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inCider (AKA A+) magazine was one of my favorite Apple ][ magazines. It tried but was unsuccessful in making the transition to Macintosh coverage.  There now is an archive where you can read all these magazines.



How to get an education discount from Apple

This article written for Macworld UK was updated on May 10th to add Apple Music 50% discount, shows how students and educators can get discounts from Apple.

Note that while this article is aimed at the UK, it also applies to the US.

Anybody who works in an education environment qualifies for a discount on Apple computers. It’s not just limited to students, teachers and lecturers, but also covers administrative workers and other staff members. Essentially it’s anybody who works for a school, college or university. More details at:



Keeping Up With Reddit: Use IFTTT

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I found this ResearchBuzz article to be interesting: “…I imagine it would be difficult to aggregate 73 million submissions on a site as wide-ranging as Reddit and not have something turn up that would be of interest or of use to you. Your field of interest would have to be very limited.”

“… IFTTT stands for “IF This, Then That”. You put the channels together in “recipes,” so that if something happens on one channel, something happens on another channel. As you might imagine, this lets you set up a lot of time-saving tasks. And best of all, IFTTT is free!

I didn’t even have Reddit on my mind when I went to set up some recipes in IFTTT — but browsing through the channels, I noticed there was one for Reddit. And then I noticed how powerful it was. …”

The author goes on to show exactly how to setup an IFTTT recipe. I’m going to have to try this myself.

See the story here:


Amazon Takes on YouTube

Variety has announced that Amazon will be providing video from producers on their service.
“With the launch of Amazon Video Direct, open to any video creator, the e-commerce giant will compete head-to-head with Google’s YouTube for video-ad dollars and views as well as other big Internet video distributors like Facebook and Vimeo.”

Initial partners include Conde Nast, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Machinima, StyleHaul.


10 Free Online Batch Image Tools

  This article on MakeUseOf website lists 10 Free Online Batch Image Tools to Resize, Convert & Optimize images.  Continue reading »

How To Get Your Computer Ready To Sell Or Give Away

If you don’t do this, you’ll be giving a stranger all of your files.

First, back up your machine: That’s photos, documents and music. You probably don’t want to lose all of your stuff.

While your computer is backing up, make sure you’ve got all your product keys. Once you’ve verified you have a key, deauthorize the program. This way you won’t have any trouble re-installing any software on your next computer.


5 Local Mac Backup Solutions That Aren’t Time Machine

  While Time Machine comes with every Mac, sometimes you may want features that Apple hasn’t included.

Time Machine is great for recovering individual files, but it is also nice to have a clone copy of the drive that you could boot from and it would be nice to schedule those backups as well.

Macuseof has listed 5 optional backup solutions from Free to $40 and even an off site backup.



Code Inventors – 30% Off Sale

Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom – Code Inventors today is pleased to announce a special sale on all of their Mac and Windows applications, 30% off license codes until 14 May 2016.
Continue reading »

Automated Workflows

 This web site is all about automating work on the Macintosh using AppleScript and Automator.   Continue reading »

13 Gmail Hacks That’ll INSTANTLY Maximize Your Productivity

Jillian Knox Finley wrote this article on her blog “MyDomaine.” She opens with “Having a vicelike grip on your inbox features will maximize efficiency and streamline your day-to-day routine. We’ve rounded up our favorite hacks and apps to level up your email game and have you sorted to the Nth degree. …”

The list includes:

  • Alias Based Filters
  • Canned Responses
  • Undo Send
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Link Tasks to Emails
  • Verify Authenticate Senders
  • Plain Text Formatting
  • Zapier
  • Boomerang
  • Rapportive
  • Followup
  • Hiver
  • HopEmail
  • Triage
For the complete article with details see it here:



Macintosh OS X Slowdown Solutions

 Apple Solutions
Randy B. Singer has been on a number of mailing lists that I subscribe to for a long time. I’ve never seen him steer a member wrong.

He states that ” It seems like barely a week goes by without me hearing about a user whose Macintosh has suddenly slowed to a crawl. I’ve helped a number of users troubleshoot the problem, and it turns out that the problem isn’t caused by just one thing. To help users whose Macs have suddenly slowed down, I’ve created a Web page that lists a number of troubleshooting steps that they can take to address the most likely causes of their slowdown.”

GO  See his hints here:

iPhone Update from activation issues, Night Shift, Israelis, to a Fun-Size iPhone, and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The world of the iPhone runs and shifts up and down until you’re not sure what’s going on at all — but one things’s sure, and that’s it keeps on moving. Now we got a bigger phone, then a smaller phone, then a fun phone, and the OS breaks everyone’s phone! Careful what you wish for. (but hey, don’t miss the video, this week!)

  • Apple halts iOS 9.3 updates for older iPads, iPhones after activation issues
  • 4 reasons why the FBI unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone is bad news
  • Will iPhone’s new Night Shift feature actually help you sleep?
  • Review: Beyond size, what you get and give up with iPhone SE
  • FBI iPhone backdoor case on hold as potential hack surfaces
  • Shadowy Hacking Industry May Be Helping FBI Crack an iPhone
  • Report: Israeli company helping FBI crack iPhone security
  • This gorgeous iPhone 7 concept looks too good to be true
  • iPhone SE: thoughts on going back to a smaller phone
  • 1 Reason to Celebrate Apple’s Fun-Size iPhone

CAUTION Beware, all of these sites, and most news sites these days have lots of screen spam, including stalker links, predators and possibly malware. Use caution and don’t click on anything outside of the article. See how to use the Firefox Reader feature to skip all the screen spam Careful what you click

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I was drawn to this blog, by an article in the ResearchBuzz newsletter about an effort by Facebook to track Impersonator Accounts. Continue reading »

Flash Storage Upgrades for MacBook Pro with Retina

 San Dimas, California – MCE Technologies (MCE) has announced that they are shipping their complete range of PCIe-based Flash Storage Upgrade Solutions made for the late-2013 through mid-2015 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. In addition to 1TB, 512GB, and 256GB capacity PCIe-based flash storage upgrade solutions for late-2013 through mid-2014 MacBook Pro with Retina Display models based on those machine’s PCIe 2.0 architecture, also shipping are 1TB and 512GB capacity PCIe-based flash storage upgrade solutions for the more recent early and mid-2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display models that take advantage of those machine’s faster PCIe 3.0 architecture. Continue reading »

Internet Archives

I was reading through my back issues of emails, and came across a story about the science fiction magazine If, being having it’s complete catalog on the Pulp Magazine archive on the Internet Archives web site.   Continue reading »