UGN Supports Made in America

Buy American ... support American Made... recycle American Dollars

UGN product reviews will announce the origins of the products ... we support buying American made and thus recycling American Dollars.

Recent surveys are showing American made apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod less than 3-in-10. More disturbing are companies selling apps and products, posing as American companies but hosted in foreign countries.

Buy American ... support American Made... recycle American Dollars Look for this icon on UGNN pages, and reviews. It signifies the product comes from an American producer. Support American producers...

Made In USA will help EDUCATE the American consumer on the importance of buying American made products, something we like to call "Patriotic Spending." is encouraging consumers to consider not only price and quality but also origin. This Recycles American Dollars. is making it easy for the U.S. and even the World consumer to RECONNECT with the U.S. manufacturers and their products with our searchable database of 369,336 US manufacturers.

Made in USA

The MadeInUSAThe MadeInUSA! Organization is dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the United States of America. Your help in developing and maintaining this database will assist our efforts to accomplish this goal. The Service Mark of "MADEinUSA!" is your indication that most of the product or service is performed here in America.

American Made Matters

The mission of American Made Matters is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American Dream. Over 5,500,000 US manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2001 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. 68% of Americans believe that America's manufacturing industries have a significant impact on national security. 81% of Americans believe manufacturing industries have significant impact on their standard of living. The US unemployment rate is currently 8.5%, which is down from 9.6% in 2010. Though the unemployment rate has been reduced, it is still 84% higher than the unemployment rate was in 2007.

Made in America Store

The Made in America Store is the only general merchandise store in the country that sells 100% American Made Products, down to the packaging. Our mission is to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs by providing American consumers a brick & mortar store and e-commerce site that guarantees that each product sold is entirely American in materials and labor.

Americans Working Website was created to provide consumers with an easy to use and highly accessible means of finding products made in America. Our directory is constantly being updated as we add new companies every day after being thoroughly researched and accredited. We strive to make a difference in not only the quality and safety of products available to consumers, but also for the American worker as standards for safety and quality far exceed that of oversees manufacturing.