NationSwell is a new website that show how people are becoming active in making our country better.  Some of the current story links on the landing page are:

How an Ancient Banking Technique Can Help America’s Poor – Saving money 2.0. An Arizona resident updates an old concept to the digital era.

SXSW: 10 Panels That Could Change America – When thinkers and dreamers are in the same room, their discussions are certain to inspire big ideas.

These Veterans Rallied to Save a Fellow Vet From the Cold – The mission of the Fox Valley Veterans Council: To help comrades that have nowhere else to turn

Chalk, Paper, Scissors: A Startup Aiming to Help Teachers and Save Detroit – Detroit schools receive a percentage of Chalkfly’s profits.

Together to Help Their Seriously Ill Math Teacher – Who says teenagers only think about themselves? Charlie Lundell certainly doesn’t.

The one I saw that got my attention and led me to this site from Facebook was:

Utah Is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 With This One Simple Idea – Give them an apartment first, ask questions later.  It involves the idea that Utah actually saves money by giving away apartments to the homeless.

Trending Topics as I write this are: Environment, Technology, Health, Education and National Services.  They also make it easy to send the stories to Facebook and Twitter.

I would like to see more of these types of positive programs showing up.

See the site at:

Maybe you can get some ideas here for a social project for your user group.

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