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Film Editor Richard Marks A.C.E. to appear at LACPUG March 26

 Film Editor Richard Marks A.C.E. to appear at LACPUG March 26 The Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (lacpug) have announced that legendary film editor Richard Marks A.C.E. will appear at lacpug, Wednesday March 26, 2014 at the Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood, CA. beginning at 6:45PM.

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Strange Macintosh “Fixes”

In the early 1990′s, we had a “Mac Guru” in our Dallas user group, who came to the meeting and told us how he cleaned his keyboard by putting it in the dishwasher.   Continue reading »

Facebook MUGs

Of course UGNN has had a presence on Facebook for sometime now. You can connect with us at:

UG Infomanager:


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iBank 5 Delivers Over 120 Enhancements

MADE IN AMERICA Putney, Vermont – IGG Software has announced the release of iBank 5.1, a major update to its acclaimed money management program. The most complete personal finance software available for the Mac, iBank 5.1 provides improved bank connectivity, enhanced reports, better bill pay, and superior transaction management among scores of new features and fixes.  Continue reading »

Random Access

At the TUMS (Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society) meeting, I recently introduced a new approximately 15 minute long segment that I’m calling “Random Access.”   Continue reading »

Mac at 30: Tales from BMUG

Macworld has this article by Dan Miller, about the Berkeley Macintosh User Group.  For 14 years, the largest Macintosh User Group in the world.  At one point it had 13K members with satellite groups in Boston and Japan.  Continue reading »

Longtime MLMUG member “Moe” Comeau has passed on

 Moe was in the group that started MLMUG in 1989 and served in many capacities including Past President, Recording Secretary, Webmaster, Raffle runner, Vendor Liaison, photographer, picnic chef, muffin baker and Curmudgeon. Moe was always willing to pitch in and will be missed by all in MLMUG.

UGAB Commemorate page



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Use Pages to print labels

TUAW has posted this article by Steven Sande to help us get Christmas cards in the mail.  While it is probably to late for most of us at this time, it is a good place to start for doing mailing labels.   Continue reading »

30th Anniversary of the Macintosh

Yes, I know it is hard to believe, especially if you were an Apple ][+ or //e user, but next month marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Mac.  As they said in the famous 1984 commercial.

On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh.  And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.’”

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MUG in local newspaper

The Kankakee Area MUG, (KAMUG) has been able to get their meeting announcement on the web site of the Daily Journal.  I haven’t been able to discover it if was published in the physical paper.   Continue reading »


I personally don’t know of any Apple II user groups that still serve the individuals who aren’t on line, but does still support Apple II users.  And also has a list of Apple II user groups from around the globe. Continue reading »

Book Creator App Now Free

Over 1 million ebooks have been created using Book Creator for iPad since its launch in 2011, at a rate of 80,000 per week. In order to celebrate this and make the app even more accessible, the developers are launching a free version.   Continue reading »

Air Media Server

 I’m always looking for ways to expand video usage on my Mac.  My Mac User Group has had presentations on a number of AirPlay devices and apps at the first of the year as well as one  more recently on building a media server using Plex on the Mac and using a Roku box to receive the Plex video.  We only briefly mentioned that someone has figure out how how to use the Trailers app on AppleTV to receive Plex video as well.  Air Media Server would be a competitive product to Plex and would run natively on each device.. Continue reading »

Possible Meeting Topics

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about topics for future meetings for the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society.  I thought I would list some that I’m considering or have scheduled.  Then see what you think and ask for additional topics.  Much of these listed have been presented in the past year or scheduled for presentation during the next year. Continue reading »

TUMS – Spring Cleaning for Macintosh (Part 2)

Last week, I started this series about the TUMS (Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society) presentation on Spring Cleaning the Macintosh.  This is the followup.  You can pick up at the beginning here:

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