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Yacha – The viral messenger creates havoc in LA and Dubai

MADE IN AMERICA  Yacha - The viral messenger creates havoc in LA and Dubai There is a new slick and powerful messaging platform called Yacha that has attracted strong growth in LA and Dubai in its first few days since launch. The free, feature rich application creates truly multimedia messages from audio, text, drawings, photos and video, in any combination, which can be sent as a single message.

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PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language

MADE IN AMERICA  PaintCode 2.1 adds support for Swift programming language PixelCut has released PaintCode 2.1, adding support for the new Swift programming language to its popular developer tool. PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers. Continue reading »

QuickerTek Brings Fast 802.11AC Wireless to Apple MacBook Air or Pro

MADE IN AMERICA  QuickerTek Brings Fast 802.11AC Wireless to Apple MacBook Air or Pro 802.11 ac wireless is fast – as much as twice the speed of the previous 802.11 n wireless of the built-in MacBook wireless card. This high-speed wireless provides streaming video, video conferencing with no hiccups, fast media file downloads and nearly instant web browsing.

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Join us for another hit episode of “Stupid App Tricks”

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Man, it’s been a while — but with this week’s slew of really stupid apps, we couldn’t resist bringing back the Infomanager’s famous “Stupid Apps Tricks” — Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we puzzle over what the developers of these new iPad, iPhone and Android apps were thinking! Have fun
[_] Floaty Hamster – Zen and Art of playing stupid float down the river apps
[_] Are you dressed? Only your Virtual Closet App knows for sure
[_] Everybody needs the Biggest Carp App on their phone!
[_] First person shooter ‘Goblin Attack’ … yawn
[_] Destruction at the reach of your fingers
[_] Bowling in Paradise will be a huge hit . . .
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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6 Apps to Keep Your Mac in Tip Top Shape has this article listing 6 apps that will help you keep your Mac in good shape.  Continue reading »

WritePad Pro 1.4 with Improved Note Taking

MADE IN AMERICA Spokane, Washington – PhatWare Corporation has announced the availability of WritePad Pro 1.4, the advanced word processing, note-taking, and handwriting recognition app for iPhone and iPad. Continue reading »

Get the School year going right with fun educational games for iPad and iPhone

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager Once again, we’ve entered the school year, and kids all over are trucking back to school! Home time and quality time with parents can enhance and extend the learning experience — with apps for your iOS device. Follow along with all the other UGNN Infomanager readers as we investigate just six of the hot new iPad, iPhone and Android apps! Have fun
UGNN GAMES Reading Comprehension Skills & Practice for Struggling Readers
UGNN GAMES Four Games That Teach Rhyming – Partners in Rhyme 1.4 for iOS
UGNN GAMES Children’s Music Shines In New Kids App: Preschool Musical
UGNN GAMES News-2-You iPad app now offers 4 reading levels
UGNN GAMES Bamba Airport allows kids to ‘run an airport’
UGNN GAMES Wonster Words Spelling with Phonics App
. . . and more — with VIDEO!

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TypeBook Creator for Mac

MADE IN AMERICA Brooklyn, New YorkVeenix, LLC has announced a major UI makeover of TypeBook Creator, its graphic arts industry app for creating professional printed type specimen books and font catalogs on the Mac. The design refresh presents a  streamlined interface that emphasizes key features of the software and compliments the look of the latest Mac operating systems. The update also includes several under the hood changes and performance enhancements.  Continue reading »

29 Incredibly Useful Websites

The full title to this article by Devashish Patel on is “29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier.”   Continue reading »

InfoManager : Wearable Technology news, views and reviews 1408-25

We’re surfing the waves of the latest buzz on wearable technology! Now some doom-sayers are appearing on the horizon, but there’s also help for some in need! There’s just no slowing this new industry! And, don’t miss the “Kill la Kill” video at the end! When the big news is rolling, the InfoManager will be there :
[_] Is ‘Kill la Kill’ a warning about wearable tech? PBS Idea Channel investigates
[_] Bitdefender introduces security to the world of smart wearable technology
[_] Is Wearable Technology Contributing To A Rise In Skin Allergies?
[_] Step closer: Ex-49ers star tackles wearable tech for Parkinson’s
[_] The Latest in Wearable Tech: Electronic Music-Inspired Clothing
[_] Wearable technology makes Google Glass completely hands-free
[_] Wearable technology isn’t seeing astounding sales figures
[_] Is the Player Nervous? Just Ask His Shirt
. . . and more!

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UGNN SafeNetting Report for August 25 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report We had a reader comment in an email the other day that “… UGN Safenetting is a God-send for our user group … no body else is looking out for the users interest like InfoManager! Thank You!” Well, that’s why we’ve held the Safenetting mission for the last two decades. Gmail malware?, Cyber security training? iTunes and Robin Williams cybercrime traps? It’s an interesting summer, and as we move toward September the news, views and reviews just don’t slow down.
[_] White House Cybersecurity Guy Proud of Lack of Cybersecurity Knowledge or Skills
[_] Researchers malware steals Gmail password, online banking data
[_] Cyber security experts find 92 percent successful Gmail hack
[_] More than 1000 businesses affected by same malware as Target
[_] Ready, aim, click: we need new laws to govern cyberwarfare
[_] Triangulating Cyberespionage for Better US Diplomacy
[_] PSA: Beware iTunes, Robin Williams Phishing Scams
[_] Israeli officers learn to fight cyber-war
[_] GCHQ Launches National Hacker Competition
[_] Iran Aided Hamas in Cyber-War on Israel
[_] NYPD warns of hotel and E-ZPass scams
. . . and more!

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iPad InfoManager : Ready for September!

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers News is buzzing about new iPads and new iPhones — but there’s some down side as well : delays, jailbreaking, and more. Follow along as we catch up with the latest on iPad and iPhone
[*] Apple iPhone 6 suppliers ‘struggling to get enough screens ready for launch’
[_] Apple iOS 8 Release Date for iPhone 4, 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2
[_] Essential Back-to-School iPad Accessories for Study and Fun
[_] InfoWorld is so, so wrong about iOS jailbreaking
[_] Will Apple’s Smartwatch Delay Hurt Investors?
[_] Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Is Just Good Enough
[_] 4 Ways Tim Cook Has Changed Apple As CEO
[_] Phone draining data plan? Check your apps
. . . and more!

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Open Source Mac Software

I am preparing to present Open Source Software for the Macintosh to the Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society in September.  A few years ago, September was declared Open Source Month by someone and I’ve tried every two or three years to find what I can get and tell the group about what is available.   Continue reading »

Stop the Phone Books

Each year, we not only get white and yellow pages from the local phone company, but there are several additional companies that also produce books for the telephone market that list addresses and phone ?.   Continue reading »

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has announced a recall of SOME iPhone 5 batteries. They say:

. . . Apple has opened up an iPhone 5 battery replacement program after discovering that a “very small percentage” of units “may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.” The iPhone 5 was originally launched in September 2012, and Apple says that the affected units were sold between that month and January 2013. . . Continue reading »