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InfoManager : Wearable Technology news, views and reviews 1408-18

We’re surfing the waves of the latest buzz on wearable technology! Glasses, rings, watches, bands, and more — even Obama gets a little golf help with the latest wearable tech — when the big news is rolling, the InfoManager will be there :
[_] Making bearable wearables: Introducing the Wearable Tech Fashion Competition
[_] The history of wearable tech kicked off in the 1660s with an abacus ring
[_] Michael J. Fox Foundation on wearable tech for Parkinson’s patients
[_] Wearables going mainstream — poised for a ‘privacy nightmare’?
[_] How wearable tech may disrupt the charity sector
[_] Where do you want to wear your “wearable tech”?
[_] When Don Draper met wearable technology
. . . and more!

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15 Secretly Hidden Features of Mac

  In another LIfehack article we have 15 features that they say are hidden from users.   Continue reading »

Change the default search engine on iOS and OS X

Since the first iPhone, the default search engine has been Google.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Continue reading »

Summarize Services Command

I have been showing educators and students the Mac Special Services menu item that is called Summarize.  This is always greated with surprise and thanks.   Continue reading »

A powerful research tool for those needing arrest information and mugshots

 Popular Mugshot App Now Available For iPhone Leading the way for arrests and mugshots online, JailBase has released the iPhone version of their well-liked mobile app. Helping you find information about family members. Researching past arrests. Seeing who’s been arrested in your neighborhood. JailBase’s free mobile app fills this need for many counties in the United States.

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9 Things everyone should know how to do with a presentation app

This article by Macworld’s Franklin Tessler tells us how to do 9 things in each of the presentation programs for Office (Powerpoint), iWork (Keynote) and Google Docs (Slide).   Continue reading »

IDG: What is the Future of Wearables?

highlights The wearable tech market is currently on course to be worth $3 billion by 2018 according to analysts at Beecham Research. Collaborate with the fashion industry and the market could be three times that.

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iOS 8 Security Changes

Luis Abreu has posted this blog that studies Apple announcements at WWDC for how it affects privacy and security issues.   Continue reading »

Change MP3 audio format to Audiobook

On the MacGroup-Detroit web site, this article is called “Audiobooks? Yes, please.”  It is written by Phyllis Evans.   Continue reading »

IDG: API Monitoring Managing Vulnerabilities, The Internet is Broken

highlights This year is 25 years since the creation of the World Wide Web, and it’s come a long way. But, is it all it could be? Is it a disappointment? And where will it be in 2025? We take a look…

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EverWeb 1.4 Released

Toronto, Canada – RAGE Software has announced  an update to EverWeb, the easy to use website design and publishing tool for OS X. EverWeb aims to remove all the hurdles from designing, creating, and publishing professional websites with a complete drag and drop user interface for website creation combined with a one-click publishing solution. EverWeb users never have to write any code or focus on any of the technical details when designing a website. EverWeb 1.4 adds major enhancements to the Image Gallery, Navigation Menu, Image Slider, Facebook, and HTML Snippet widgets.  Continue reading »

101 Useful Web Sites

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a web site that listed 33 useful web sites.  This list is of 101 web site.  Hopefully you can find at least 33 that you will find useful.   Continue reading »

SplashID Safe now offers even more ways to keep passwords secure

 SplashID Safe now offers even more ways to keep passwords secure MADE IN AMERICA These days in time, you need your security. SplashData has made a major update to its SplashID Safe password manager that adds new security features. With more attention than ever on password security, thanks to recent data breaches and Heartbleed, SplashID Safe now provides even more options for users to keep their passwords securely encrypted on mobile devices and computers.

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Popular apps that many have never heard of

The San Francisco Gate published this article by KristenV. Brown about apps.  She says,  ”Some of the mobile Web’s most popular apps are probably ones that you’ve never heard of.”

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33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

This article on Buzzfeed lists 33 useful websites.  Some I’ve used in the past, others I heard about, but quite a few I haven’t.   Continue reading »