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Apple Watch InfoManager: at last the next device

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Okay … we’re off and running with an all new Infomanager column “Apple Watch” and we’re following the news of the latest Apple baby the Apple Watch! (Not iWatch) Folks, it just keeps getting better and better when you’re following the UGN Apple Watch Infomanager …
[*] Apple Watch features wireless charging (sort of): Will it catch on?
[*] Heart to Heart: Apple Watch Hints at Future of Digital Flirting
[*] Apple Watch vs Moto 360: Which beautiful smartwatch is best?
[*] Gold ‘Edition’ Apple Watch could cost as much as $1,200
[*] Apple watch threatens Swiss industry’s timepieces
[*] Apple watch hints at future of digital flirting
[*] Is the Apple Watch a breakout product?
[*] A demo of the new Apple Watch.
[*] Apple Watch is right on time
[*] Apple Watch typeface
and more…

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IDG Connect : Should the internet be a human right?

highlights Earlier this year, the founder of the modern Web, Tim Berners-Lee, argued for government oversight of the Web as well as digital-rights-management (DRM). This week IDG Connect looks back at their coverage of internet freedom, government restrictions, and censorship around the world. Which countries offer internet freedom and which countries censor their citizens? Should the internet be a human right?
[*] Did LinkedIn Look Before Leaping the Great Firewall of China?
[*] 30 Years after 1984, Novels Can Teach Tech Utopians Lessons
[*] Moscow Trip: Struggling Identity or Plain Censorship?
[*] Can the Internet Help Curb Corruption in Russia?
[*] SE Asia: The Curious Case of Internet Freedom
[*] Authoritarian Governments on the Internet
[*] Should the internet be a human right?
[*] Social Media Censorship in Vietnam

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InfoManager : Wearable Technology news, views and reviews 1409-15

InfoManager : Wearable Technology news We’re surfing the waves of the latest buzz on wearable technology! Now the iPhone / Apple Watch combination hits the news channels so everyone’s buzzing . . . but there are lots of others as well! When the big news is rolling, the InfoManager will be there :
[*] Apple Pay: Everything you need to know before your first wireless shopping spree
[*] Future fashion: How a few companies are smoothing the wrinkles of wearable tech
[*] Wearable smart suits could help soldiers, those with impairments
[*] Avaya and others are making wearable devices for the call center
[*] Heart to Heart: Apple Watch Hints at Future of Digital Flirting
[*] Silver Weaves Its Way Into A New World Of Wearable Technology
[*] Wearable Technology and the Future of Emergency Management
[*] Apple Watch dares to enter world of wearable technology
[*] Wearable Technology For Animals 2015-2025
[*] Wearable Technology May Change Your Life
. . . and more!

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PrivacyScan 1.6 for Mac OS X

MADE IN AMERICA Las Vegas, Nevada – SecureMac has released a new version of their privacy app PrivacyScan 1.6, the latest in privacy protection for Macs. Continue reading »

20 Really Cool and Useful Websites for Kids

Another great list from LifeHacker.  Useful websites for kids that are engaging for children and are both safe and some what educational. These 20 sites are different than the usual Nickelodeon or Disney fare.  Continue reading »

How Steve Would Have Presented Keynote

On the blog called Jiggity’s EssaysJong-Moon Kim discusses the recent Apple Special Event and said the he felt Tim Cook acted rather defensive when presenting the material. Continue reading »

SignalScope Pro 4 for iOS

MADE IN AMERICA Lehi, Utah – SignalScope Pro version 4, is available for download on the iOS App Store, can uniquely identify USB audio devices attached to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and remember user settings for each device the next time it is connected.   Continue reading »

iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay fun and games and video!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Well, the big rollout has come and gone and the world is abuzz from the good, the bad and the ugly — some kooks, some gooks and even David Pogue chimes in . . . TUAW says Apple’s livestream was a bust — but we watched it flawlessly from the backwoods of Virginia! Folks, it just keeps getting better and better when you’re following the UGN iPhone Infomanager …
[*] Don’t call the Apple Watch a smartwatch, even though it has the same challenges
[*] VIDEO : Watch Stephen Colbert Lose His Shit Over the Apple Watch
[*] The New Yorker Cartoon Makes Fun of the New Apple Watch
[*] Apple Hasn’t Solved the Smart Watch Dilemma
[*] VIDEO : Apple’s iPhone 6 Keynote In Two Minutes
[*] Oh, heck … why bother : do it yourself
[*] Snap Judgments of Tech Product Launches
[*] COMIC: Time for Apple Watch? No Way!
[*] VIDEO : Apple Watch Parody
and more…

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WritePad Pro 1.4 features Improved Note-Taking

 PhatWare releases WritePad Pro 1.4 - Featuring Improved Note-Taking PhatWare has rolled out the latest WritePad Pro 1.4, the advanced word processing, note-taking, and handwriting recognition app for iPhone and iPad. WritePad Pro 1.4 features numerous improvements, all of which are based on feedback we received from WritePad users. Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook for Week Ending September 6

This week’s subject on UG’s Facebook pages are listed below.  If you know of any user groups on Facebook that aren’t mentioned, please let us know.  This week we saw:

[_]  September 9 Apple Event
[_]  Watch the Keynote stream live
[_]  See How the Mac magically decluttered your desktop Continue reading »

5 Siri Tips and Tricks

From LifeHacker:  ”Here are five ways to get Siri working harder for you. “  Continue reading »

New Folx downloader

Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software has released a new version of their Folx download manager that includes much anticipated torrents downloading features. Continue reading »

Vortex 1.3

MADE IN AMERICA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – TastyApps has announced Vortex 1.3, continuing the productivity Vortex beta introduced to the Mac, with a new streamlined stable interface and more customizing options. Vortex brings a new level productivity to the Mac. Dozens of Actions for the things you do most are instantly available via Drag N Drop or shortcut keys. You can quickly convert image or audio files, translate text or emails, add images and files to emails, compress or uncompress archives, and uninstall applications.   Continue reading »

Pando Calendar Replacement?

 Recently on the iMacChat mailing list the following question was asked:   Continue reading »

PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language

MADE IN AMERICA  PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language PixelCut has released PaintCode 2.1, adding support for the new Swift programming language to its popular developer tool. PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers. Continue reading »