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PlayPlaces – Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated for Summer

 PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated for Summer MADE IN AMERICA Just in time for family summer road trip season, AppAvenger today is proud to announce the latest version of their PlayPlaces – Ultimate Kids Road Trip App for the iPhone and iPad. Version 1.6 has been completely updated for 2014. The app is a must have companion for families traveling by car with younger children.

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iPad InfoManager : Summer iPads rumors are hot, hot, hot

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers When you’re hot, you’re hot, and we’re hot on the trail of iPad news showing tell-tale signs of the new ‘air’ and more! But then again, if you’re following the iPad InfoManager, you’ve got news
* “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” uses advanced imaging tech to imagine an apocalyptic future …
* Apple iPhone 6 Release Date in 12 Weeks as Production Starts with iPad Assembly
* iPad Pro Release Date, Specs & Price: Tablet Postponed? Released Next Year
* Here’s How Apple Can Take Its Iconic Headphones To The Next Level
* Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini 2 – Specifications and Pricing Compared
* iPad Air 2 Called ‘A Real Game Changer’ By Industry Analysts
* Is Barnes & Noble’s Nook Spinoff A Win For the Apple iPad?
* Minnesota school district plans massive iPad deployment
. . . and more

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Prep for iMovie on iOS

MADE IN AMERICA  Mesa, Arizona – “Prep for iMovie on iOS” has just undergone a major content update. All video tutorials now teach the latest version of iMovie for iOS’s iPad and iPhone.

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1995 Predictions by Apple

According to this article at TUAW by John-Michael Bond, in 1995 Apple made predictions about the future to a group of educators.   Continue reading »

Apple Summer Camp for kids

For several years now, Apple has run an educational workshop that they call “Summer Camp for kids” in the 8 to 12 year old group in its stores.   Continue reading »

VisuCaller 1.0

Ottawa (ON) Canada – iRead Solutions Inc. has announced the release and availability of VisuCaller 1.0, its new productivity app developed for iPhone. Continue reading »

11 Reasons to Join A User Group

I’ve posted “11 Reasons to Join TUMS” on our new TUMS web site.  Finally after 2 years I was able to get control of the URL and produce a web site. Continue reading »

Keeping Your Mac Apps Up-to-date

My MacUpdate application says I have 258 apps on my Macintosh.  Most are not used regularly, so how to keep them up-to-date. Continue reading »

UGNN Cyber Security Report for JUNE, 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report ‘Cyber Security’ seemed to fade off the radar for a while, but this summer, with the World Cup and everything going on in the Middle East, the cyber crooks have taken this as an opportunity to make some dough. So, start reading the Cyber Security Infomanager at Safenetting a little closer:

  • NSA Names NYU School of Engineering to List of Cyber Security Programs
  • Companies advised to combat persistent cyber threats with resilience
  • The Human Factor at the Core of Federal Cybersecurity
  • Why hedge funds are under attack by cyber-criminals
  • Taft oil company ends cyber-theft case
  • The buzz: Snowden hangover spreading
  • Hacker Tactic: Holding Data Hostage
  • and more!

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UGNN Facebook Update: Getting faster, charity, crime, and the World Cup

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook news and reviews … helping charities, locating criminals, speeding things up, and the World Cup … Facebook is a BUZZ as usual. Let’s see :

  • Facebook community steps up and helps Tullamarine mum and kids doing it tough
  • Inaccurate Facebook Post About Bullying Causes Stir in South Hadley
  • Facebook’s company trip to Africa leads to more efficient Android app
  • Facebook offers up-front risk, chance for long-term reward
  • On Facebook, World Cup is bigger than Olympics, Super Bowl
  • Viral Facebook post warns against stick family decals
  • Facebook photo of gunshot turtle leads to charges
  • . . . and more

CAUTION Careful, we’ve found a pop-up ad splash screens and other stalker links and screen-spam on all of these pages. Seems the news industry has now resorted to heavy screen-spam to make revenue! Be very careful what you click.

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Local Carrot – Fresh Produce In Your Neighborhood

 Local Carrot - Fresh Produce In Your Neighborhood After months of hard work and nurturing, Garden Produce Exchange has announced that the Local Carrot iPhone app has launched. Today’s launch of Local Carrot is our first step towards creating a place for local gardeners and fresh food lovers to buy, sell, and swap homegrown produce. The Local Carrot iPhone App is the fastest and easiest way for consumers looking for healthy, locally-sourced produce to connect with home gardeners who have surplus goods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, eggs, honey, edible flowers, mulch, and compost.

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PDF to Flipbook Software for Mac

Hong Kong, China – FlipBuilder today is proud to announce the release of Flip PDF Professional for Mac, the PDF to flipbook software for Mac users. For a long time, Mac users have missed out on the benefits which can be provided by flip book software. The Flip PDF Professional for Mac is an amazing tool which can be accessed and used by millions of Mac users interested in creating flip books.   Continue reading »

System Monitor Utility

 Pfaeffikon, Switzerland – Power APP has announced the release of version 2.0.0 of their app System Monitor Utility for iOS, an app that is designed to grant a quick overview not only of the hardware of iOS devices, but as well as detailed information about running processes or memory distribution. Continue reading »

18 OS X Yosemite

This article on‘s Apple Holic blog by Jonny Evans lists 18 parts of Yosemite that are not commonly known.   Continue reading »

MUGs Facebook : Maps, Safety, new iTunes Content, and more

I’m finding some pretty cool references on Facebook this week . . . if you missed these, you might want to take a look  Continue reading »