UGNN Reader asks : Why all the Safenetting Alerts?

Reader questionsUGNN reader V.H. writes to ask :
      “You say this – ALERT: ALL of the sites referenced in today’s update are spam sites — some fare worse than others! These sites could include stalker links, predators and possible click-wear malware. Be very careful what you click! — are they true ‘spam’ or malware sites and if so, why do you include the URLs?”

We include the link because of valid content.

The content is worth sharing, but it’s location is dangerous. Like fishing for bass in a lake full of alligators! You get some great fish, but have to be very careful not to risk getting eaten by the alligators!

The warnings are to remind you to use proper protection, and be very careful of any links you click on that site, and if at all possible, to click the “reader” icon immediately upon arrival on that page. Ad blockers, and strict cookie management, as well as proper configuration of your browser security settings will thwart any trackers, stalkers or drive-by malware injections.

It’s unfortunate that the criminal element has been able to so effectively exploit today’s web advertising models, but it does happen to even the bigger sites like, the NY Times, AOL, Yahoo, and most of the main stream news purveyors.

We just want our “family” to be safe — aware of those dangers, and take logical precautions to prevent being infected by the criminal element.


Fred & Lynn

GO Protecting yourself online

I would love to hear your views on this or other issues, please just drop me a line so we can communicate.

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