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iPhone Update from the gold to the weather to dolphins we all love our iPhone

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Time for an iPhone update . . . the news is falling all around like the autumn leaves — from boy phones to Google phones what’s with the latest loop about iPhones. Your UGNN InfoManager keeps you in that loop :

  • The Rose Gold iPhone 6s Is So Popular Among Guys – “Bros’ Gold”
  • Watch a hero dolphin rescue a woman’s iPhone from the ocean
  • Back up iPhone photos with new share sheet for Google Drive
  • Tell us how you really feel about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Apple’s Clever Tech Makes the iPhone 6s Nearly Waterproof
  • Apple Loop: Waterproof Secrets Of Your New iPhone
  • My Wife, Siri: Why I Will Marry My iPhone

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Create Booklet 1.2 for OS X

 Ratingen, Germany – TheKeptPromise has announced the release of Create Booklet 1.2 for Mac OS X, an update to its app and PDF service. The app allows the user to create a booklet from almost any file from within almost any software. Create Booklet is the standard solution for creating booklets since 2005, with over 100,000 users.
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Enhancements in OS X El Capitan

As usual, Apple has provided us a starting point with a list of what is new in El Capitan.   Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook October 3rd, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Apple Releases OS X 10.11 El Captan With Improved Spotlight Search, Enhanced Performance, and…
  • OS X El Capitan” Working and Not Working Apps
  • Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone
  • Extend the battery life of your MacBook, no matter how old it is

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MacXDVD Software

Chengdu, China – MacXDVD Software leads the industry in instant and comprehensive support of the newly released Apple, Samsung and Sony devices. Its flagship app, MacX DVD Ripper Pro and MacX Video Converter Pro have undergone a major overhaul, presenting a significant leap forward in the scope of DVD ripping and video converting, in particular for the latest iPhone 6S (Plus), iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and the new Apple TV 4. Continue reading »

SyncMate 6.1

Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software has released SyncMate 6.1. The newest version of this universal syncing tool offers expanded functionality and customizable settings. SyncMate is an essential tool for syncing Mac data with iOS and Android devices, other Macs, MTPs, as well as with online storage accounts such as Google, Dropbox, iCloud and Outlook. It offers Mac users to sync Calendar entries, Contacts, any folders & files, iTunes & libraries, and do it all automatically in the background. Continue reading »

Today in History Launches updates for iOS and Android

 Today in History Launches updates for iOS and Android Today in History, which launched in 2009, provides users with a visual and text time capsule of what transpired on any particular day in history – everything from fascinating facts, to interesting tidbits, to “strange-but-true” trivia, and more. In total, Today in History’s database has over 150,000 historical facts, and more are added regularly by Downshift LLC staff.

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QuickerTek Produces Powerful External Battery for 2015 Type-C MacBook

 QuickerTek Produces Powerful External Battery for 2015 Type-C MacBook QuickerTek, the technology leader in mobile power and wireless networking products for Apple computers, is proud to announce the 2015 Type-C MacBook External Battery. This battery is the only product of its kind, featuring the USB 3.1 adaptor cable necessary to power and charge the 2015 Apple 12-inch MacBook. Users of the newest model MacBook are no longer confined to powering and charging their MacBook only where a power outlet is available.

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Eyeye TV Features Live Video Broadcasting with Social Media Content

 Eyeye TV Features Live Video Broadcasting with Social Media Content Anyone who has dreamed of launching their very own live video broadcast for the world to see – or who simply wants to check out creative, interesting, unique and brilliant broadcasts from people all over the world – can now head to the App Store or Google Play, and download the groundbreaking new no-cost app Eyeye TV.

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iScape for iOS – Visualize The Perfect Landscaping Project

 iScape 2.5.2 for iOS - Visualize The Perfect Landscaping Project Home Revivals has released iScape, an important update to its popular virtual landscaping design app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iScape’s powerful technology supplies the design tools users need to easily create and share virtual renderings of their outdoor spaces. While great artists can visualize how a design will look without ever putting paint on the canvas, most people can use all the help they can get, and that’s where the iScape app comes in handy.  Continue reading »

ShutOff App

Guatemala City, Guatemala – AllPlusGT has announced the release of a complete parental control app ShutOff! It’s the first app to finally give parents what they really want: Control over the intrusions of the digital world that interrupt family time, outdoor play, and the quieter pursuits of study or sleeping. It puts an end to those upsetting times when families are together, but no one is really paying attention.  Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook September 26, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Apple cleans up the App Store after biggest security lapse in history
  • Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 With Multiple Bug Fixes
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus: The Review

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2TB SSD Upgrade Kits for Pre-Retina MacBook Pro, MacBook, mini

 San Dimas, California – MCE Technologies (MCE) has announced a new lineup of SSD upgrade solutions for pre-retina MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini named Lightspeed. Each solution is based around a high-performance 2.5″ SATA-III solid state drive (SSD) available in 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, 250GB, and 128GB capacities designed to replace the machine’s original internal hard drive or SSD. Continue reading »

UGNN Facebook Update: more profit, movies, access, unlike scam, Free Internet fake and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Things on Facebook are changing rapidly. First the “Unlike” scam, then the rollout to worldwide access, more revenue, and even some operational changes. If you haven’t guessed yet, Zuckerberg is out to rule the world. Maybe not, but in any case the InfoManager will be there, play-by-play:

  • Facebook 360 vs YouTube 360: Why TV And Movies Are Falling In Love With The News Feed
  • Facebook is making more and more money from you. Should you be paid for it?
  • Scam-Alert: Fake Dislike Buttons On Facebook And How To Protect Yourself
  • The node pole: inside Facebook’s Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle
  • Critics Still Doubt Facebook’s Free Internet Despite Changes
  • Facebook begins rolling out Medium-like redesign of Notes
  • Sorry Ello, the Real Anti-Facebook Is Good Old Email
  • Is Facebook’s Oculus Really Ready For Prime Time?

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Dance to a different drummer . . . get your pounding loops together NOW

 Drum Loops HD 2 released - New Drum Loops app for iOS, a Drummer for GB Are you ready for a good headache? Only kidding — but we’re ramped for these new drum track loops from “Go Independent Records” — seriously the perfect follow up app for Drum Loops HD. And for every G.I. Records release there is a ‘try before you buy’ version with one chapter fully functional, in this case the Blues chapter. It is a free app called, Drum Loops HD 2 Light.

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