Beware : Netflix phishing expedition wants your payment method!

Netflix Phishing BEWARENetflix users beware of this new phishing campaign… did you get an email from Netflix ?? IF you got an email from Netflix, be very careful NOT to go to the link to change financial payment methods.  You’ll be giving away your payment identity!

Cybercriminals have very cleverly used a long tertierary domain configuration to hide the actual destination beyond the browser’s address field.  So you won’t see where you’re going, even after arriving at the phishing site!

Remember that the actual destination site of any link is the address plus dot extension immediately BEFORE the first slash.  It doesn’t matter how many words, or how many dots appear BEFORE that address.  So you can see in our screen capture, the domain is way too long to be revealed.   In reality it goes to the cyber criminal’s web site — which was set up on December 12th for this specific purpose — set up to look exactly like the Netflix entry screen.

Each time we report the scam, the ISP shuts down the domain — but the cybercrime cartel is using hundreds of domains, and immediately switches to the next one.

Remember, that since the Clinton Administration privatized ICANN, the domain system is now gamed by cybercrime.  ICANN allows criminal cartels to purchase thousands of domains in bulk without accountability.  This makes millions of dollars for ICANN, and floods the DNS system with millions of fake or criminal IP addresses.   They’ve also allowed unlimited characters, number-only domains, and other methods of cybercrime that were not allowed under U.S. Federal control.

Learn to recognize the warning signals of cybercrime, and DO NOT BE FOOLED by their slick techniques and system exploits.  Educate your family and friends, and by all means share this article, and remain vigilant against cybercrime!



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