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5 Tips for Better Passwords

Peter Cohen has written this article on iMore about how to provide better security though your passwords.   Continue reading »

How to Plan a Mobile App Project

Matt Blair posted this article on He has worked on more than a dozen apps for iOS.  This article covers insights he has gained over the last few years.   Continue reading »

Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network with OS X

This article is from The Next Web.  In it “Boris” talks about a feature that was introduced in Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and continues being available in Mavericks OS X 10.9.  Continue reading »

Safe and Not Safe Heartbleed Sites

An article on Cult of Mac says that there are 15 Heartbleed-Vulnerable sites  where you should change your password.  Cult of Mac got their information from Continue reading »

Make Your iPhone’s Battery Last

Business Insider has this article by Lisa Eadicico and it covers several ideas on how to lengthen battery life on your iPhone.   Continue reading »

RIP – MacFixIt, Long Live MacIssues!

For many years, MacFixIt was the place to go for those needing help in troubleshooting their Macs.  Originally founded in 1996 by Ted Landau who published several books about Mac trouble shooting.  The first was call “Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters.”   Continue reading »

Strange Macintosh “Fixes”

In the early 1990′s, we had a “Mac Guru” in our Dallas user group, who came to the meeting and told us how he cleaned his keyboard by putting it in the dishwasher.   Continue reading »

10 Tips to Speed Up Mavericks

This article at Apple Gazette is about how to speed up OS X Mavericks.   Continue reading »

Facebook MUGs

Of course UGNN has had a presence on Facebook for sometime now. You can connect with us at:

UG Infomanager:


UG Netnews: Continue reading »


 NationSwell is a new website that show how people are becoming active in making our country better.   Continue reading »

New application gives users two options to block the internet.

A survey of 3000 people in the USA released today reveals that 62% say they have been distracted from completing work by checking emails, browsing the web, and engaging with social media. Also 59% admitted that the reduction in productivity caused them dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The survey was released by on the day it launches its internet blocking and productivity application. It calls itself the ultimate productivity application because it combines three of the most powerful tools to aid motivation.

Continue reading »

Anytune Perfects Mac Music Practice with Launch of Anytune 1.0 for Mac

 Anytune Perfects Mac Music Practice with Launch of Anytune 1.0 for Mac Ottawa, Canada – Anytune, the top rated music practice app in the App Store that enables musicians to slow down music without changing the pitch, today announced the launch of a new product – Anytune 1.0 for Mac. Musicians use Anytune to learn to play or transcribe songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, and setting and sharing marks. Now musicians can use Anytune on their Macs and enjoy the same musician driven feature set that has made Anytune so popular on iPad and iPhone.

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MacUpdate Desktop

 I’ve have long advocated using as a place to get a lead on applications that we are needing to find.  Continue reading »

A Guide to OS X Mavericks from ComputerWorld

John Evans has produced this guide in two parts for ComputerWorld.  The first is called: “An A-Z guide to OS X Mavericks (A-M)”. The second part starts with N.   Continue reading »

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?

This article was posted by David Payette last August on his blog

He starts off with a brief paragraph and then says: “Take my word for it: The vast majority of iPhone battery issues are software related.” Continue reading »