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Google’s AI Plans Are A Privacy Nightmare

Gizmodo: “Artificial intelligence is all the rage in Silicon Valley these days, as technology companies race to build the first killer app that utilizes machine learning and image recognition. …  But there’s a pivotal downside to the company’s latest creation: Because of the very nature of artificial intelligence, our data is less secure than ever before, and technology companies are now collecting even more personal information about each one of us.”

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Cyber Security Update: malware, phishing, hacks, Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber, scams, hacks, click bait and much more!

Cyber Security Month

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report This is Cyber Security Month, and all month we’ll be focusing on the threats we face in todays connected world. While the whole Internet hand-off deal continues to fester, we’re really got more important stuff to worry about. Top story is do NOT search for your favorite celebrity like Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber, Carson Daly, Will Smith, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, Chris Hardwick, Danieth Tosh, Selena Gomez and several dozen others. If you do, you may be disappointed. Read on:

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month Launches with a Call to Action
  • Android malware that can infiltrate corporate networks is spreading
  • Digital attack on journalist raises specter of online censorship
  • Man Receives Call From Scammer and Proceeds to Waste his Time
  • Schumer, Bieber lead the list of most ‘dangerous’ celebrities
  • Report: 15 Million May Not Vote Over Fear of Hacked Election
  • 6 Easy-to-Follow Tips for MSPs to Stop Ransomware
  • Hackers Targeting Macs With New ‘Komplex’ Trojan
  • The Amy Schumer attack (Beware Click-Bait)
  • Preparing for a cyber attack

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Kim points out a critical Facebook flaw puts users at risk of phishing attacks

I don’t often quote or link to Kim Komando since she has so much screen spam, stalkers and predators on her web site. But this might be one of those times when the cure is better than the disease.

Kim says :

Here is a scenario that you need to watch out for. You’re logged into a social media site and click on a link that opens in a new window. Once you’re finished looking at the new page, you go back to the original window and the site says that you have been logged out.

You will be asked to log back in and once you do, you’ve been phished. The site that you just logged into is a malicious site.

This gives the cybercriminals your ID and password for the site you just logged out of.


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Kick off cybersecurity month by locking down your login

ICANN : it ain’t over ’til it’s over

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report You’ve heard the old adage about leading a horse to water? I was astounded at some of the reactions to last week’s ICANN report from our supposedly intelligent readership. I was getting terse, arrogant comments ranging from complete denial to “we’ll see.” Interestingly, none of the responders were there. So it’s a scary indication of today’s arrogant, connected society. But maybe I really am just crying the sky is falling. At the end of the day, I guess I’ll have to agree to ‘wait and see’ because the deal went through.

  • Hostile Foreign Governments Will Use Obama’s Internet Surrender to Their Advantage
  • AP EXPLAINS: What’s at stake as US cedes internet control
  • 3 States Sue to Block Transfer of US Internet Control
  • Explained: The controversy over ICANN
  • A Better Plan for Internet Governance
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Hacked Website Report 2016 – Q2


UGNN Net security You may remember that a few months ago we passed along the first quarterly report on hacked websites. Based on the data gathered last quarter and the insights from the community on the first report, the Sucuri Remediation Group now releases the second report. Based on what’s been happening to the UGNN site, this report is dead on.

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Safenetting Stalker Alert : avoid fake content that will stalk you

ICANN : Chances are you’ll get the wrong story – except money & corruption

User Group Network UGN Safenetting ICANN report Money and corruption. That seems to be the order of the day in today’s world. Obama’s handoff of the internet has become part of the political battleground, as a pawn between the Trump and Clinton campaigns. Except if you can ignore the media, you might just understand it’s not about politics, and it’s not about freedom of speech no matter what they tell you. It’s about a (just barely) functioning internet the way it is and the prospects of removing oversight from the corrupted ICANN. The biggest problem with the internet today is the lack of responsibility. Now, they want to remove the last vestige of that.

  • ICANN shows why it shouldn’t be allowed to take over internet’s critical functions
  • Chances are you’ll get the wrong story, and we’ll all suffer later.
  • 6 Questions Congress Has Over the Proposed ‘Internet Transfer’
  • What did Tech Dirt say and why we now question Tech Dirt
  • ICANN controversy is the result of technology illiteracy
  • ICANN — A Regulator in Need of Antitrust Oversight
  • ICANN gets dropped from CR while vote looms
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Cyber Security Update: Malware on Google and Amazon, Dropbox hack, Apple gets Pegasus and much more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report We have a mixed bag of cyber news to kick off September — most disturbing is both Google and Amazon are involved in wide-spread malware distribution and don’t seem to be taking any action. Both reject malware and/or spam reports. That’s disturbing. Cybercriminals are using Amazon cloud hosting to house the malware files. But there’s other news…

  • New malware discovered in Play Store apps, could pose a threat for corporate users
  • Report: Social Media a Top Cybersecurity Challenge in the Workplace
  • Have passwords become inadequate for the cyber security industry?
  • Recent Thai ATM Robbery with Potentially Sophisticated Malware
  • 18 years of Googling: Malware can still be just one click away
  • Tech Savvy Kids Could Bring Malware Back Home From Public WiFi
  • The Dropbox hack puts cybersecurity ETFs squarely in focus
  • Malware targeting Nokia devices rising fast, company warns
  • Apple Releases Patch Fix For “Pegasus” OS X Malware
  • Transmission hijacked to broadcast Mac malware
  • FTC v. Wyndham and corporate cybersecurity

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Facebook Update : Snap Chat, video, guns, corruption, stalking, advertising, groupthink and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook The world of Facebook marches on — from the space adventure to selling guns online. Facebook advertising and groupthink it’s a jungle out there!

  • Today’s SpaceX explosion is a major setback for Facebook’s free internet ambitions
  • Facebook clones Snapchat once again with new ‘instant video’ feature for Messenger
  • This Facebook Gun Group Has Been Flagged 50 Times. Why Is It Still Up?
  • Swiss watches, corruption battles and the high price of Facebook shares
  • Employers are stalking your Facebook and this startup helps them
  • Facebook Wants Its Advertisers To Be Better on Mobile
  • Facebook Groupthink

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Net Neutrality InfoManager: FTC, AT&T, ISPs, Porn, Ads, EU restrictions, Privacy and headaches and more

UGNN Net Neutrality In the midsts of an election, and all the cybercrime going on, people have forgotten net neutrality. You almost never hear of it these days — unless you’re on guard — which InfoManager is . . . the big guys are getting away with it because the idiots you elected don’t have a clue. Oh well, we’ll follow the trail where ever it leads …

  • FTC Loss in AT&T Case Could Leave Companies in a Privacy Enforcement ‘Vacuum’
  • ISPs that restrict porn or block ads could be breaking EU guidelines
  • Three navigates potential net neutrality breach with ad-blocking
  • 4 things to know about the EU’s anti-mobile ad blocking move
  • EU Hands Adland Huge Boost Against The Blockers
  • Net neutrality advocates get a headache over 5G
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Online Opioids: Report Concerning Ease of Access, Highlighting Potential Solutions Using Existing Laws and Technology


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report That is the title for a difinitive piece of research that shows in no uncertain terms how your most trusted online entities are involved with cybercrime — making it so easy to obtain narcotics online. No, there’s little consolation to learn that what we’ve been right since the the turn of the century. We’re just glad people have started listening. If you’re okay with organized crime, and online cybercrime cartels selling illegal drugs to anyone online, then you don’t need to read any further.

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Safenetting Cyber Security Update: Rio Olympics, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, cyber army, malvertising and much more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report Another all-time huge cyber security update this week, there’s just too much going on in the cyber world to ignore! Now that Politics is involved, we discover that Hillary and The Don have both finally recognized there’s a cyber threat! Whew! But we got malware updates, dangerous ads, and a lot more to be concerned with. Stay vigilant!

  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Cybersecurity Platforms, Compared
  • Prominent Cybersecurity Leader Favors Clinton, Despite Email Debacle
  • New York Times, BBC and others inadvertently serve up dangerous ads
  • The four cybersecurity terms everyone is talking about at Black Hat
  • Commentary: The world’s best cyber army doesn’t belong to Russia
  • 4 ways to reduce your chances of getting caught by malvertising
  • What exactly is Malvertising? Why do we want to avoid it?
  • South China Sea dispute escalates into all-out cyber war
  • Truth in malvertising: How to beat bad ads
  • There Is No Finish Line for Cybersecurity
  • “Zero Days” and the Need for Cyber Policy
  • Towards a Cyber-Security Treaty

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Cyber Security Update: Rio Olympics, Car Hacking, Jihadi, Trump, Clinton, Putin, Obama, Microsoft, iOS Smishing and much more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report Here we go with a HUGE update this week to kick off August, 2016. Beside the political campaign debacles, we’re facing the Summer Olympics from the third spam capital of the world, and there’s no shortage of news.
      Of course if anyone was actually paying attention and listening without bias, they knew Trump did NOT invite Russia to hack Hillary — but rather carefully couched the comment to draw Russia out: “If you find anything …” note he assumed Russia had already hacked and had the mail. But Russia didn’t fall for it. Oh well. . . . nonetheless — we have the biggest cyber security update in the entire 16-year history of :

  • Car Hacking Village: Automotive Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities at Def Con 24
  • My Microsoft Office 365 woes: crashes, malware macros – settings from Hell
  • Hackers Target Clinton Campaign, House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Easy Tips on Cyber Security and Use of Social Media This Summer
  • Scammers Using Genuine PayPal Emails to Spread Banking Malware
  • Jihadi posting on Internet is latest effort in fear campaign
  • Apple warns customers about £20 iTunes phishing scam emails
  • Cybersecurity firms are booming thanks to Russian hackers
  • Symantec Hurdles Rio Olympics Cybersecurity Competition
  • Obama Administration Spells Out Cyber Security Policy
  • Hackers breached Clinton campaign computer network
  • User training could have prevented DNC email hacks
  • 5 Takeaways From Cisco’s Big Cybersecurity Report
  • iOS Smishing operation targets your Apple ID
  • Hackers find sneaky way to attack Apple users
  • Know the warning signs of Pokemon GO scams

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More Bank Spoofing is after your identity …

Always make sure you hover over the link and are sure where the link is taking you!

BEWARE Bank Spoofing

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Net Neutrality : Elections, EU rights, the court’s decision and more

UGNN Net Neutrality It’s a big old crazy world we live in. First they say yes, then they say no — what’s a web user supposed to do. Well, we’ve got the June Federal Court of Appeals ruling for’ya, along with a bunch of other good and bad news about Net Neutrality. And we’ll just have to see what Donald and Hillary are going to do about it — but it doesn’t look good! Here’s the InfoManager’s take on the latest Net Neutrality developments :

  • Europe’s Flimsy Net Neutrality Rules Go Live, Are Actually Worse Than No Rules At All
  • After criticism, Netflix allows users to pick streaming quality on mobile
  • Court Finds Network Neutrality Rules Both Legal And Bad Policy
  • EU rights groups call for more time on net neutrality rules
  • June 14, 2016 — United States Court of Appeals
  • Net Neutrality: Comcast, Verizon Violations?
  • Letter: Checking up on GOP votes
  • Netflix And Net Neutrality
  • Faulty powers

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