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First DIY Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System

 Uniden Launches First DIY Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System Uniden America Corporation proudly announces the Uniden Wireless DVR HDD (WDVR), the first fully integrated wireless DVR video surveillance system designed specifically for DIY small business and homeowners. The Uniden WDVR is available for sale for $499.99 exclusively through the Apple Online Store, or via the Uniden website.

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An Effective New Way to Add Instagram and Twitter Followers

 Follow4Fame is an Effective Way to Add Instagram and Twitter Followers People who want to massively increase their Instagram and Twitter followers with a simple and easy swipe, can now head to the App Store and download Azure Group’s unique new app Follow4Fame. Available at no cost, Follow4Fame is refreshingly easy to use, and is already earning rave 5-star reviews from users with comments such as: “This is the easiest way to get more exposure for your Instagram photos”, “No need for big conversations with this great app”, and “Looks beautiful, designed to make things easy and efficient”.

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Wearable Tech: health, security, wi-fi and more

InfoManager : Wearable Technology news The design world is bursting with new ways to integrate technology into our everyday lives. From clothing to shoes to jewlery to our cars and toys, tech creeps into every corner of the world. Some good, some not so good. . .

  • Shifting Priorities of Future Innovation: The Crossover of Consumer Products
  • Wearable health technology and HIPAA: What is and isn’t covered
  • HP Warns The Most Popular Smartwatches Aren’t So Secure
  • PayPal ‘wearable’ tested at Splendour in the Grass
  • A Wi-Fi Reflector Chip To Speed Up Wearables
  • The next 10 years in wearable technology
  • Review: Spire Breathing Tracker

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UGNN InfoManager Apple Update 1507-27

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers

It’s a great time to own Apple products, by now you already know, but the product line is humming along with very little to complain about … well except for the new iTunes screw ups, and the frustrating iOS bugs, and all. But seriously folks, there’s a lot of great news for iPhones, and the Watch. Here — follow along with this week’s latest poop :

  • Ask the iTunes Guy: Coping with iTunes features that have disappeared
  • Apple’s $26.5B in purchase commitments hint at huge ‘iPhone 6s’ launch
  • Apple iPad Mini 4 to be Essentially a Mini Version of the iPad Air 2
  • Apple iPhone 6 And iPad Users Fume About iOS 9 Problems
  • Frustrating iOS Bug Returns, More Apple Music Anger
  • More photos of the iPhone 6S have reportedly leaked
  • Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it
  • Local filmmaker shoots entire movie on iPhone
  • iPhone 7 Concept: Images And Video

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LaunchCode App instills the human interface into your iPhone

 LaunchCode App instills the human interface into your iPhone Intelligent Apps releases version 1.3 of LaunchCode Shortcut with Notification Center. Our world is an integration of thousands of languages and cultures. But there is a nonverbal language that every human being uses and understands; gestures! Humans use gestures as an integral part of their daily communication and now can communicate with an iPhone the same way.

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This week’s selected stories:

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User Groups on Facebook July 25, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • How to Block Safari Pop ups on iOS
  • Handling Menu Bar Icons
  • Flash Furor Grows Despite Adobe’s Latest Fix

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copyThing 5

Hamburg, Germany – crispSofties has introduced the all new copyThing 5, a Mac utility to transfer music and more from iPhone to iTunes. It is the successor to “iPod.iTunes 4.8” and has been completely re-written from scratch to significantly enhance & simplify the user experience. copyThing 5 connects with iPhones, iPads & iPods and makes it very easy to identify media content on those devices which is missing from your iTunes library. Media and Playlists can be synchronized with one click in various ways, including via a Transfer Wizard, and always without the fear of ending up with duplicates in iTunes. copyThing 5 also features Live Search and Media Preview, which works for audio as well as video content.  Continue reading »

App Cleaner

Odessa, Ukraine – Nektony has announced the release of App Cleaner, a new cleanup freeware utility developed exclusively for Mac OS X. App Cleaner was developed specifically to help anyone find and delete application service files that occupy not only disk space, but may influence on overall performance. The app also can look for leftovers or Remains – service files left after usual deletion by moving files into the Trash. With the help of App Uninstaller you may also reset all application settings and launch it as a first time.  Continue reading »

Photos – Presentation at TUMS

On  July 21st, Lesa Snider presented Photos for Mac and iOS to the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society via the Internet web   Continue reading »

User Groups on Facebook July 18, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Pixelmator
  • How Facebook uses IT automation to manage 16,000 MacBooks
  • KansasFest Photo Collection

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Safenetting : July Cyberattacks | Malware | Spyware | Ransomware | Phishing and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report While building this week’s issue, I’ve met some of the most undesirable people ever on the web. You should read some of the comments which follow these articles — people just think the world owes them a living, security and the internet, yet they don’t want to give up their own secrecy for their own security. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Anyway, intelligent people like you will understand and educate yourselves:

  • Trend Micro discovers Hacking Team Android malware app that avoids Google Play checks
  • Wicked WikiLeaks leaks considered harmful: Alert over malware lurking in dumped docs
  • ‘Insidious’ client-side malware targets banks through customers
  • New point-of-sale malware distributed by Andromeda botnet
  • Feds say they have shut down Darkode malware marketplace
  • Google Chrome Steps Up Its Malware Detection
  • Warning: Voicemail part of malware attack
  • Masked drive-by attacks hide malware
  • Phishing is still a people problem

CAUTION Beware, most all of these sites have lots of screen spam, including stalker links and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click!

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Cyber Criminal Forum Taken Down – Arrests in 20 Countries

Digital Evidence Response Team It was, in effect, a one-stop, high-volume shopping venue for some of the world’s most prolific cyber criminals. Called Darkode, this underground, password-protected, online forum was a meeting place for those interested in buying, selling, and trading malware, botnets, stolen personally identifiable information, credit card information, hacked server credentials, and other pieces of data and software that facilitated complex cyber crimes all over the globe. But all that changed on July 15, 2015.

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UGNN Facebook Update: EFF, Donald Trump and a lot of idiots posting to Facebook

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Another fun issue of UGNN Facebook InfoManager looks at how Facebook is taking over your life! Well, first there’s the pure distaste for the guy who watched two teens die instead of helping just for the sake of his Facebook video! Oh, then there’s the EFF, Donald Trump and a lot of idiots posting to Facebook! Have fun

  • Anyone In The World Can Now Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account
  • 4,000 Facebook Friend Requests for video of 17-Year-Old Dying In Car Crash
  • Facebook Stock Jumps After Trying Out New E-Commerce Feature
  • The War Between Russia and Ukraine Is on Facebook Too
  • Facebook Wants to Own Your Life, Not Imitate Amazon
  • Donald Trump is Dominating Facebook Chatter in Iowa
  • Three Ways Facebook Needs to Execute on Video
  • EFF Defends What’s Her Face? From Facebook
  • How to Declutter Your Facebook News Feed

CAUTION Careful, many of these sites employ stalker links, pop-ups and screen spam. Careful where you click . . . an don’t miss this week’s article on stalker links! over in Safenetting

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ICANN Report : Our endless ranting is beginning to work

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report The long war to expose ICANN’s abuse of the internet naming system, and their total disregard for accountability may finally have gotten the attention of the people who can do something about it. We’re encouraged that several agencies have entered investigations into ICANN’s obvious disregard for law and their own regulations. But the war is far from over, and there’s no way to predict who will win : the cybercriminals or the internet.

  • Twitter buyout hoax will happen again, blame easy access to company web names
  • Will 2016 Politics Trump Bipartisan Support for the MSM and DOTCOM Act?
  • Unredacted: ICANN’s hidden role in fierce battle over .Africa rights
  • Twitter Inc Takeover Offer Viable ‘At Right Price’: Softbank COO
  • Public Revolts Against Plan to Kill Domain Name Privacy
  • Unmasking Shady, Anonymous E-Commerce
  • Rage Against the ICANN Machine
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