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Facebook Update : Pakistan, Snapchat, Political Propaganda, malicious actors, murder videos and more

snap chat vs facebook

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook What did they call them in the old days? “Snuff films”? Now, Facebook has opened the snuff film debackle to the general public. You no longer have to purchase super-8 film from dirty book shops or shady Asian guys in back alleys, you can just log into your Facebook account to watch people being murdered — shot, hung, strangled, what have you. No favorites are played, you can even see police shooting people, boaters shooting pirates, angry moms hanging their babies, and more. And you believe everything you read on Facebook, right? Follow along . . .

  • Facebook posts in Pakistan can be deadly — especially fake ones
  • Facebook is being used as propaganda tool by ‘malicious actors’
  • ‘Story’ of their lives: Can Facebook outmaneuver Snapchat
  • Facebook Gearing Up to Fight Political Propaganda
  • How to not get scammed on Facebook Marketplace
  • Google, Facebook get scammed
  • Facebook is a Drug Dealer

CAUTION ALERT: Be very careful what you click!
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FBI : The Scourge of Child Pornography

Digital Evidence Response Team

Working to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children

North Hills Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Producing Sexual Images of Minors. Melrose Man Sentenced to 60 Months for Child Pornography Offenses. Boylston Man Charged with Distributing Child Pornography. Navajo Man from Churchrock Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Sexual Abuse Charge. Vestal Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography. Binghamton Man Pleads Guilty to 12 Counts of Distributing Child Pornography.

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Cyber Security Update: Schumer, China, Trump, Meyer, Russia, Yahoo, Neutrality, Google, Ransomware and more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report You thought you were safe, and we thought bad things were going to happen, and we were right. I just cannot believe so many people still have their heads in the sand and refuse to believe anything is wrong. Everyone’s pointing the finger at Trump, but guess what : you’d better point into a mirror!

  • Think Apple computers are still malware immune? This new attack proves otherwise
  • UK military chief warns Nato must step up defences against Russian cyber warfare
  • Op-ed: The Internet belongs to the people, not powerful corporate interests
  • Former NSA director: It’s time to trash the federal cybersecurity hierarchy
  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer won’t be receiving her bonus worth millions
  • Patcher ransomware encrypts your macOS machine, throws away the key
  • Google Is Going To Make Browsing The Web On Your Mac Lot Safer
  • House Dems push FCC to adopt stronger cybersecurity measures
  • America has a ‘cybersecurity crisis’: Symantec CEO
  • Cybersecurity, Human Error and Online Reputation
  • Game Theory Could Improve Cyberwarfare Strategy
  • It’s Time To End Net Neutrality
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