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VRC – TidBITS Publishing Inc. (Take Control Books)

Adam Engst and Tanya Engst has provided Macintosh users with the weekly newsletter TidBITS, since the early days of the Mac.  They have been publishing the Take Control books series for a number of years now as well.  Since, they have both been great supporters of user groups, so it is no surprise that they are joining the ranks of the Vendor Resource Center.   Continue reading »

Prosoft Engineering, Inc.

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is joining the Vendor Resource Center. They support Macs and Windows machines.
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VRC – Dejal Systems, LLC

From Dejal Systems‘ history page: “Dejal has provided many quality and flexible utilities to the Macintosh world over the years, starting back in 1991 with the pre-Mac OS X gems QuickEncrypt and SndConverter Pro. Nowadays, pretty much everything is developed in native Cocoa for Mac OS X… Continue reading »

VRC – Binary Formations

This is one of the newer vendors in the Macintosh community, since it was established in 2005. Its products are aimed at the consumer, not businesses, so I think that many MUG members would be interested in the Home Inventory and the one for those wanting to quit smoking. Check out the listing below, try them out and hopefully you will recommend them to your membership. Continue reading »

VRC – Mariner Software

If I recall correctly, Mariner Software started with Write and Calc which were alternatives to Microsoft Word and Excel. They then developed specialized software for doing Journaling, novel writing and script/screenwriting software. Now they have software for iOS devices as well as Windows. Please see their contact info in the Vendor Resource Center. Continue reading »

VRC – Intego

I understand that currently there isn’t any virus software on the Macintosh. However, we are starting to see malware and we certainly don’t want to pass on any virus that is sent to us to our friends and associates. Intego provides software to protect Macintosh OS, Windows OS and iOS devices. Intego is new to our Vendor Resource Center. Please check out and invite them to participate to your user group. Continue reading »

VRC – Pearson Education, informIT

Back in the early 1990′s, I worked with Peachpit Press to provide discounted books to 3 local user groups in the DFW area. I sold enough books that I was even able to attend a Peachpit party at San Francisco Macworld Expo one year. Of course, since then there have been a lot of changes in the publishing industry. Continue reading »

VRC – Bare Bones Software

Bare Bones Software has become the latest addition to our Vendor Resource Center. Great products and great support of Mac User Groups.
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Vendor Resource Center

Back in the early to mid 1990′s Fred and I and others worked with the User Group Forum on AOL to support PC & Mac User Groups on line.
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VRC – Smile Software

Our first vendor in the new Vendor Resource Center is Smile Software. Of course, Smile is always one of the first in doing anything to support Macintosh User Groups. They have a great program that providing presentations via iChat/Skype and provides product to user groups for special uses.
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