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Text Recover and Print iMessages/SMS

 Aadi Zetta Techsoft Pvt Ltd has introduced its new app, Export Messages. The texts on your iPhone are now one of your most important forms of communication with your friends, family, loved ones. iCloud backup won’t save your text messages in the backup; it is impossible to recover messages once your phone gets lost, broken, etc. Continue reading »

Net Neutrality : FCC bill passes, neutrality wins, and more

UGNN Net Neutrality It may be over, and it may not. The dirty little secret is no matter what the FCC or the government does, it still remains to be enforced. . . and it only applies to firms inside the U.S. So as we’ve said all along, there’s a lot more to be afraid of than net neutrality. But if Steve is okay with it, how bad can it be, right? Then, we’ll also play three videos to illustrate three different points of view on the new result. By now you should know everything there is to know about net neutrality.

  • Net Neutrality Rules Giving Cover to $45 Billion Comcast-TWC Merger
  • Net Neutrality Preserved: FCC Makes the Internet a Public Utility
  • Net Neutrality Wins And Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate At All
  • Net neutrality: What’s next after the FCC’s landmark vote?
  • ‘Old guard’ civil rights groups blew it on net neutrality
  • Will Net Neutrality Strengthen Netflix’s “House of Cards?”
  • Net Neutrality: A Victory for Digital Innovation
  • FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan Explained
  • What is Net Neutrality: Explained
  • … and more!

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Safenetting Cybersecurity & Malware Report for March 2015


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report February was a busy month, and it’s tough to keep up with everything in the security world. Aside from Net Neutrality, the security situation gets more and more grave with each passing day. If you’re following UGNN, here are some of the highlights since our last update.

  • John Prisco Aims To Revolutionize Cyber Security By Attacking At The Source
  • The White House officially launches its new cyber warfare agency
  • US ups pressure on China to nix ‘troubling’ cybersecurity rules
  • UAE companies investing more in cyber warfare capabilities
  • The New Battleground in the U.S.-Iranian Covert War
  • Suits and Hoodies: The Two Cybersecurity Cultures
  • Phishers strike routers as hackers get smarter
  • Problems with Cyber Arms Control
  • Arms Control for a Cyberage
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Apple Watch InfoManager: Tim Cook, Gold and Diamonds, electonic car keys and more

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers We’ve waited through the beginning of the year, and things are pretty quiet. Now Apple is about to roll out the iWatch and things start heating up… from diamonds to starting your car, the watch is going to make big waves in a few days!
Here ‘s the news:

  • Tim Cook says Apple Watch will replace electronic car keys, confirms Apple Store revamp
  • Not sure which Apple Watch to buy? Here’s every single model Apple will make
  • Swiss watchmakers debut first luxury smartwatches ahead of Apple Watch
  • Should Tim Cook be telling people what Apple Watch can do?
  • Why Technophiles Will (Or Won’t) Buy An Apple Watch
  • Check Out This Diamond-Encrusted Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch event announced for March 9th
  • Driver, Start Your — Apple Watch?
  • … and more
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Best Mac Antivirus Software

As part of an article titled Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2015, Tom’s Guide has made its recommendations for the Macintosh.   Continue reading »

Siri Commands to Manage Texts, Emails, and More

This article is from  I didn’t even know they did articles, even though I have been a member for 2 or 3 years now.  (I just go straight to my video lessons.)  Continue reading »

Your Mac’s Dock


MakeUseOf has this article by Tom Brookes.  It is very basic, but could help new members/users understand the OS X Dock. Actual title there is “Everything You Need to Know about Your Mac’s Dock.”  Continue reading »

How to use iCloud Drive: The ultimate guide

This article on iMore by Allyson Kazmucha appears to be something that MUGs could use to aid in developing a meeting program.

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UGNN Facebook Update: : New Year Rumors, news and views — again

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Rolling through February and winter Facebook is on the move with twists and turns in all directions. Follow along this roller-coaster along with the InfoManager

  • 14-year-old charged after Facebook video shows toddler performing sexual act on her
  • Plans for new digs indicate that Facebook likes Seattle in a big way
  • Zuckerberg Hints At Facebook’s Operating Partnership Future
  • Maryland Prison Official Fired For Facebook Groping Post
  • Facebook Hopes to Attract More Revenue With Targeted Ads
  • British spies hacked into Facebook to steal information
  • ABC to Live-Stream Oscars Backstage Show on Facebook for Free
  • French Minister Meets With Google, Facebook, Twitter
  • JOSH MABUS: The overdue truth about Facebook
  • … and more!

CAUTION Careful, many of these sites employ stalker links, pop-ups and screen spam. Careful where you click

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Net Neutrality : FCC Chief, Arizona techies, Telus, The storm before the calm, and more

UGNN Net Neutrality Things seem to be moving along toward some real action, but when you look at the big picture, there’s not much to be done. The FCC governs only the U.S. and since the Clinton administration unleashed the internet to ICANN the international governing board rogue ISPs and registrars abound. While the U.S. might regulate the internet within its own borders, who knows what will happen in the rest of the world! Follow along:

  • 3 ways your wireless service will change under the FCC’s net neutrality rules
  • The net neutrality debate is really about the FCC’s independence (Commentary)
  • Arizona techies go to Washington to fight net neutrality, Internet taxes
  • T-Mobile: FCC’s net neutrality rules won’t hurt our business
  • FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates
  • FCC and Net neutrality: What you really need to know
  • Dem commissioner breaks silence on Internet rules
  • The storm before the calm on Net neutrality eve
  • New Telus overusage charges anger critics
  • Q&A: The ins and outs of net neutrality
  • Ten Years Later …
  • … and more!

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VPN Unlimited 3.0

MADE IN AMERICA Cupertino, California – Simplex Solutions Inc. has announce a release of the new VPN Unlimited 3.0 version. Proved to be in high demand in the past 12 months, the company has already received about 1,3 million users worldwide. Up-to-date with the latest web upgrades and app releases for new operating systems including iOS 8 and Android 5.0 (Lollypop), the company offers VPN service ensuring ultimate online security through powerful encryption along with high connection speed without any restrictions. Continue reading »

WritePad Handwriting Recognitions SKD for iOS 8

MADE IN AMERICA Spokane, Washington – PhatWare Corporation has announced the immediate availability of WritePad Software Development Kit (SDK), a new version of its multiplatform, multilingual handwriting recognition for iOS 8. The WritePad SDK 4.5 for iOS is now optimized for the latest version of iOS 8 Continue reading »

News from Kirkville: Kirk McElhearn is your iTunes Guy with excellent insight for all iTunes users

Kirk McElhearn is the Ask the iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn is the “Ask the iTunes Guy” at Macworld — and he’s always got some real cool stuff going on! He’s saved my six more than once with deep tricks, opinion, views, and new angles of the app we all love to hate — iTunes. Tune in and read our favorite articles for the month :

  • Apple’s Earnings with Math: Or, What Is 74.5 Million iPhones Equal To?
  • What Happens When You Get to 25,000 Tracks on iTunes Match
  • Apple Brings Back Free on iTunes Section of iTunes Store
  • How to Protect Children’s Privacy on Social Media
  • iTunes 12 Brings iTunes Tutorials Front and Center
  • Why Apple Should Become a Mobile Phone Provider
  • How To: Block Spammers in OS X’s Messages App
  • How to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone or iPad
  • New iOS Update Requires Less Space to Update
  • Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing
  • How To: Block Senders in Messages on iOS
  • Plague, the Infections Social Network
  • . . . and more!
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The 10 best iPhone widgets you should be using

This list was made at BusinessInsider and refers to the widgets that can be added to iOS’s Notifications on the lock screen. Continue reading »

Hit the road in your RV with these top RV Podcasts

Apps for kids for the holidays

iPad Apps InfoManager for Campers, camping, RVs and RVing Have you noticed, everyone wants to be a radio star online these days by publishing a podcast? There are thousands of broadcast wannabees pouring countless hours of work; on a billion different topics, all competing for your pair of ears. The world of camping and the RV lifestyle is no different. If you travel with an RV, trailer, or camper here are six of the most recommended RV poscasts that will keep your every mile full of audio you didn’t know you wanted to listen to!

  • RV Industry News with Greg Gerber
  • Ken & Martha, The RV Navigators
  • Roadtreking – The RV Podcast
  • RV Family Travel Atlas
  • Barb K : My RV Life
  • Where RU RVing now?
  • . . . and more!
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