ICANN finally issues a breach notice against the registrar BizCn

Whatch out for the Democrats! As many of you know, Safenetting and UGN have been participating and volunteers for both Spamcop and Knujon since their beginning. Some of you may also remember our infographic two years ago illustrating the evidence of a major complaint to ICANN — which brought no response or resove from ICANN. Now, thanks to the dilligent work of Knujon’s director Garth Bruen, almost two years of battling has finally gotten through to ICANN and the criminal, rogue registrar “BizCn” has been brought down!

Garth writes :

Last week ICANN issued a breach notice against the registrar BizCn. I guarantee you this only happened because of our [Knujon member’s] work. The last thing ICANN wanted to do was engage in any kind of enforcement against this registrar which has been the safe haven for spam, malware and consumer fraud for years. Sure, we can take a minute to pat ourselves on the back. However, this only points bigger issues since the enforcement is a complete reversal of their stated position on BizCn. Our first complaint about this issue with BizCn (based on samples submitted by KnujOn members) was filed June 2011. (See : serad-to-guanghui-08may14-en.pdf)

ICANN did not process or investigate this complaint. When questioned about the issue, ICANN insisted that the BizCn data was valid. While KnujOn continued to raise the issue at every opportunity, ICANN continued to maintain that the registrar was not in violation. Move along, nothing to see here. They also insisted they did not need to explain the process or reasoning.

In response to transparency requests for specific documents relating to the case, ICANN claimed that their “special relationship” with BizCn prevented them from disclosing the documents. And then they fired employees who were investigating the case. And then we found the sexual assault site. These ongoing problems became part of a comprehensive letter and report sent to the ICANN CEO, which he refused to discuss or respond to (see: bruen-to-chehade-22apr13-en.pdf) . We never gave up. Partnering with a journalist from the Washington Post to dig into these issues further (see: How violent porn site operators disappear behind Internet privacy protections). ICANN staff would not answer the phone to talk to the Post about this. Many Knujon volunteers submitted complaints to the Ombudsman which were a further disappointment. Instead of conducting an investigation the Ombudsman made bizarre statements about KnujOn and its members (see: ICANN weasels out). In his rejection of KnujOn member complaints he even made specific statements about BizCn which are now invalidated:

Quoting  begins I also mention one registrar in particular which has been openly criticised, being Bizcn.com. As part of the monitoring by Compliance, scorecards of requests are kept. Compliance informed me that Bizcn.com is a registrar that is prompt & cooperative with Compliance inquiries, including Whois inaccuracy complaints. Quoting  ends

So what happened? Either compliance staff lied to the Ombudsman or the Ombudsman did not truly investigate the details. We will be following up on this to be sure. However, this is not the failure of a single person, it is an organizational failure.


Bringing ICANN into compliance is a major task — which they resist ahd weasle out of at every twist and turn. And, if the Obama administration is successful in transferring administration of the internet from ICANN to the United Nations it may well spell the beginning of the end of the internet as we know it. ICANN is not maintaining any form of accountability at all on the internet — but at least they still have to answer to the U.S. State Department. If it moves to the United Nations sub-group of “stakeholders” we’ll see predominately Chinese, Russian, Brizillan oversite of the Internet.

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