from Emerging Markets

Future of Technology What can developed markets learn from emerging markets? Can Africa transform the global ICT industry? This week we look at Africa’s potential for innovation and its position in the global ICT industry. Also, discover how emerging markets are leading the innovation charge.

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Steve Jobs: The “Global Leadership” Conundrum

Cookies Global Leadership Programs are becoming more popular, but are they enough to develop the leaders of the future? In this edition, IDG focuses on the issues around this topic … “Is the Steve Jobs trick of being an ‘awful boss’ crucial to organisational leadership?”

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Junk Mail remedy?

pic Are you inundated with catalogs, offers, and direct mail junk? The web site could be just what you’re looking for.

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Google’s new privacy policy

They thought the face on the screen was Microsoft … they were wrong!  Adam Bunn, SEO Director, Greenlight comments on Google’s new privacy policy – Likely the most transparent it has been from a search engine optimisation perspective

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Nerding-Out Your Facebook Timeline!

Jennifer L. Jacobson, of Retrevo Inc. If it were up to Mark Zuckerberg, your Facebook Timeline will literally say, you were born… then you joined Facebook. Now let me be clear… nerds don’t wane nostalgic over trivial things like baby’s first steps, or first words; we care about when you first saw Star Wars or beat Super Mario Bros. So why not nerd-out your Facebook Timeline? Here are some events we’re sure you’ll want to add to make your social life (at least look) complete.

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Jennifer L. Jacobson, of Retrevo Inc. Move Over Helicopter Parents. “iParents” Are Here. . . . A parent’s job is never finished and especially when it comes to keeping up with the technology that children so easily seem to understand. If you’re a parent today, chances are, you’re well aware that your job has grown far beyond making sure homework is completed and everyone gets to school on time. Continue reading »

iOS the most secure

Robert Lemos has authored this article in InfoWorld. He starts off by quoting Charlie Miller, a security consultant with Accuvant who says about the first iPhone. “It was so insecure, it was bad. Your Web browser ran as root, and there was no sandboxing, no DEP, and no ASLR. It was a hacker’s dream.” Continue reading »

Zuckerberg Eats What’s Grown in FarmVille?

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shocked the world and possibly the universe this week when he announced that he only eats produce and meat grown in FarmVille.

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Bilingualism’s positive effects on children

Bilingual education is lately gaining more interest from people. More parents are looking at the possibility of having their children learn more than the local language to equip them further. And so, more bilingual education program providers were established to cater the growing demand.

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Phishing Update: Malware rising

DO NOT CLICK ... for web safety   Malware, hacking, phishing and cybercrime is increasing and becoming more intrusive. As the holiday season approaches, be even more vigilant for attacks. Here’s what we found this week:
* FBI : Chilling Case of ‘Sextortion’
* New Variant of Boonana Trojan Discovered
* iPhone open to PayPal phishing scams
* USB Malware Attacks On the Rise
* Internet Explorer 8 malware filtering problem hits users across the Web
* How Malware Authors Fight Off Security Researchers
* Financial malware attacks will escalate
* Internet Explorer Under Attack
* Check download links for malware in Google Chrome
* Phishing Scam Targets World Bank Officials
* Blacklisted After Negative Bill Gates Article


Net Safety links from Joe Showker

DO NOT CLICK ... for web safetyJoe Showker, ITRT Rockingham County Schools, has passed along these references for kids, students and parents. The online social world isn’t going away, and the perils continue to grow. As we enter the holiday season, provide these to your connected kids at home!

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Heads in the sand

creativecow blocks spamcop Sometimes you run into situations online that just make you say “hmmmmmmmmm.” Some you cannot figure out. Some you can do something about — others, you can’t. Such is the case with being blocked by ‘the creative cow’ web site.

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What Your Gadgets Reveal About You

Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, an iPhone, Android, or a BlackBerry user, the gadgets you use say something about you. Continue reading »