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Opera launches free unlimited VPN

CNET logoWhile most VPNs either require a subscription fee or installing additional software on your PC, Opera’s latest update to its stable desktop browser version adds VPN functionality for free and turning it on is as simple as clicking a button.

Powered by Opera subsidiary SurfEasy, the VPN uses a 256-bit AES encrypted connection and does not log your browsing history. Users can choose from five server locations or let the browser select the most optimal server.

Besides desktop versions, there are versions for iOS and Android.


Together3.6 for macOS Sierra

Swansea, United Kingdom – Reinvented Software has announced the release of Together 3.6 for Mac, bringing iCloud to the directly sold version for the very first time. Continue reading »

Duplicate Sweeper

icon256Stafford, United Kingdom – The release of MacOS Sierra update by Apple earlier this week has brought us a range of useful new features, including Siri on a Mac and the new Messages app. Another big reason to update to MacOS Sierra is its optimized storage feature, which automatically clears up old files and documents, deletes old movies and Mail attachments and empties trash automatically. Continue reading »

Settings in iOS 10

iOS’s Settings app is the quiet MVP of Apple’s mobile operating system: It’s the place you go to when you need to get something done, and get it done your way. So whenever you update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, it pays to peruse the settings to find, enable, and configure any new features just to your liking. Continue reading »

The great, and well-hidden, storage tool in mac OS Sierra

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-20-54-07Robin Harris has posted this story on The cool feature that helps you manage capacity use is buried in the About This Mac, not System Preferences.




Maps will remember where you parked your car

AppleInsider“Forgetting where you parked could soon be an issue of the past, thanks to a new feature in Apple’s newly released iOS 10 that automatically remembers where your car is located.”

The new feature notifies a user that their vehicle is parked and drops a pin on a map in its location. Users can get directions to their parked car, or edit the location to pinpoint it more accurately.



How to Fix iOS 10’s Biggest Annoyances

Lifehacker nameplate“With every launch of a new operating system comes a handful of quirks and annoyances. iOS 10 is no different, but thankfully, most of those quirks are pretty easy to correct.”

Items that Lifehacker says can be annoying to some people:

  • Make Touch ID’s Unlock Work Like it Did in iOS 9
  • Turn Off the Ability to Reply to Messages from the Lock Screen
  • Clear Out Spotlight Search Results
  • Prevent Apps From Automatically Adding Themselves to Messages
  • Turn Off Safari’s Autofill for Contact Info and Email Addresses
  • Disable Reduce Motion If Message Effects Aren’t Working
  • Remove the Dictation Button (Again)

See the details here:


GRAMPS (“Genealogy Research and Analysis Management Programming System”) now available as a cloud based genealogy program.

You should be able to use the cloud-based version of GRAMPS with any Android, Apple iOS (specifically iPad), Chromebook, Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer. Since it runs from the cloud, no software installation is required. Best of all, GRAMPS is available FREE of charge.




Bussum, Netherlands – AirBeamTV, a Mac software development company, has announced the release of the Mirror for LG TV application in the Mac App Store. This unique application provides the only way to mirror you mac screen to your LG TV without cables or additional hardware. Continue reading »

Typinator 6.10

Perg, Austria – Ergonis Software has announced the release of Typinator 6.10, a new version of their popular text expander. Typinator 6.10 comes with 50 improvements, including new features, compatibility enhancements, as well as fixes and workarounds for known issues. Among the new features are highlighting of markers in expansions, a built-in Case function for selecting different text fragments depending on an input value, support for logical values in calculations, new and extended arithmetic functions like min, max, round, and more. Continue reading »

iPhone InfoManager : New iPhone 7s, headphones, videos, comedy, cameras and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Okay . . .so we’re off and running with the new iPhone 7 and the fall-out is horrific! You’re either for it, against it, a pundant or an asshole or both. Anyway, the iPhone Infomanager digs deeper and brings you the most interesting and entertaining stuff from the world of iPhone . . .

  • There’s one simple reason Nintendo is bringing Super Mario to the iPhone first
  • Everything you need to know about preordering the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple’s warranty for water-resistant iPhone 7 doesn’t cover liquid damage
  • How to charge your iPhone 7 and listen to headphones at the same time
  • Planning on using an old case with the iPhone 7? Nope.
  • Apple Gets Woke with the iPhone 7
  • Steve Jobs talks about Courage
  • Apple ~ Introducing iPhone 7
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News from Kirkville: Kirk McElhearn goes after the new iPhone and other Apple antics

Kirk McElhearn is the Ask the iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn is the “Ask the iTunes Guy” at Macworld — and he’s always got some real cool stuff going on! The introductions of the iPhone 7 has gotten Kirk stirred up, and we can understand why! Go get’im, Kirk! . . .

  • Kirk goes after the latest iPhone and Watch
  • Charging the iPhone 7 While Using Headphones is a Mess
  • Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry
  • I Forgot How Bad Apple’s EarPods (not AirPods) Sound
  • Apple: Jacks Off iPhone 7
  • Apple’s AirPod Mistake
  • Has Apple Lost Interest in the Mac?
  • Do You Need to Take Screenshots of the Apple TV? Here’s How to Do It
  • How to Encrypt Disk Images with Disk Utility to Protect Sensitive Files
  • Pretty Scary Security Problem with Amazon; How Is This Even Possible?
  • Kirk McElhearn’s 10 Essential Mac Utilities
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Mac Backup Guru 6.0

Auckland, New Zealand – MacDaddy has announcde the release of Mac Backup Guru 6.0, an important update to their backup app for Mac OS X. The app offers direct cloning, synchronization, and incremental snapshots of data. All three backup functions can backup any amount of data, from single files to entire volumes of data. The version 6.0 release offers a number of improvements, including faster backups, user interface improvements, an updated copy engine, and an improved incremental backup process. Continue reading »

App Donkey

I haven’t researched this web site to see how up to date the files are, but certainly the concept is great.  The site has nearly 1300 free and open source Macintosh compatible apps available. Continue reading »

Introducing the new iPhone 7


Here we share the iPhone 7 video trailer and the all features scrolling infographic . . . enjoy . . .  follow this link: