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WiFi Signal Strength Status App

wifi_signal_strength_status_app_for_mac_icon_256x256Bangalore, India – AppYogi Software today is pleased to announce the release of WiFi Signal Strength Status App 1.0, the company’s new utility developed exclusively for macOS. WiFi Signal Strength Status App features a unique, single threaded algorithm to accurately monitor the wireless signal strength of the personal computer network. Continue reading »

Facebook Update : Standing Rock, crooks, homeless, snapchat, click-bait, speeding, fake news and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook This edition has some thrills and chills — but the biggest item to note is how the cybercrime and foreign click-bait companies are capitalizing on the news about the Standing Rock pipeline issues! That’s got to be stopped, and I’ve notice user group members, and many of you reading this right now have shared those memes. Otherwise, it just gets crazier and crazier in the Facebook world!

  • Facebook Scammers Are Profiting From Standing Rock By Stealing Native Artwork
  • Facebook exec: “We resisted having standards” on fake news. “That was wrong.”
  • Facebook might add its own version of Snapchat Discover to your News Feed
  • Facebook to invest $20M in local housing as Silicon Valley faces crisis
  • Denver Health doctor resigns amid controversy over racist Facebook post
  • Man Livestreams 115-mph Joyride on Facebook, Promptly Crashes
  • Facebook is developing AI to bust ‘offensive’ Live video
  • MARSOC Facebook page takes down meme of ‘Saint Mattis’
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Inside IFTTT’s Plan For A More Harmonious Internet

If This Then That, (IFTTT) is trying to work more closely with third parties to make their recipes so that the individual can get more done.  And not coincidentally turn a profit.  Fast Company has this article about this process.

LindenTibbets, IFTTT’s founder and CEO stated: “We want to become a PayPal for access, a trusted third party that facilitates an exchange from one service to the next.“…

Jamie Siminoff, CEO of smart doorbell maker Ring, recently told Fast Company that paying IFTTT for its integration powers was far more cost effective than building them on its own….



Calligraphy Penmanship

1024 Chateaudun, France – Topdune Studio has announcd the release of its new version (1.5) of Calligraphy Penmanship. Traditionally, calligraphers are not using massively digital tools for creating their artworks. Ink and paper are their preferred tools, but it seems that they are getting into the digital age progressively for its advantages in terms of power and usability. Painting applications and their brush effects are their favorite instruments of creation. But these applications are not devoted to calligraphy and hand lettering. Despite of their excellence, they need to get a step forward for calligraphers and letterers. Continue reading »

Discover How Much Facebook Knows About You

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook ProPublia has started a series of articles on Machine Bias, the first is about How Much Facebook Knows About You. It also has a Chrome extension that will help you with your discovery.

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Portland Cardiologist Launches Heart Attack Prevention App

 Portland Cardiologist Launches Heart Attack Prevention App One thing you’ll notice about most user group members … none of us is getting any younger! Semler Heart for iOS devices is the first interactive app that deals directly with preventing heart disease; the #1 cause of death in this country. Continue reading »

Famous shoot’em up game apps for iOS, retro shooters! What’s Christmas without games?

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Okay, once a year at least, everyone gets to be a kid again! Even grown-ups remember the thrill of those first space invader games, and shoot-em-ups — and we’ve selected the hottest and most faithful to the vintage retro games we’ve all come to know and love! Light’em up, Scotty . . . .

  • Kosmik Revenge – Retro Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up
  • Iron Mission- classic arcade shoot’em up
  • Space Falcon Reloaded Free
  • Vintage Shoot-Em-Up
  • Captain Temporium
  • Phoenix HD
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Make millions of unique fortunes on your iPhone and iPad, just Ask Fortuna

 Ask Fortuna 1.0 for iPhone and iPad makes millions of unique fortunes Ask Fortuna 1.0, is an intriguing new fortune-generator for iPhone and iPad. Ask Fortuna creates almost-random sayings and prescient prognostications with a twist. However, these are not plagiarized lists of old quotes, nor are they completely random sentences of computer-speak; They are something in between. Ask Fortuna makes millions of uniquely original sayings, guided by “artificial intelligence” that imbues its prose with poetic and thought-provoking wit. You can save and send your favorite sayings to your friends, and even have “Ask Fortuna” read the saying out loud in one of many computerized voices.

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Apple InfoManager: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Trump, Cook, Colburn, iPhones, iPads, Watches and MacBooks!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Black Friday is behind us, and CyberMonday is TODAY (assuming you get this on Monday!) So what’s next? The deals are hot, the products amazing and we’re all bozos on this bus. From deals to rumors to dates to security problems, the world of Apple marches on, and we want to be there — the InfoManager marches on . . .

  • Apple just patented an iPhone that clips to your clothes
  • How to make an iPhone speakerphone call using only Siri
  • Trump To Cook: Let’s Bring iPhone Mfg Back To America
  • Ken Colburn: Comparing new Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7
  • Can the Apple Watch Save These 2 Ailing Retailers?
  • The malicious iPhone video with a silver lining
  • iPhone & iPad Security Flaw Can Bypass Passcode
  • Apple products will be rented like Apple Music
  • Pad Mini 5 release date, rumors: March 2017
  • Best Apple Deals 2016 – Cyber Monday
  • iPhone camera may get a 3D upgrade
  • Will the iPhone 8 be a flip phone?
  • Tablets at 35,000 feet

CAUTION ALERT, Most of the sites with cyber news unfortunately include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click! firefox reader mode LOOK FOR the Firefox ‘READER’ icon in the address window to read the articles without the risks!

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Insights 5.1 – Unparalleled Knowledge Mining for macOS Sierra

Insights 5.1 - Unparalleled Knowledge Mining for macOS Sierra We don’t hear much about ‘data mining’ these days — it seems to have been replaced by ‘knowledge mining’ — amazing? Insights 5.1 for macOS Sierra is a critically acclaimed application that implements original self-organizing modeling based on the Group Method of Data Handling or GMDH for classification, diagnosis and forecasting problems of complex nature for decision support. This could be an important asset in your software toolbox!

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Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

MADE IN AMERICAdatarecovery-icon300Madelia, Minnesota – Cisdem’s Black Friday Sale is still going on through November 30th. This is one huge sale, with 30% off for Cisdem DataRecovery, one of its hottest software for Mac. It can recover deleted, lost or formatted data from your Mac’s hard drive and other storage devices. No need to worry about data loss from now on! Continue reading »

Free Mac Backup Software

It has been said that backup software should work independently of the user.  Otherwise it won’t happen on a regular enough basis.
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Malicious link that freezes iOS devices

9To5Mac reported that “Every so often, a weird bug related to iOS will emerge that causes some sort of temporary misbehaving for users affected by it. For instance, nearly two years ago the infamous “effective power” bug took the internet by storm, and we’ve seen various other similar issues since then.

“Now, it has been discovered that playing a certain .mp4 video in Safari on any iOS device will cause the device to slow to a crawl and eventually freeze altogether…”



Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera

Pixelmator 2.0 Icon 1024x1024Vilnius, Lithuania – The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera, a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editing app for Mac. Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera brings full support for macOS Sierra and the revolutionary Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Continue reading »

UGNN : What’s hot and what’s not in the user group community this week 1611-21

InfoManager : what's new online I’m happy and sad this week. Happy because we had some fun discovering things posted by Mugs and Mug friends. However I’m sad because stupid fake, and rude posts far out-numbered real content. Even more disturbing is that it appears to be a trend. UG members who used to find real treasures that we were proud to share now just propagate junk and crap. Some of the best known MUGS in the world, known for their hugely beneficial sites and pages now dwindle to one or two real contributors. The leaders in our field and industry now tweeting dominos and media pander. Social media has proven itself as a remarkably powerful medium — for good or for bad. But it’s discouraging when it seems to be moving toward deep, snoring, mediocrity*, and that’s sad.

  • Android Phones Sending User’s Personal Data to a Firm in Shanghai?
  • Samsung phones are getting more and more like the iPhone
  • Have an iPhone 6 Plus that’s unresponsive to touch?
  • Have Mac’s Dashboard Widgets slipped away?
  • Is an App Right for You?
  • Apple Smith Haven

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