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These web ads look like content items … they usually key in on political or social issues. We call them stalker ads. Once you click one, the site makes money, and until you flush your cookies, you’ll be stalked by this company. There may or may not be content at the destination. Most likely you’ll find these at the bottom of a news article in a news site, or along the side in another column. What you’ll find is they seldom deliver the what they promise, and may be entirely fake… just to get you to click.

Click Bait

These are sponsored by any of several web sites that specialize in this form of screen spam — and they pay the site owner a fraction of a cent for viewers and a penny or two per click. As you can tell, if the site has millions of visitors, it could become lucrative encouraging more and more ads.

In the example above, we found three of the ads to be totally false and misrepresentative. The three which mentioned “Harrisonburg” utilize special codes which extract the users location, and inserts it into the teaser — thus making you want to click. When I arrived on the pages, I extracted all the content and coding and found NOTHING having to do with Harrisonburg, what so ever. It was simply a ploy to get me to click. I’ve written about false ads before. These are getting slicker and slicker. See our Yahoo warning : July 2014, and then again September, 2014

How to block creepy stalker ads

What started as a way to encourage shoppers to come back to an e-commerce site when they abandoned an online shopping cart has now turned into a system that tries to stay in front of website visitors wherever they go.
      The reason that an advertiser seems to be following you around is because they placed a cookie on your computer when you were visiting their site. The use of cookies — small text files that help advertisers track your online behavior — is nothing new, and re-marketing companies are just the latest to make use of them.
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For more info, just look up “stalker ads” on Google (Ironically, the king of stalker ads!)

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