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Cyber Security Update: Rio Olympics, Car Hacking, Jihadi, Trump, Clinton, Putin, Obama, Microsoft, iOS Smishing and much more!


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and cyber world report Here we go with a HUGE update this week to kick off August, 2016. Beside the political campaign debacles, we’re facing the Summer Olympics from the third spam capital of the world, and there’s no shortage of news.
      Of course if anyone was actually paying attention and listening without bias, they knew Trump did NOT invite Russia to hack Hillary — but rather carefully couched the comment to draw Russia out: “If you find anything …” note he assumed Russia had already hacked and had the mail. But Russia didn’t fall for it. Oh well. . . . nonetheless — we have the biggest cyber security update in the entire 16-year history of :

  • Car Hacking Village: Automotive Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities at Def Con 24
  • My Microsoft Office 365 woes: crashes, malware macros – settings from Hell
  • Hackers Target Clinton Campaign, House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Easy Tips on Cyber Security and Use of Social Media This Summer
  • Scammers Using Genuine PayPal Emails to Spread Banking Malware
  • Jihadi posting on Internet is latest effort in fear campaign
  • Apple warns customers about £20 iTunes phishing scam emails
  • Cybersecurity firms are booming thanks to Russian hackers
  • Symantec Hurdles Rio Olympics Cybersecurity Competition
  • Obama Administration Spells Out Cyber Security Policy
  • Hackers breached Clinton campaign computer network
  • User training could have prevented DNC email hacks
  • 5 Takeaways From Cisco’s Big Cybersecurity Report
  • iOS Smishing operation targets your Apple ID
  • Hackers find sneaky way to attack Apple users
  • Know the warning signs of Pokemon GO scams

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Now you can dress and undress your favorite candidates Trump, Clinton, or Sanders, or all three!

Trump, Clinton, Sanders You’ve talked about it all year! You’ve been posting your stupid memes to Facebook! Now you can take action and express the moods and moves of your favorite candidate! Yes, pass the time this summer dressing and undressing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump — or if you’re a collector, get all three! Bet you’ve wondered how Bernie would look in some of her culottes! It’s fun for kids and fun for political mavins of all ages!

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TextWrangler 5.5

MADE IN AMERICA North Chelmsford, MassachusettsBare Bones Software has announced the release and immediate availability of TextWrangler™ 5.5, a significant update to its powerful, general purpose text editor for Mac OS X. TextWrangler 5.5 offers numerous performance improvements, refinements to fit and finish, and changes to streamline workflow in specific areas, such as Find Differences. Continue reading »

New MacUpdate Bundle includes Toast 15 Titanium

MADE IN AMERICA Traverse City, Michigan – MacUpdate, the creator of MacUpdate Desktop, has bundled 10 top Mac apps for only $49.99. Valued at over $500, bundle buyers over save 90% of the regular price.  Continue reading »

Sync Multiple iPhones Together To Create One Giant Speaker

 An old article I just “Stumbled Upon“:  Seedio is an app that lets you play local iPhone music across multiple devices. The app uses a Wi-Fi network to beam the track to other iPhones in your vicinity and synchronizes the playback.

The theoretical connection limit for the app is 150. That’s a lot of phones. 



8 Search Tricks That Work on DuckDuckGo

  Google Search is king. It has many cool features that will wow you, but it’s not your only good option when it comes to search engines.

Bing is getting better. StartPage gives you Google Search results without compromising on your privacy. And then there is everyone’s favorite underdog/upstart — DuckDuckGo.

GO duckduckgo-not-google/

Three reasons to run your own Mac server


Running a server isn’t as scary as you’d think. Here are three reasons why you should consider it, too.

The portal

One of the primary uses of my Mac mini is as a portal into my home network. When I’m away from the house, or on a business trip or vacation, this means I can not only access the data on my home machines, but even see and control them.



Mail Archiver X 4.0

Heidesheim, Germany – Moth Software has announced the release of Mail Archiver X 4.0 for Mac OS X, an update to their app that serves as a companion to the user’s current email application/client, allowing consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application’s native database format, or in Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text formats. Continue reading »

Introducing 2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election App

2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election App Cory Renzella today is pleased to announce the release of “2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election & Electoral College App”. Now available in the News category of the App Store, “2016 Map” lets you explore, edit, and share 2016 presidential election scenarios in a quick and easy way. This iOS app has been significantly upgraded from its 2012 version, and it is the must-have app for anyone interested in American politics and the 2016 presidential election.

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Pokemon Infomanager : Syria, Apple, State Department, Oliver Stone and really stupid games?

InfoManager : what's new online The world of Pokemon is exploding … we’re here for the second week, following the trends, trials and tribulations of Pokemon Go users. Some pretty crazy stuff going on as Pokemon rolls out to the rest of the world. . . see how Pokemon looks to Syrian children!

  • State Department calls out reporter for playing Pokemon Go in briefing
  • Thousands to invade White River State Park for ‘Pokemon Go’ meetup
  • 13 Ridiculous Things People Have Done for ‘Pokemon Go’
  • How to tell if Pokémon Go servers are about to crash
  • How to track and find rare Pokémon in ‘Pokémon Go’
  • Oliver Stone: Pokemon Go is “totalitarianism”
  • The Mapping Expert Behind Pokémon Go
  • What Pokemon Go looks like in Syria
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Facebook Update : Zuckerberg’s drone soars, Facebook gun sales soar, one billion users and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook This Facebook update gets us ready for August and the Back to school season — the coolest thing is the Facebook Drone! Also in this week’s update, gun sales on Facebook, video only mode and a lot more …

  • Apple and Facebook helped bust the world’s biggest torrent site
  • Facebook scraps another Snapchat clone: 24-hour “Quick Updates”
  • Facebook’s Giant Internet-Beaming Drone Finally Takes Flight
  • Facebook Banned Gun Sales. So Why Is It Still ‘Full of Them’?
  • If you aren’t on Facebook, people won’t believe you are real
  • Facebook Live Goes Full-Screen, Adds Video-Only Mode
  • Israel takes on Facebook in battle against incitement
  • Cincinnati cop’s alarming post on Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger tops 1 billion users

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Streaming, screaming, Napster, Rapsody, Algorithms, who owns the music and more

Apple Music Are you streaming? Which service do you like? I can get most anything I like on Sirius, but my music tastes are fairly focused and I can get by on a simple diet of music. Now that Apple ended their “Apple Radio” and it disappeared from my iPhone, I’ve been loading my own tunes. I won’t sell out to a foreign music service. Here are some reflections on a couple of the services out there. I welcome your input, pros and cons about your musical life!

  • Are Algorithms Endangering Our Ability To Fight For The Music We Love?
  • Rhapsody Nears 3.5 Million Global Subscribers
  • Kirk McElhearn : Can we choose our own music?
  • Rhapsody rebrands itself as Napster
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MUG Web Sites for Week Ending July 23, 2016

Continuing my investigation of MUG Websites pages.

Covered here are some New York MUGs:

  • LIMUG – Long Island Macintosh User Group
  • Apple Cider User Group

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Application volume controls and system-wide EQ for Mac

Rochester, New York – Static Z Software has announced the release a of Sound Control for the Mac. Mac users have long wanted a software volume mixer that users of other platforms have enjoyed. Sound Control makes it possible. Continue reading »

Awesome film database

  TheNextWeb has this article about Cinesift , kind of like “ Can I Stream It ,” it pulls ratings from more sources. However, it only reports on Amazon Prime and Netflix as to where you can see it.