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UGNN Facebook Update: : Gifs, criminals, creeps, weird-os, hackers and all the other Facebook users…

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Pretty amazing we’ve now posted more than 90 Facebook updates! Now they’re saying that Facebook is rivaling Google’s reach into people’s lives and pockets, and everyone’s delighted about it. I heard people bitching about NSA, but then Facebook made 43 BILLION from YOUR personal info? LOL, How stupid is that? I think it’s long overdue to have animated GIF file, duh, but watch out — what will the whack-os will come up with next? Here’s your next injection of Facebook mania from the InfoManager …

  • Facebook Finally Adds Animated GIFs to the News Feed – Not for Brand Pages
  • The little red book that is placed on the desk of every Facebook employee
  • Argument Over Basic Math In Facebook Gets Woman Kicked Out
  • Facebook To Users: Here’s How To Avoid Getting Hacked
  • “Creepy” tool uses Facebook to map your whereabouts
  • Stop advertisers from tracking you on Facebook
  • Vassalboro robbery started with Facebook post
  • Pentagon chief joins Facebook

CAUTION Careful, many of these sites employ stalker links, pop-ups and screen spam. Careful where you click . . . an don’t miss this week’s article on stalker links! over in Safenetting

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Safenetting Cybersecurity : North Korea, ISIS, Hackers, virus, Malware, phishing, Google and more


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report Lots of world news in the Safenetting site this week, and the hacker/malware problem is no longer our problem it’s now the world’s problem as the axis of evil discovers how stupid people are when it comes to digital security. The biggest surprise is the 800 lb. gorilla, who refuses security and anti-spam reports is now taking credit for a reduction in malware! LOL … Google will not hesitate to do anything to keep their revenue stream open, but won’t shut down cybercriminals fleecing everyone else! Oh well, at least you’ve got the InfoManager on your side … :

  • North Korea’s hacker army ‘could kill people and destroy cities’
  • Warning: New virus attacks routers, steals Facebook passwords
  • North Korea’s nuclear program targeted malware sabotage?
  • Bitdefender Identifies Malware Posing As Flash Update
  • ‘ISIS Hackers’ Almost Certainly Not ISIS Hackers
  • Small businesses trashed in big malware campaign
  • What Are 3 Dumb Things You Can Do With Email?
  • Google is taking credit for malware down
  • Cyber-spying malware Grabit uncovered
  • Malware Used at Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Most People Can’t Spot an Email Scam
  • 225,000 New Malware Strains Per Day

CAUTION Beware, most all of these sites have lots of screen spam, including stalker links and possible click-wear. Be very careful what you click!

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User Groups on Facebook May 30, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Google Photos offers Free Unlimited Photos Service on iOS and Mac

  • iMessage Shutdown glitch

  • The Qwerkywriter

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30+ Awesome Free and Open Source Audio Applications

This article appears on Open-Tube, a blog dedicated to Free Open Source, Enterprise Software. This is a list of over 30 audio apps most of which are available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and UnixContinue reading »

Apple Watch eGuide

Stopframe has announced the release of Apple Watch eGuide, an in-depth eBook available in the iBookstore that’s packed with Apple Watch tips, tutorials and knowledge. Written by bestselling author T A Rudderham, and priced just $2.99, it’s the perfect guidebook for anyone who wants to make the most of their brand new Apple WatchContinue reading »

Can you prevent revenge porn and online embarrassment

 Social Prenup App Seeks to Prevent Revenge Porn and Online Embarrassment Only 12 states in the U.S. have laws on the books outlawing “revenge porn” – a humiliating practice where private, sexual videos and photos are posted online without a person’s consent. Today, a new app called “Social Prenup” is launching and aims to help stem the practice, by giving anyone the ability to quickly create a legally enforceable contract between two individuals. The contract requires someone to obtain consent before distributing photos or videos of a person on social media or other websites.

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You won’t be happy when you lose your BootCamp computer!

 Twocanoes Ships Winclone 5; Adds Backup for Boot Camp Winclone 5 is the premier Boot Camp cloning and migration solution for the Mac. Do it often, because the malware industry is targeting Boot Camp computers! New in Winclone 5 is Winclone Backup, a simple-to-use utility for backing up mission-critical Boot Camp user files. The company published a video tour of Winclone 5 that reviews the new product in detail.

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Duplicate 1.0

MADE IN AMERICA Breckenridge, Colorado – MacDaddy has announced the release of Duplicate 1.0, its new productivity application developed specifically for OS X Yosemite. Duplicate enhances the OS X Finder‘s standard copy and paste functionality by making them more efficient and performing approximately 10% faster than the stock functions. While duplicate works via Finder just like standard copy and paste, its abilities are much more enhanced. In addition to Duplicate‘s greater efficiency and increased speed, it can also copy large folders, or even entire volumes at once.  Continue reading »

Net Neutrality : Delay, no delay, IIA, FCC, 1st Amendment, ad blocking and more

UGNN Net Neutrality Well, we knew it would get ugly. It got personally ugly for me, this week when I got flamed in a WIRED article comments section for suggesting it is well within the rights of European telephone systems to block Google ads! People who once upon a time cried ‘Advertising sucks’ now embracing web advertising??? No folks, I am not kidding . . . but lots of other woes this week so let’s get to it :

  • FCC and Net-Neutrality Supporters Urge Court to Reject Industry’s Request for Delay
  • A battle over net neutrality? Or between haves and have-nots?
  • IIA Proposes Net Neutrality Legislation to Solve FCC Title II Dilemma
  • AT&T et al challenging net neutrality order on 1st Amendment grounds
  • European carriers threaten net neutrality with ad blocking
  • FCC wants quick court decision on net neutrality

CAUTION Beware all of these sites have screen spam, including stalker links. Careful what you click

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Apple Watch InfoManager: royalty, gold, animations, humor, women, complaints, video and more

this is all about the Apple Watch UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Now that the watch has hit the streets, I’ve had two different people come up to brag about their new Apple Watch. It’s amazing how proud people are of their new purchase! This edition of Apple Watch InfoManager follows stories that will inform and entertain . . . don’t miss the video on Apple Casio, and don’t miss the Joy Of Tech cartoon below!

  • Gold Apple Watch Edition models begin arriving- new packaging and contents
  • Prince Andrew spotted wearing 18 carat gold Apple Watch worth £12,000
  • Apple Watch Owners Complain Latest Update Messes Up Heart Rate Monitor
  • Humor: A diagnostic guide to Apple Watch related emotional illnesses
  • Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Casio With This Calculator Watch App
  • Would 15 Million Apple Watches Be a “Disappointment?”
  • The Apple Watch Is Surprisingly Great For Women
  • Apple Watch Drives MD Anderson Cancer Study
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User Groups on Facebook May 23, 2015

Here is some more great content items posted by user group members on Facebook! If you’re not already with us, please feel free to jump in . . .

  • Here’s Great News if You Have an Old iPhone
  • Change the Screen Shot Save File Location in Mac OS X
  • Safari browser extensions you never knew you needed

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Remembering the Apple I

Harry McCracken wrote this article on Technologizer on April 1, 2011 the on Apple‘s 35th Birthday.

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Arrive uses Apple Watch to tell family & friends when you arrive

 Flow Studio‘s location-sharing app Arrive is a new Apple Watch app to keep an eye out for. Like any good Apple Watch app should be, Arrive is insanely simple to use. First, you set how long you want to share your position. Then Arrive sends an SMS message with a unique map link to one or more of your existing contacts (no need to maintain a separate list). The recipient can view this map in the Arrive app or in any browser until it expires.  Continue reading »

iNotepad for Mac

Apimac has released iNotepad, a new app for OS X that let you write and manage in one single document hundreds or even thousands of texts. With iNotepad you have everything in one place as opposed to what happens with other apps for writing. Every document in iNotepad may contain hundreds or thousands of texts. For example all the reviews that you wrote for your blog or all the research papers that you wrote for college in the last few years.  Continue reading »

Get an instant and anonymous local group chat going with Hereby

 Hereby for iPhone Introduces Instant and Anonymous Local Group Chat So here we go with a really fresh take on an anonymous, location-based chat app for the iPhone. Hereby connects people and devices within a radius of about 50 meters. Unlike most chat applications, Hereby does not require usernames, or passwords. Because each device speaks directly with the group of other devices nearby, it shines in environments with limited network connectivity. Hereby’s peer-to-peer, anonymous nature lends itself extremely well to citizen journalism applications.

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