The problem with the new Apple Music app’s design — How big is too big?

Quite frankly, I’m not a huge fan of Apple Music.

Apple Music

new music screens

I don’t really search for music, and I really don’t want someone from California suggesting what kind of music I want. I do listen to an extraordinarily wide assortment, so sometimes, the suggestions from Apple are rediculous — they suggest some of the awfullest crap I’ve ever heard. Not only that, it doesn’t seem to work half the time, and it sometimes cannot find a tune, even when it is staring me in the face.  Strange.

The author didn’t give his/her name, just an Apple symbol and “betas” . . . writing:

At WWDC 2016, Apple introduced a new Apple Music app for iOS. This app was intended to be the home for the majority of users’ music libraries and Apple’s streaming service. It featured a radically different design from Apple’s past software, which drew both some criticism and praise. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, there are some issues that make it evident Apple isn’t paying the same attention they used to.

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