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MUG Website of the Week – Apple Club

This week, we are looking at the web site of The Villages Apple User Group of The Villages, Florida. Continue reading »

MUG Websites August 22, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Returning to Arkansas then on to Missouri:

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MUG Websites for August 15, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here is an Arkansas MUG:

  • AppleRock – The Little Rock Apple Computer Users Group

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MUG Web Sites for Week Ending July 23, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are some New York MUGs:

  • LIMUG – Long Island Macintosh User Group
  • Apple Cider User Group

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MUG Websites for July 16, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are Maine MUGs:

  • MMOOS – Main Macintosh Owners and Operators Society.
  • CAMP – Capital Apple Macintosh User Group
  • LAMUG – Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh User Group

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The new malware landscape — living on borrowed time


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report We recently talked about a new malware that doesn’t care if you have a Mac or a PeeCee — and another that is now specifically targeting iPhone users. With the popularity of Apple products, the cybercrime industry has found a rich new hunting ground in Apple users.

There are over 1 million new strains of malware created every day. You no longer have to be attacked in order to be infected with malware. You can pick up malware easier than you can catch a cold, or pick up a bug at the day-care center. Just log into some web sites. On average, over 30,000 SME websites are targeted each day, and to make matters worse, nearly 60% of their IT professionals think they aren’t at any real risk of being attacked.

Yet, email still poses a frightening risk. Too many people trust their email, and a cleverly configured email can get you in real trouble. Read the piece below about ransomware. It’s running rampant — and much is delivered via an attachment in email.

We surveyed the spam traps this morning and found 12 malware-laden emails, and a bank-spoof phishing email that ALSO had the malware component.

This is why we produced these Infographics for you to post and distribute.
get this valuable collectable Alert : Malware email coming your way! Will you recognize it?

But there’s more …

  • Google Play Store Malware Steals Photos and Videos from Viber – Neurogadget
  • Sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware could shut down electric grid
  • China Hacked Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Via Backdoor Malware
  • FBI says its malware isn’t malware because ‘we’re the good guys’
  • The stupidest ransomware for Windows is also the most dangerous
  • Is it ethical to use malware when disrupting cyber-crime?
  • The new malware landscape — living on borrowed time
  • SFG malware discovered in European energy company
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UGNN : Mug Musings from around the world for your 4th of July

InfoManager : what's new online If you’ve been around a while, you’ve learning that the really important stuff will be posted and shared to computer user group Facebook pages. Unfortunately we cannot cover them all — and if we haven’t mentioned you in a while, please let us know! What are mugs buzzing about on Facebook? Let’s go find out . . .

  • Tekserve, Precursor to the Apple Store, to Close After 29 Years
  • 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know
  • How to stitch photos into a panorama using Adobe Camera Raw
  • Everything you need to know about the new Apple File System
  • Limited time offer: Procreate for iPhone FREE
  • Sierra Running on Old Mac
  • iOS 10 | What’s new? (don’t miss this video!)

Have fun! You may need to log into Facebook to get the most out of our musings . . .

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MUG Websites for week of July 3, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are:

  • HMUG – Huntsville MUG.
  • TMUG – Tucson MUG

Note: This week I started by looking for,, etc. was the first one I came across what wasn’t for sale.  Some really interesting prices for those. Continue reading »

KansasFest – Apple II Forever

From the About KansasFest on the website:

KansasFest is the world’s only annual convention dedicated to the Apple II computer that revolutionized the personal computing industry. Held every year in Kansas City, Missouri, KansasFest invites hobbyists, retrocomputing enthusiasts, and diehard aficionados to gather from all corners of the world. Hackers, programmers, users, gamers, and curious observers come from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, England, Australia, Japan, and many other places by plane, train, bicycle, and Vespa.  Continue reading »

MUG Websites for June 26, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are:

  • CMUG Corvallis MUG.
  • PMUG – Portland MUG, as long as we are in Oregon.

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MUG Websites (Part 5)

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are:

  • YMUG – This group responded last week to my request.
  • AMUG – Back to the beginning of the alphabet.  Arizona MUG has been around for a long time, and has been among the most active groups in the country.
  • BMUG – of course this page doesn’t load the Berkley MUG any more, but it does load PlanetMUG which was the BBS that BMUG was running when they shutdown. Continue reading »

MUG Web Sites (Part 4)

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are:

  • Ocala Mug – This group responded last week to my request.
  • MacGroup-Detroit – One of the country’s largest groups.

MUG Web Sites (Part 3)

CapitalMac – From the capital of Texas — This group has one of the best web sites, I’ve seen and seems to be very, very active compared to the ones I am most familiar with.
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Boston Computer Society General Meetings

I just came across a couple of places where you can find out more about the BCS.  One has recordings of old meetings and the other seems to be celebrating the history. (A BCS alumni group)  Continue reading »

MUG Web Sites (Part 2)

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites.

Covered here are:

  • MacMAD – I thought this was a great acronym.
  • Chicago Apple Users Group  – I bought my first Apple computer in the Chicago area, but was only vaguely aware of user groups and was moved to Honolulu before I was able to attend any meetings there.
  • Suburban Chicago Apple User Group – This was the group that I was had just found out about in 1982 before I was transferred to Honolulu.  Then it was known as Northwest of US
  • Houston Area Apple Users Group – I first heard of this group when i was living in Dallas in the early ’90s.  Still going strong and one of the few groups still doing a newsletter.
  • Cowtown MUG – I have been active with this group on two different occasions totaling about 15 years.  It was where I spent my time before returning to Tulsa.
Let us know about your site. Continue reading »