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User Groups on Facebook Week ending August 31st 2014.

This week’s subject on UG’s Facebook pages are listed below.  If you know of any user groups that aren’t mentioned, please let us know.  This week we saw:

[_]  30th Anniversary Party for North Coast MUG
[_]  How to Secure Your Mac
[_]  Apple Keynote Special London MUG event   Continue reading »

This week’s UGs on Facebook

This week’s subject on UG’s are listed below.  If you know of any user groups that aren’t mentioned, please let us know.  This week we saw:

[_] Save 50% on Take Control Books
[_] Dutch Artist Creates 3D Printer That Can Print Complex Ceramic Pots
[_] How to use photos on iMovie (part1) Continue reading »

Open Source Mac Software

I am preparing to present Open Source Software for the Macintosh to the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society in September.  A few years ago, September was declared Open Source Month by someone and I’ve tried every two or three years to find what I can get and tell the group about what is available.   Continue reading »

Mugs On Facebook : Wearable Tech, rumors, rolltop laptop, dedication to Robin Williams and more

FACEBOOK We enjoy cruising the Facebook Groups to see what’s going on around the world. Currently we can only find about a dozen computer user groups out there … if you know of others, please let us know . . . anyway, we saw these on Facebook last week …
[_] How to turn your iPhone into an instant Wi-Fi hotspot
[_] Facebook Color Scheme Scam returns: don’t be fooled
[_] Jewish Calendar, Hebrew Date Converter, Holidays
[_] SSD Prices Hit Sweet New Low of $0.50/GB
[_] Apple – iPad Air – TV Ad – Your Verse
[_] Guy Kawasaki: Looking for User Groups?
[_] The world’s oldest wearable tech?
[_] A Rolltop in your future?
[_] Robin Williams
… and more

Continue reading »

Microsoft Office for iPad Meeting Topic

I was planning on doing a meeting in August on Microsoft Office for iPad and presenting it myself.    Continue reading »

11 Reasons to Join A User Group

I’ve posted “11 Reasons to Join TUMS” on our new TUMS web site.  Finally after 2 years I was able to get control of the URL and produce a web site. Continue reading »

MUGs Facebook : Maps, Safety, new iTunes Content, and more

I’m finding some pretty cool references on Facebook this week . . . if you missed these, you might want to take a look  Continue reading »

Change MP3 audio format to Audiobook

On the MacGroup-Detroit web site, this article is called “Audiobooks? Yes, please.”  It is written by Phyllis Evans.   Continue reading »

MUGS Talk on Facebook

 What is being discussed on Facebook MUG pages this week:   Continue reading »

Film Editor Richard Marks A.C.E. to appear at LACPUG March 26

 Film Editor Richard Marks A.C.E. to appear at LACPUG March 26 The Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (lacpug) have announced that legendary film editor Richard Marks A.C.E. will appear at lacpug, Wednesday March 26, 2014 at the Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood, CA. beginning at 6:45PM.

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Strange Macintosh “Fixes”

In the early 1990′s, we had a “Mac Guru” in our Dallas user group, who came to the meeting and told us how he cleaned his keyboard by putting it in the dishwasher.   Continue reading »

Facebook MUGs

Of course UGNN has had a presence on Facebook for sometime now. You can connect with us at:

UG Infomanager:


UG Netnews: Continue reading »

iBank 5 Delivers Over 120 Enhancements

MADE IN AMERICA Putney, Vermont – IGG Software has announced the release of iBank 5.1, a major update to its acclaimed money management program. The most complete personal finance software available for the Mac, iBank 5.1 provides improved bank connectivity, enhanced reports, better bill pay, and superior transaction management among scores of new features and fixes.  Continue reading »

Random Access

At the TUMS (Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society) meeting, I recently introduced a new approximately 15 minute long segment that I’m calling “Random Access.”   Continue reading »

Mac at 30: Tales from BMUG

Macworld has this article by Dan Miller, about the Berkeley Macintosh User Group.  For 14 years, the largest Macintosh User Group in the world.  At one point it had 13K members with satellite groups in Boston and Japan.  Continue reading »