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Here are some good stories on the net that are to short for me to summarize.   Continue reading »

Photos – Presentation at TUMS

On  July 21st, Lesa Snider presented Photos for Mac and iOS to the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society via the Internet web   Continue reading »

70+ Best Free Alternatives

Ruchita Bamane posted this list of software that are alternatives to commercial software on June  13th on The Unlearner blog.

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How to change the default app for a file on OS X

We have gotten used to double clicking a file and having an app open it. However what do you do if  that app isn’t the one you want to use on a regular basis? Continue reading »

How to make a map to include on invitations

Lesa Snider has written this article on   Continue reading »

30+ Awesome Free and Open Source Audio Applications

This article appears on Open-Tube, a blog dedicated to Free Open Source, Enterprise Software. This is a list of over 30 audio apps most of which are available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and UnixContinue reading »

16 tips for every Apple Watch user

This article by Mark Brown is on Pocket Gamer gives those 16 tips.  Continue reading »

12 biggest surprises after a week with Apple Watch

Rob LeFebvre posted this article on Cult of Mac. Continue reading »

10 essential Finder tricks every Mac user should know

This article by Rob LeFebvre  on Cult of Mac is another list of tips.  How many do you know?  Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook April 25, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Apple Updates Long List of Apps With Bug Fixes as Keynote for iOS Gains Apple Watch Controls
  • Reunion for Macintosh
  • How to Permanently Erase Files on OS X

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MacStock 2015

On this past week’s Macbreak Weekly, guest Don McAlilster of Screencasts Online, mentioned that he would be attending this event on June 20th in Woodstock, IL but according the MacStock web site is actually in Crystal Lake. Both of these are Chicago suburbs. Continue reading »

Dan Rodney

Dan Rodney has a blog with a number of good hints & tips for Mac and iOS users.  Continue reading »

How to Remove Adware From Your Mac Followup

Last week, we published the “How to Remove Adware From Your Mac” article.  Our friend Randy Singer commented to us in a post in the AUGD List the following:  Continue reading »

You need a Simple Packing List for iOS Watch? Here it is.

 Dejal introduces Watch app for Pack - Simple Packing List for iOS I would have to assume that you probably already know how to pack for travel. But many people like lists so they don’t forget something they’ll have to buy when they get there. So maybe you’ll be needing the Pack app.

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5 Lesser-Known Free Sites for Watching TV Shows

This article is from and was written by Justin Pot.  Continue reading »